• Señor Negro
    Yup, I know it's too soon to push Bud into reviewing new stuff. We don't even know what's going to happen yet. That doesn't mean one can't dream a bit ... :roll: :lol:

    Let's start with izi stuff, like anyone sharing their experiences with this device? Any info would be apreciated from a guy that likes to compare cheap-o stuff ($159.99) with the bigger a$$ competitors (such as NewVape stuff).
    As this is the first post on this thread I will add a pic for people seeing this in the future:


    EDIT: Forgot to add a link.
  • Ernielicous
    The stand is awesome. Ddave also has a mod that makes it so much fun to use!
  • Señor Negro
    Had a quick look on that mod and dunno what would be more dangerous on clumsy hands like mine ... Using it native or with all that weird stuff :sweat:
  • PuffItUp
    This thing is an absolute Ripper.
  • danielblakes
    been seeing lots of folx using it lately on seshes and MAN does it look like a killer. can't wait to get one in my own hands!
  • MothChewMoth
    I was extremely high the night before they launched, browsing to check it out. Apparently Brian was testing the store at the same time. I saw the buy link and said what the heck. I'll say fwiw I wasn't originally planning on buying this, based on design, but it hasn't left my setup since I got it.

    I have plenty of thoughts on it so far, and will put together a more in-depth review similar to some others I've posted. For now, I'll say that that without question, the Terp Torch belongs in the new top tier of vaporizers, based soley on it's performance.

    For my personal top tier of desktop vapes currently, it's the ball vapes. From my armchair expert position over here (lol) I think it's just the sheer heat calories stored in the balls that give you the super fast extraction I'm looking for. G43 (still mod, planning wall setup), SSV43, Herborizer, Terp Torch, Elev8r w/ coil and balls. I'd assume the Glass Symphony is on this list too, but not included bc you can't get one anymore, and I haven't used personally. These ball

    Noticeably absent from this list is my NewVape lineup. For me, it's still a great vape, but requires that long, slow draw to get good thick hits (see Ditanium, SSV, etc etc etc). I just want the same extraction/flavor faster!
  • Bud
    Ah yes i saw Sneaky's video on this, i'm gonna order one :up:

    any promo codes out there for this one?
  • Pakalolo2
    This thing is a beast but I too am looking to mod the G43 to a Wall G43. The larger caloric capacity/output should put the Wall G43 into a class all its own.

    Can't wait for Bud to weigh in on this!
    :fire: :cool: :up:
  • Bud
    I have seen the light and a Wall-G43 is needed :eyes:
  • Pakalolo2
    That's what I'm talking 'bout!!!
    :fire: :cool: :strong:
    He's back!!
  • Señor Negro
    I know there was a promo discount when it came out, but as far as I know that ended I'm afraid :fear: .
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    @puffitup has em... PUFFEDUP for discount... let me know if ya need a link. :lol:

    Also lets talk about the wall G
  • mmx
    Bring out the big guns :starstruck: Got Herborizer a while back and it's amazing. Hearing about WG43 :rofl: this is it boiss :100:
  • BestBuds
    After the sled broke on my SledG I saw @LabPong post over on FC about the power supply he bought. I figured it would be better to invest a few bucks to get my G back running.

    I had some 16 gauge wire that's looks very close to the G's stock wire and I had some dc connectors and heat shrink insulation and made it into a proper wall vape. The others are dead on the dc power supply makes this on par with the Elev8r-43 with a coil but the vapor is less "dry" than the Elev8r setup. So I prefer the wall-g

    @Bud I suggest having a bowl as an add on accessory in your shop. One like a Elev8r bowl. I have been packing the bowl and keeping the joint on the G clean. :sparkle:
  • Bud
    Just got, gonna try it today :100:


  • Señor Negro
    YAY!! Enjoy it and let us know your first impressions :up: .
  • Alexis
    haha, and who says- Dreams don't come true? :grin:
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    Ya know if you wanted to build a vape with glass balls, i know of one. Lol. JK. I'm eager to hear your thoughts.
  • Pakalolo2
    @Bud Sweet! Looking forward to your thoughts and observations on this one.

    :cool: :fire: :up:

    As you have no doubt know, Brian & Austyn now offer "Ruby" balls to mix 'n match or replace the standard borosilicate balls provided with the TerpTorch, In addition, DDave Mods has an interesting mod available to this on his site that changes the orientation of the TerpTorch...Cool beans!
  • Señor Negro
    What I was trying to say @Bud (change your name back to The Vape Critic btw :starstruck: ) is to check the bottom of your glass for particles that could have been passed though the screen.

    That screen holes are too big and there are some people that decided to change or add more fine mesh so their glass pieces kept cleaner.
  • Bud
    I see what you're sayin now :cool: you're right, the screen holes are kinda big and let some particles pass through, i'm doing more testing now...
  • LabPong
    something is off.....it should of roasted you herb. try the elev8r or other bowl if you can
  • Señor Negro
    Thanks for sharing. It's an interesting device that hopefully could get improved.
  • spider
    The terp Torch looks cool, but I feel like you were getting better hits off the NV Weedeater...Haven't seen you rock it in awhile and I'm very tempted to take mine out and start using it again soon..

    Definitely enjoyed the terp torch stream review..
  • Xclerk
    Using the tamper a bit makes a big diff for me. W the larger bowl I feel like it does well w some draw resistance
  • Other Side
    Bud has a Supreme V6 and Elev8R Enail on the way. He'll be just fine.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    VGoodiEZ to the rescue.
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