• Bud
    Starts at 5:00pm ET (10pm in UK, 11pm most of EU)

    Streaming time: ~2 hours

    Stream URL:

    There will be a giveaway near the end for a G43 package :100:

  • LabPong
    Dabs and grinder ready!

    Since I was lucky enough to be a beta tester.....if I do win a give-a-way ...I shall give the G to someone else that doesn't have one yet! :point:
  • mmx
    Precious G43 :cool:
  • Pud
    Anybody know why I can't get the chat? I see everyone but no place for me to chat. When i try desktop site it says playback not supported so i have yo go back to mobile site... so weird
  • Pud
    Just keeps crashing over and over tried deleting cache/cookies/history... desktop mode, mobile mode... are your settings different somehow i finally got chat up under the vid bit then keep crashing iPhone... maybe next time something will make it work better for me... bummer
  • Bruce
    I would like if "Thine Vapeness" would set a weekly time for the "Live Show".

    I haven't vaped in weeks, someone has to tell Dr. Faucci about this terrible side effect from Covid 19.

    Peace, Love & Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • badbee
    I always manage to miss the live streams... Of course at 2:00 PM (PST) I should probably be doing something more useful :smile:
  • Other Side
    Thanks for representing today brother! I'm pretty sure the heavies did their job! You were definitely faded by the end! :rofl:

    I see @Bud starting a collection of these after his Supreme experience today!
    Anyone who owns one of these babies will recognize these in a second!
  • chaos191
    Mann I missed the stream lol Buy 6 o'clock my time I was out faded lol The rewatch is great though so good to see more people than ever Bud you look like you had fun @Other Sides Picture says it all.
  • Cuckfumbustion
    Welcome back @Bud! :party: Youtube told me you was livestreaming. Almost caught you live.

    Like the Terp Torch soldering iron concept. Do you think it resemble the SSV as far as PWR?

    Just started getting into oil pens for my Delta 8 distillate. Bought a few pass-thru 510 batteries and Have the PCKT VRTCL on preorder.
  • zibit
    Missed the live show but I kind of like watching them after they're complete. I can pause or rewind at my leisure. Good show @Bud!
  • Deleted User
    This user has been deleted and all their posts removed.
  • Bud
    Thanks for hangin out everybody!!

    I was ROASTED the second half of that stream :lol:

    Congrats to the G43 winners! :party: :party: :party:
    @SkutFarkus @danielblakes @Maguroni

    I'll be messaging you all today and getting these shipped out tomorrow :ok:
  • Bud
    @Pud just saw you were having trouble with the chat, did it end up fixing itself??
  • Bud
    the Terp Torch soldering iron concept. Do you think it resemble the SSV as far as PWR?Cuckfumbustion

    yea i'd say it's pretty similar
  • Pud
    nope could not get on... either could only see/type in chat with no video or I could watch the video with the chat running but then I could not chat. It just kept crashing my phone so after 45 min i gave up
  • Bud
    Wtf!! i'll figure it out with u tomorrow if u catch the day stream :ok:
  • Pud
    yep i'll be there... figured maybe was just too many people cause i never had a prob before....I cleared my phone cache out.. iphone 7+
  • BestBuds
    I can't wait for tomorrow. I went to the dispensary yesterday and I'm ready to fly.
    Im going to play a modified drinking game,
    Dabs every time Bud knocks something over or drops something. :sweat:
    Hits from the WallG if the Cats say "Hi"
    Dynavap Hash hits every time the music gets weird and then Bud realizes it and gets red in the face :yikes:
    And TM hits every time Bud hits the gun sound on the soundboard.... I want to get really high tomorrow. :cool:
  • Señor Negro
    Be prepared for a K.O. :lol:
  • badbee
    @BestBuds, I'm not sure that would be survivable...
  • Alexis
    easy mate. That's exactly why I love my kava- it gets me high, with or without weed (but always with, and the rest lol- the abacuss is counting about 136 trips since this time last year lol, but that figure is never static for long!)
  • Alexis
    By the way guys, I messaged Bud as soon as he returned with some positive words of support and general appreciation and gratitude.

    And guess what? He sent me a lovely heart warming special short video message reply.

    I can't remember feeling so honoured and priviledged lol! It was a real joy and an uplift to receive it so unexpectedly last night.
  • Alexis
    meat jerky? Lol, no idea myself. :grin:
  • Other Side
    ↪Other Side meat jerky? Lol, no idea myself. :grin:Alexis

    Lol nope. Those are Supreme ABV nugs.
  • SirSixPence
    Missed another stream
  • SkutFarkus
    Showed up just in time for Halloween! Happy Halloween!
    Thanks so much @Bud!
    @Other Side Now I just need the diy g parts kit so I can build a mate for the u joint.
    ...ain't nuthin but a g thang...
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