• John Cocktostone
    Was an alcoholic for 25 years and kept falling off wagon. Met a member on a YouTube video Bud posted, we talked a while and he eventually led me here. I don't do social media and forums normally. I'll keep his name private but with the help of weed and the knowledge ive gained here on healthy vaping practices, ive remained sober
  • Cl4ud3
    3 and a half years sober myself after being a long time user. I don't even miss it anymore and wonder how I ever got caught up by it all, especially as I could never understand why people drank when I was under 18.
    I hope I can keep it up and never go back.

    Edit: Not entering the competition, good luck to all.
  • UbarDog
    Heyoo All
    Joined this place for the vibes, more informal than other forums out there. Was In a dark place when I did and healing from throat surgery. Unable to smoke and no knowledge of vapes, I stumbled on this gem of a site. So much info was here on VLF and even more available for all the regulars on here, Questions got answered almost instanty! Some of the people here made this forum a part of my morning routine with coffee and a catch up. Then the late night streams and all the banter that went with them all brought this community together with bud being the glue that bound us.
    So chuffed this forum is back up and running
  • JonnyFrontrow
    cool way to celebrate the return of VLF! This forum helped me get into vaping and stay up (see what I did there :joke: ) to date on the latest vape tech ... but more importantly get educating on all things 420 + find good shows, movies & tunes to check out + find a community of cool peeps.
  • Ernielicous
    This forum took me in when i was just learning about vaporizers and taught me so much. I owe a majority of my vape knowledge to Bud who mapped out the way for me. I appreciate every one of you guys who helped contribute to this forum also. I stand today without combusting for a little over a year now, and thats saying something because before i was smoking joints all week every week. Now i have a vape collection and each one was picked out with the help of all of yall. So thanks for coming back into my life everyone
  • PuffItUp

    Congrats on sobriety guys! We all know how hard that can be.
  • Vaped2Space
    This forum has always been one of the more valuable places for relevant news and information. Buds videos are always one of the first things I turn on for information about a vape and the a good brose through the forum and you should be primed for a great vape experience.
  • acstorfer
    I don’t need to be entered into the contest. I just wanted to say how happy I am to see you all again.
  • EDub
    This forum has taught me a lot about vaporization and because of that it’s helped me achieve a better smoking experience. No more coughing up a lung, no more going through ounces at record rates, No more funky odors and best of all the high last longer and is stronger. I remember watching my first review from Bud where he was discussing the volcano. It was so informative, humorous, and cool that by the end of the review I had the biggest smirk on my face because I was sold. Best smoking decision I’ve ever made. Thanks to all who have assisted me on these forums or contributed content.

    Peace and love.
  • Satta84
    Really glad the forum is back, I'm a little late to the party :razz: I remember when I first decided to stop smoking, this was a place I always came to for guidance, long before actually signing up. I still have my cherished stir tool from Bud to this day! :cool: thanks again Bud, and thanks for running another giveaway PUI!
  • LabPong
    Satta....good to see you around here too bro!

    Miss seeing you on the 420VZ sesh's.....hope all is well. :victory:
  • Magicman
    Hey Bud,
    Even Binky missed you.ctgwly4bvx3ch0nr.jpg
  • shopdognyc
    I didn't start when this forum was open, but did find a lot of information here. Thankfully this site was kept up. Looking forward to contribute.
  • Bud
    Bud's a douche.

    Sorry, I had to balance it out, you guys are saying too many nice things :sweat:

    Very happy to see you all :100:
  • Señor Negro
    Bud's a douche.Bud

    Zip it! :rofl:
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    :rofl: @Bud as long as that douche keeps posting im good.
  • zibit
    @Bud 's videos helped me switch to full time vaping. I watched every video, probably more than once, and finally decided on a Pax original. Used it exclusively for over a year. Times were tough and I slipped back into combustion but then I rediscovered this forum last summer. I watched all the daily livestreams and rewatched the review videos. Finally got a dynavap in February. Best decision ever! I might not have the most vapes but I'm an enthusiast and absolutely love hearing about new ones. Naturally, this forum is by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

    I'm so glad this forums back. I keep a web browser open all day and I'll keep a tab for this forum open at all times, just like the old days. I don't post much but I read just about everything. Love this site, Bud, and all the users that make it great! :100:
  • highasakite
    Nice giveaway idea, puffitup! I enjoy this forum for the up-to-date vape info, but mostly for the camaraderie among members. I don't post much on most other social media and often keep to myself on here, but enjoy reading the posts. And the livestreams were fun too. I did miss it and would check every few days, until recently. It sounds like Bud is doing better and I hope the livestreams resume in some fashion.

    Nice to "see" a lot of you guys.
  • PuffItUp
    Ill be closing this giveaway in 24 hours, thank you guys so much for sharing your thoughts, and thank you so much for joining. If one of the winners already owns the vape they win just shoot me an email and I can try to work something else out for ya =)
  • Chandler
    This forum and Bud's guidance was my first dabble into the world of vaporizing herb. It was Bud's reviews that had me settle on my first vaporizer Crafty, inducing VAS thus influencing $1000's of dollars on many more vaporizers and vape accessories. Simultaneously leading me to stop smoking cigars, blunts and joints permanently.

    My friends smoke they don't vape. I'm sure alot of us have that issue. It's great to have a platform and a place to communicate with kind, like minded individuals with no race, gender, religious or political bias'. Straight love for nature's finest.

    Great to see y'all again!

    Bigup to @PuffItUp!
  • SkutFarkus
    Would be easier to list the way's this forum hasnt helped me... This forum is home, no matter where I go I know I can always at least feel at home by signing on to the forum. Thank you @Bud for opening the forum back up. and Thank you @PuffItUp for this giveaway and all you do for this community. :)
  • LabPong
    Got cat poop beads?
  • PuffItUp

    I'll find some time this weekend to draw the giveaway and announce winners shortly after :)
  • PuffItUp
    @spider @mrsbee03 Ya'll both won some new vapes!

    Spider you're going to get the CFX, and Bee I have a 2020m + stash for you =)

    Shoot me a dm with your addresses please!
  • BestBuds
    Congrats @spider & @mrsbee03 !
    :clap: :clap: @PuffItUp :clap: :clap:
  • mrsbee03
    Oh wow! I won a thing! Nice surprise for a Monday. Thanks so much! :blush:
  • mrsbee03
    Now I just need to figure out how to hide it from @badbee.....(j/k - he’ll probably have to show me how to use it!) :rofl: I’ve been using my Ghost and DaVinci for so long, there’s gonna be a learning curve here. I’m excited! Thanks so much again!
  • BestBuds
    respect the click! I have a feeling you're going to love it!
  • Chandler
    Cheers to the Victors'!
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