• tfrizz123
    Hello all. Hope everyone is staying safe and stoned. I was wondering. Is there an E-nano like device (or something equally simple) that is exclusively for concentrates like wax, shatter, crumble? I have a sai taf for on the go, but I would like something with some sort of water filtration for a more relaxing session at home.
  • okla68m
    Add the Posiden V2 to your SAI ! Works well for me !
  • tfrizz123
    I broke my poseidon in 3 days. The neck on the poseidon is a crack waiting to happen. I need much thicker, stronger glass. If you know of any other glass that fits the sai taf, please let me know.
  • okla68m
    Ouch, I can see that happening easily !
  • Grogglin
    the high five duo ships in 2 weeks.. very interesting erig, high five makes some of the best enails imho
  • BestBuds
    Take a Look at the Rio. Its what I would get if I did concentrates often. Another one is the Ditanium :up:
  • EconMan

    Firefly2. :starstruck:
  • Bad Dog
    Ditanium offers out of the box water functionality but is a 2 in 1 herb/concentrate device, you can do one or the other or both at once. I'd say it is a stronger concentrate device than dry herb but still more than respectable. But one aspect of the Ditanium is its a big of a weed hog and is suited for bigger bowls, you can mitigate this by breaking up your session to just a draw here and there it is a on demand full convection unit.

    However if you prefer smaller loads consider the V Rod by New Vape another 2 in 1 device. And if you're not interested in herb they also make the D cup, T bucket and Tsunami all concentrate only devices
  • MrSotoNouse
    I really love to use my Davinci IQ2 with wax. I bought the dosage pods kit and I can prepare 6 sessions with different extractions, really love that. For my is one of the best (also for weed).
  • tfrizz123
    Looks interesting. Kinda looks like all the other erigs though. I think I'm looking for something much more low tech.
  • tfrizz123
    BestBuds...U R the man. The Ditanium is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
  • tfrizz123
    That Ditanium looks good. Thanks for reminding me about New Vape. I had stumbled across it once (stoned, of course) and forgot the name. Gonna have to start saving up..........A ?: Which of those vapes, in your opinion, is the most rock solid performer
  • deep_meditation
    I have a Lynx Blaze in addition to both a Sai and a Sequoia.

    The Blaze is ok but I found the vapor to be “whispy” at times. It’s best to sip at it and work your way up on temp. Try different concentrates with the coils. I just checked Lynx blaze and noticed some coils I don’t have. I think I’ll buy them at some point.
  • Azn2101
    I'm loving my M22 RDA with ESCC ( directly energized SiC so no coils heating the SiC) and bubbler.

  • JonnyFrontrow
    The mod is not out yet, right? So how easy or hard to get it dialed in to rip with whatever mod u r using? Have a Sai with a DNA250C and was looking to upgrade but didn’t dig the time it took to dial in. So was also eyeing the High5vape Duo instead (hat tip to @Grogglin on dat) as an alternative. Thanks
  • JonnyFrontrow
    Tho I gotta say this about High Five Vapes marketing ... the Duo page says
    The DUO does not require frequent atomizer replacing nor do we sell DIY repair kits because the DUO is BUILT TO LAST.

    BUT then they say this about warranty>>
    1 x 3 Year Warranty on Device
    1 x 6 Month Warranty on Atomizer

    So the atomizer doesn’t seem AS built to last as they’d like you to think?
  • spider
    I highly recommend the puffcoplus, I've been using it for a couple yrs now and the flavor is awesome.

    The puffcoplus is coiless and there's absolutely no waste. Very good wax vape in my opinion, and if you want water filtration you can upgrade to the puffcoPeak. I would absolutely buy one if I was more into concentrates..
  • Azn2101
    No the mod isn't and with the pushback's with the Final ESCC's that are just making their way out I don't plan on seeing one until end of summer at the earliest based on the track record of their releases during this time under quarintine for Pre-order people so for the public I'd say Like Fall...ish lol.

    TL;DR it's like a Dynavap in that once you get the technique down it's easy to get used to it and you can refine the technique to your liking. Some people even lower the wattage to be able to ride out the entire dab when you up the 250c's timer to 20sec or with AF or TUBO firmware.

    With this set of spring clips it keeps at about .65-.7 on a TUBO_MY_EVIC firmwared Cuboid at 27.5w for the melt and 33w to keep a continuous flow of vapor to rival an ENail cloudage & .5-.6 oHms on a Paranormal DNA 250c at 25w for the melt and then bring it up to 27.5 with same results that 33w in the eVic and it does take some practice with pulsing but once you get it down it's no different than like a Splinter Z, Milaana or any other vape with a powerful heater that requires pulsing.

    It's actually the only thing I use for Rosin since it's so efficient and flavor is so good.

    I've been wanting to write a review but I know a few people on here have had them since the Pre-order batch and figure they would be able to give a better review or are waiting for the Final version for a full review since I've only had one for a few months and even less with an ESCC.

    You may fuck up a few springs learning to install them but after that and learning how to seat the ESCC without breaking it they're solid devices. My Enail see's less and less of me these days except for larger dabs.

  • JonnyFrontrow
    Thanks for the detailed response on how you work it. Very helpful esp this>
    It's actually the only thing I use for Rosin since it's so efficient and flavor is so good.Azn2101
  • Azn2101
    No problem man, just a bit of a heads up it is a bit more...attention oriented than a SIA or any 510 device i've owned as it feels like all the parts need to be "prepped" before their in prime condition. The springs once inserted needs it's walls pushed against the inner pockets walls or it might wear the gold off the legs and if the final ESCC's have similar leg tips they'll be somewhat finicky when moved even slightly it moves .05-.2 in my experience and for whatever reason it takes seating it all over again and just keep having the mod give you read outs till it stays in a +/- .02 or less but when in that position and not fucked with it's a really awesome device.
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