• Bud
    Hope you dudes are staying mentally and physically healthy :strong:

    2020 worst year on record for me :party:

    I miss you guys, don't be like Bud, make sure you STAY UP no matter what.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has reached out and offered support :pray:
  • BobCat
    Hope you're well! If 2020 was a dog, it would be a bitch.
  • Other Side
    What's up brother? Nice to hear from ya! Doing my best to stay up and make it through this shit year! Maybe the worst for a lot of us! Stay healthy bro and holler if you mosey south!
  • EDub
    @Bud. Can’t believe you’re back! This is like the closest I’ll ever get to feeling like someone died and came back to life. Something told me to check the forums today and lo and behold you posted something. Fucking Surreal. I wish you peace and happiness in all that you do. You’re a one of one, never forget that.
  • EDub
    I second that!
  • Pakalolo2
    @Bud DUDE!!!!

    Welcome back! Been waaaaaay to long!

    You ought to come visit every once in a while...we're all friends here my man.

    Don't worry, we'll get thru this year and be better for it :fire: :cool: :strong:
  • Paxhead
    :up: :up: :100: :100: Good to hear from you. Stay well, safe and up ! :smile:
  • warren0728
    glad to hear from you ... 2020 has definitely been a bitch ... stay safe and stay up!
  • Ernielicous
    Miss this site yall! At least we had vapelife before 2020, but we hanging in there still missing Bud very much
  • Will90
    Miss you Bud! (and everyone else)
  • spider
    Hey Bud..You back? Anyway I miss the hell out of this Forum..Never was a fan of FC and this place has such a better format and better people..
  • dudenamedclem
    Hey Bud, been thinking about you and Hazel, sent you messages but to no avail.

    You are cared about, always remember.
  • ssaucyc515
    welcome the hell back bud. so much has changed since the lock, some good socializing out the forum, good to be back here!!!
  • Cl4ud3
    Glad to see you are doing better Bud, Welcome back.
  • MothChewMoth
    Fuck, I'm high as balls over here trying to remember how to use keyboard text controls up in this bitch :rofl:

    @Bud, I'm sure you know I've been inquiring around about you for a while. Hope you got my messages; I couldn't be happier to see you post. We should talk sometime soon, as I think you and I have some serious life parallels (if you're up for it).

    If you're ALSO up for it and haven't already done so, do us all a favor and create some super secret account on IG or one of the platforms so we can show you all the cool shit going on while you've been away! We need Bud in our lives in whatever forms he's comfortable with :heart:

    Much love bruv! Seriously smiling ear to ear hearing from you.

  • Bud
    Ah man I gotta tell ya guys the positive vibes feel real good, and it makes me happy to know you're all hanging in there :100: :100:

    Is there a lot to catch up on? Where should I start :sweat:
  • wdwrth
    What a coincidence, i just strolled by to look at some grinder reviews and low and behold you returned 20 minutes before. Thats some wild Synchronicity.
  • Baron23

    Nice to see you again, mate. Hope all is well....well, much better at least...for you and Hazel.

    So, you reopening or is this just a teaser? :sweat: :lol:
  • MothChewMoth
    THE BALL REVOLUTION. You're certainly not new to the party, but people are finally starting to see your vision :cool: . Exciting times :fire: :fire: . I'm also a bit of a glass whore :rofl:
  • upside
    Welcome back, Bud! It's awesome to see the forum hopping again so quickly
  • Señor Negro

    I was really worried about you, don't you dare to do this to us again!! :rage:

    But let's just forget about past, even the recent events, and focus on what the heck things are gonna be after we finally see the end of all this shitty situation. Because if this is the worst period we could live that only means that future shall shine brighter than ever! :starstruck:

    Really glad to hear from you again buddy. Welcome back! :cheer:
  • John Cocktostone
    Moved to Colorado Springs.. I love it here
  • jqcj5
    Hey dudes
  • Vapedude
    2020 worst year on record...Bud

    Well i did try to WARN you all way before this all began, and instead was mocked by some.. :fire:

    Welcome back dude :grin: :strong: :up:
  • Cotobei
    Welcome back Brosky!
  • UbarDog
    Welcome back to Bud, forum and everyone on it!
    Gotta admit I really missed this place and some of the fine folks on here.

    Bud, Hope you feeling refreshed and mentally head strong after a time off for a recharge.
  • TERRY1973
    Yo...I knew sooner or later i was going to check the forum and find him back!

    My G43 still rocking hard...soooo never quite left you back Bud...my main Vape Professor! Hope you are doing better and better will be...stay strong and send Hi to Hasel...
  • Taz
    Man o man! What a surprise ! Strolling by for some info and get hit by a new post!

    Glad you're up and running!
    Stay well everyone
  • Gonzo
    Wow, this has been the best surprise!! Welcome back @Bud ....we missed you.
  • Baron23

    Well, nothing like a fucking "I told you so" to just put some sunshine in our day. Thank you.
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