• danielblakes
    so glad to see you back Bud. it's definitely a vaping party today, in your honor :pray: :strong:
  • standingsideways
    Whoop whoop!
    Awesome to see some life back on vapelife!
    Hope every body is doing well in this crazy world.
    Great to hear from you Bro, hope soberlife is going well. For sure 2020 has redefined F@#$ed up!
  • LabPong
    Got Skiiiiiiiirrrrrrrt?
  • Vapedude
    Well, nothing like a fucking "I told you so" to just put some sunshine in our day. Thank you.Baron23

    lolllllllllllllllll :lol:
  • Wallace
    Yep welcome back to you all.
    Now is when the good times start ;)
  • Pakalolo2
    Fucking A Tweety!
    Good times ahead!!
    :fire: :cool: :up:
  • Gman
    Welcome back! glad to see you made it through, 2020 has been a pickle.
  • JonnyFrontrow
    Nice to see YOU :cool: and VLF back!
    A little sea of coolness we can swim in again to keep the bad shit at bay!
    :clap: :clap: :clap:
  • Hippie
    Nice to see you, to see you nice :cool:

    Welcome back dude

    I'm Grrreat! :up:
    Thank you for asking
  • Pud
    Whoooooaaaaaa!!... Awesome to hear from you Bud!!!... glad to see everyone is still around. So happy you are back even if it's just to bullshit with... lol
  • Bruce
    I always knew you would make it back. This time wiser this time better. I am proud of you.....

    Have you been taking care of the Vape Mobile?

    Has Seven Eleven re-opened?

    Peace, Love & Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Bruce
    2020 isn't over. Plenty of time to make it finish strong.

    Peace, Love & Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • gnk
    Nice to hear you are alive!

    You'll stay the amazing Vape Critic what ever you do man, stay safe, enjoy life.
  • ChlorophyllMan
    Great news :smile:
    I was only last week mumbling to my girlfriend how much I missed Bud
  • SkutFarkus
    @Bud and the rest of the gang, HOLY SHNIKES! Just the light of hope 2020 needed! So awesome! Great to have you back/be back and see everyone back! Feels good to be home again. I hope everyone has a nice day, stay safe and well!
  • dab
    @budGreat to see a post from you. Hope the rest of the year goes better for you!
  • thegame310
    @Bud great to see you back!
  • badbee
    @Bud, great to see you back. There are times in life when you have to step back and reevaluate. Once you've done that you can return to some of the old activities with a new outlook and clearer motivations.
  • Alexis
    Well I have to say, I am glad Bud is back first of all, and I am glad this place is back, with ALL you guys and gals in it.

    VLF has real HEART, and that heart is @Bud , but so many really good, intelligent caring other members here too.

    I missed this place, more than I think I would ever miss FC, which in comparison is like a crowded marketplace in a big city, always watching out for the crooks on the sidelines lol!

    We always accepted and supported each other here, reaching out to speak up for and support each other in a way that simply doesn't happen on FC, whicj to me actually feels considerably more heartless a lot of the time.

    I did not think this would happen, but it both nicely surprised me and lifted my mood and spirits to hear of the unexpected news just one day ago.

    Hope you all are coping and holding up mentally. Words don't cut it how tough this year has been for everybody, but at least now, hopefully, at long last, we have each other again.

    Wishing you all solid wellness and big love from the heart!

    You still got room for a resident out there philospher? :smile:
  • Alexis
    Lol, I guess it is at last time to reinstate VLF to the priveledged status of "Quick Access" on my tablet again now, and with pleasure at that. :grin:

    Live stream live stream live stream! Just kidding lol, one day at a time!
  • weedaholic
    @Bud good to see you back brother and hope you are doing well....glad this forum is back up and running, a lot of good people on here that helped me and others.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    Yo Bud so great to hear from you, I hope you and yours are doing well. 2020 was made way worse by the your absence.

    I was just thinking, last night, how much I missed the connection and comradery that seems to be unique to VLF.

    Glad you are back! lets get this party started!! Stay Up!!
  • androponic
    Welcome back Budjamin! I thought peepz were messin around but its really you!! Glad you decided to come back and mingle. Take it slow, but im sure you will slip right back into the captains chair with ease. Stay Up!
  • Alexis
    I actually had a premonition dream 5 nights ago of Bud's return.

    I always have visionary prophetic dreams which materialize.

    Bud was in my dream, suddenly more upbeat, going..."i bought a new car. And the other day I even bought a new portable vape."

    I dismissed it, thinking like, nah, Bud stopped vaping weed.

    It was a genuine premonition I swear. We all have psychic capabilities. My own seem to have increased after a year of substantial LSD use.
  • Señor Negro
    My own seem to have increased after a year of substantial LSD use.Alexis

    That explains everything :snicker:
  • Alexis
    hello senor I also have thought about you this year and wished that you were doing ok yourself and I guess I can take your statement above relatively openly at least I hope so, in terms of a positive vs negative scale. I can assure you I have not lost my mind or my witts.

    And certainly not my intellect and communication skills which I have to take as a good sign because that would usually be a very common signal of negative LSD overuse side effects the loss of communication skills and abilities in my own case this has only been enhanced whether verbally or in writing. It's not all bad you know! Don't write me off just yet.

    But yeah, I honestly have thought about you and I hope you are doing well in yourself.
  • Señor Negro
    I don't believe in paranormal stuff so I just could not resist bringing in a light touch of humour with your LSD comment. But all with good vibes, my intention was not even remotely negative at all :joke:

    I also thought about you because I was unable to find any source of kava as I said I would (try). Not sure if I could order some from the US and expect to arrive without issues? If that were the case, plz send me a PM (not wanting to derail the thread topic much more :sweat: ) and tell me a good source to buy from and I'll see if the shipping costs are worth the try.

    But yeah, as I said, good vibes to ya! :victory:
  • Alexis
    hello mate and yes I knew there was nothing cynical judgmental or critical in your post I didn't mean to imply I interpreted it that way but I can promise you my friend and sidekick capabilities are an absolute genuine reality I have been psychic all of my life if I knew you in person I could tell you some stories and experiences that was simply beyond what we have grown up to accept as the laws of physics and possibility.

    Premonition and visionary dreams genuinely do a car I have had these all of my life as have many others if you have not experienced anything like this yourself first-hand then I respect and understand your natural scepticism.

    I can actually link you to a kava retailer inside Spain as it happens but I also can link you to very many top-quality retailers in the United States and one in New Zealand All of whom will be able to ship successfully to your front door with no cripples and I will be happy to give you some basic tips and Direction on how to go about the usage of the miraculous plant which is so unknown to many but it has so much potential benefit both recreationally and medicinally with extremely little downside if any.

    Life is a bit slow and stop starts here at the moment while I continue to battle recurring infections due to having no immune system but I'm doing an extraordinary job at treading water and treating and clearing every new infection as it comes.

    But I promise you I will come back to you with a good list and Direction on this very soon.

    Just resting up at the moment after a nice dose of edibles before some food this evening.

    Have a nice evening mate and look very forward to catching you around hopefully. :up:
  • Alexis
    And yo yo yo, @Pakalolo2 thanks for your instant positive likes for us all. You have always been a really nice guy here. I actually feel that Goodwill has increased in the world as a result of the lockdown and people are taking less for granted and appreciating each other even more than beforehand regarding the well-being of others and this is a move towards a less selfless Society which tyres in very strongly with the concept of evolution.

    So good on you mate will picking up where you left off to be fair but also continuing as an excellent example of simply accepting and showing simple supports for all and any.

    Best weekend to you too bro.
  • acstorfer
    @Bud great to see you back
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