• Mturner7
    Hello all,

    I'm back vaping and gotten my tolerance back up enough to be in the market for a heavy hitter. I'm most interested in opinions from anyone regarding performance of any combination of these vapes. I'm much more concerned about performance over portability (since I did mention handhelds/portables also). Pretty much with the G43, I want to gauge if scrounging and scrambling to find one or get the parts to put together is worth the trouble in the short term. Thanks! :pray:

  • SouthboundPachyderm
    I'm biased, but getting a G is most definitely worth it.
  • chaos191
    I've had my g put up for a while. Don't want to break it But I just pulled it out packed it up and am about to get blasted! :). I have a mighty recently purchased and I love it easy to get big clouds of flavorful vapour no learning curve whatsoever and great for around the house or outside of the house as well wooden stick it in my pockets but that's just me lol but if I really want to get blasted It's definitely the G for me I owned A vrod and it was beautiful But due to my lung limitations it was not a good fit for me. I am paralysed and I can't inhale for nearly as long as I used to be able to. I can Share easily tall a massive hit on my G usually through A J hook.
  • Señor Negro
    I'm biasedSouthboundPachyderm

    And who's not? I've always thought that people that insists too much on being unbiased are not seeing things correctly.
    Vape experience can't be measured (just) by numbers, so any opinion/review has, at least, some kind of bias on it no matter what.

    With that said, , I have not tried the plenty or the flowerpot, but if I had to chose a heavy hitter between the G and the Crafty I definitely would go for the G.
    No doubt about that in my opinion.
  • BestBuds
    short term and long term the G is worth owning. It's a special thing.

    You might also want to take a look at Vgoodiez heavies page. They have a Elev8r on a coil that can be packed with glass beads. It's very close to a wall G43 experience.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    lol. But in this case im extra biased, as I was after all paid to build them. But I generally agree with your statement. And even if i hadn't built them, i would love them just the same.
  • Señor Negro
    Yeah I know, but I just wanted to add some extra discussion. I could not resist the chance to say that :sweat: .
  • Mturner7
    would you suggest the Elev8r on a coil over the flowerpot and/or plenty? Any other WallG wannabes out there?
  • BestBudsAccepted Answer
    There is the deskpod. I haven't even seen that one on person. I actually just heard about it recently but it looks to be the right stuff imo.
    The plenty is a good vape don't get me wrong, but it just can't do what the others can. Not as well as the others at least. For example, a small load. Can it be done? Sure. But it's not as easy or as good as a wallG or something like that.
    If I was to compare the wallG to the Elev8r coil with glass balls I would say the Elev8r seems to have more thermal calories available so I can take a longer rip and just get incredibly intense hits. But the Elev8r seems to deliver a more dry vapor than the G. The G gives you the flavor and the potency and all the good stuff but it doesn't get too dry, for whatever reason.
    Flowerpot is great but I can't say it's better or worse than the Elev8r 43on a coil. It's different because the materials are different.
    You may also consider a ssv filled with glass balls @420vapezone Calls it the SSV43.
    You also got the supreme V6 or SV6 and the Herborizer for heavy hitters.

    If it was my decision I would go Elev8r with glass balls on a coil. The SV6 and the Herborizers both are very attractive to me also. But I've only sampled them and not owned them. But they would be in second place.

    When you're talking about vapes of this level it almost always comes down to preference and not just with the vapor either. The ritual is a huge part. If you don't enjoy the process of using a vape you won't use it long.
  • CDN24
    I own a plenty and have had a crafty in the past. If you are looking for a session vape to sit down and hit for 5-15 mins that will get you very medicated, any of those three will do that very well. With various pros and cons amongst them. I have never considered them great for flavour though, but OK, not bad or anything.

    If you are looking for more of a one-four hit and your ripped experience, with top notch flavour, you need to look at one of the pure convection options such as the G or flower pot that you’ve mentioned. I’m not exactly sure on what it is, but I’m finding this type of extraction takes me to another level then the S&B devices have ever done. I am currently on the hunt for one of these myself after being blown away by just a working hopper IO. In fact some of the fine folks replying in here have helped me out!

    Long story short, two different direction of vapes, all that you listed are good, depends what you are after in this vape.
  • spider
    Mighty vaporizer, then the Newvape Flowerpot Weedeater..

    The only thing is that the Mighty is a bitch to clean, but as far as the Flowerpot goes, it's very basic, quick and simple to maintain.
  • rageweary
    I have no experience with a g43 unfortunately, but I would choose the evo over the others you're considering.
  • EDub
    “ If you don't enjoy the process of using a vape you won't use it long.”

    This statement says it all. It’s the ritual of it all and if you don’t like it then eventually you’ll move on to something else.
  • Mturner7
    Def going to try to get a G43 by any means, but still want to find something else still. So def not considering handhelds/portable anymore (even though the TinyMight would be at the top of my list). I'd say I'm down to the Elev8r w/ Coil, Flowerpot. The DeskPod and Ditanium sound interesting but I'd def want to know more. As far as what I'm seeking, I'd say taste #1 then potency next to vapor density would be it.

    In regards to the heating, what's the difference between the Elev8r and Flowerpot? I understand the heating elements themselves, I guess what I'm trying to get at is how it interacts with the bud/vapor quality? I think if I were to get a Flowerpot I would def get the glass bowl for the sake of taste.
  • BestBuds
    I think if I were to get a Flowerpot I would def get the glass bowl for the sake of taste.Mturner7

    If that's your stance then go for the Elev8r43 coil.
    Otherwise you have a large metal heater in something like a weedeater. If you are trying to minimize the metal in your vapor path for flavor then you can't get more glass then the Elev8r setup with a glass screen bowl.

    how it interacts with the bud/vapor quality?Mturner7
    It's hard to explain without trying a metal heating element and a glass one side my side. It's a bit like a Ferrari 459 vs a Tesla Roadster :grimace: :lol: . Personally, I can taste the difference between the Ti vapcap tips vs SS. I prefer the Ti.
  • Ram1
    Hi hope your doing good !
    I have someone coming from the USA I just can’t decide NewVape weed eater or Terp torch.. is there any way to incorporate glass beads into the weed eater setup..need some advice
  • Other Side
    No way to do that with the Weedeater. Look at the Elev8R E43. Cheaper and incorporates your beads.
  • Mturner7
    [re That's direction I'm leaning towards going. Any word on when the g43 kits may drop? (Not the adapter kit)
  • Bruce
    Performance. The G43 performs like a racehorse. You put in the oven power up, clean, clear vapor and strong as hell (adjustable with digital) ( One temperature for j pipe or water pipe)! The glass is pure tasting and it makes it easier to to draw more smoothe vapor than most other vaporizers.

    Peace, Love & Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Gergin
    I think the G43 is done.
  • Mturner7
    Final Verdict...damn...maybe the G43 produces vapor faster but minus that I'm totally pleased! Thanks to and especially ! Very much impressed with the performance even knowing that this was no little deal :scream:
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