• Zep4
    These are my favorite sinus relief remedies. The first I put undiluted in an empty nasal spray bottle, has all natural oils etc in it, the 2nd is a gel and both give excellent relief.
    Both are available at Amazon.
  • BobCat
    Not available at POTV nor PIU?
  • Zep4
    Call me naïve but I’ve never heard of those sorry. I know they are available on Amazon because I just bought them there.
  • BobCat
    Those are vape retailers, which I will never patron, but basically teasing about the random non-vape post. You know I just.
  • Zep4
    Vaping is what gives me the sinus trouble so I’m sure others suffer as well and I’m letting like sufferers know of some solutions to help the condition, so you see, they really are related.
  • BobCat
    . Boil water, put in a bowl, toss a towel over your head, and as much as you can tolerate breathe that free natural steam. Works for me with sinus colds every time. If vaping has that much of a negative ancillary effect, it's time to reevaluate.
  • Zep4
    Yes I’ve done that many times for a stuffed nose and I’ve always thrown a little Vick’s Vaporub in too which I love. Yes I agree with you but it’s my one vice and very hard to stop. I think if I lay off the concentrates and stick with just weird it would be easier on my sinuses. And I may go that route if these other remedies don’t help as much as they seem to. Thank you bobcat. I have to beat Jack’s ass at MX vs ATV on PlayStation4 right now)
  • Alexis
    Oil of oregano.

    Young living Thieves essential oil, inhaled from palm of hands.

    Two real, fast acting powerhouses in that direction.
  • BestBuds
    Oil of oreganoAlexis
    Powerful stuff.
  • Alexis
    yeah it's really incredible.

    A very unknown fact about it's action too- the oregano oil literally fixes, patches and repairs the inner lung tissues.

    I read reports of longterm niccotine smokers, written off by doctors as irrecoverable.

    They took oregano oil, and the doctors were astonished. Literally clock turned back decades.

    I personally could not live without it. It's indispensable with regards to managing my severe allergy and infection symptoms and the quality of life I'm able to live respiratory Wise by using oregano oil regularly I can't actually find the words to express.

    Also extremely beneficial for the digestive system in a cleansing and stimulative sense when it comes to producing digestive juices etc.

    It also happens to be one of the most concentrated sources of powerful antioxidants in the world.

    Good good stuff I swear! Zane Hellas is a great Greek brand on ebay.

    @BestBuds if you like dried herbs in cooking, Zane Hellas also sell tbeir dried Oregano flowers too, which they make the oil from. Wild mountain greek grown, organic, no stalks at all pure buds, super fragrant and the best dried oregano in the world.

    Just sharing that. Hope you are doing okay mate as well.
  • Alexis
    Bit also everybody here, I swear solid- young Living thieves oil- is the most powerful, effective and fast acting essential oil on the earth.

    It can be dropped onto one palm, 2 to 3 drops. I carefully spread it with my little finger to max surface area, keeping it spead on left palm only.

    There is a technique whereby you keep your left hand open to your mouth and cup it with your right hands to control the air flow and try to aim the air along the path of your palm where the Thieves oil has been spread out a bit, but I always keep the oil fairly close to where my mouth inlet attaches to my cupped hand.

    I inhale into my chest to begin with then into my sinuses and the relief is instant and magnificent.

    Thieves works syrongly to reduce Covid severity and symptoms of any other infection in the sinuses very quickly.

    You can also so diluted the Thieves essential oil, 1 drop to 4 drops oregano oil, then massage it onto your chest or throat. 4 to 6 drops, 1 to 4 ratio just on a spoon.

    It brings wonderful relief, instantly. Really penetrates.

    I just battled through a severe Covid case myself. My electromedicine kept it controlled and now fully cleared. Toughest infection I ever had to fight so hard over, after HUNDREDS since 2015.

    Without the Electromedine I am sure it would have taken me.

    Oregano oil, raw organic garlic, spices etc too, but even with all of that artillery it was the electro medicine which really saved my life and beat the infection with no lasting consequences without needing any medical help at all I swear.
  • WillaDog
    I get chronically congested nasal passages. Not sure why. This stuff literally opens up the passages within seconds. Not sure why, but very little else works: Bravo Botanicals CBD Oil.
  • Deleted User
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  • lilcheesedoodle
    Thank you for this post. I am going to order oregano oil right now!!!! If it's cheaper then the other oil mentioned
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