• Ndasuunye
    To be a nice guy, I'll throw in the G-Pen Elite as an honorable mention ONLY because it has such a decorated reputation. I'm really not trying to break the bank when it comes to portable vaping because after all, it ain't got the power of the Volcano or even the EQ but damn do I still want something that will give me clean vapor, won't burn my throat and the taste ins't at the very least terrible. I initially wanted the Vapium Summit because Bud had nothing BUT good things to say about it and the fact that it looks ABSOLUTELY unique and boats its claims of handling colder climate was a real head turner for me.

    BUT with the release of these newer vapes and ones that cost considerably less than the Vapium Summit, and have pretty close rating next to the summit, my frugal senses are tingling again. I will be going portable with one of these bad boys and now that colder climate is coming upon us here in the Northeast (specifically NY), I'm conflicted. Any thoughts my fellow vape heads?

    And like I said earlier I'll throw in the G-Pen Elite as an honorary mention because even though it's the highest priced thing on the menu, I'm willing to put down a bit more yash for better quality, not $~300 amount for a portable but a SLIGHT bit more than $150 if need be.
  • Cl4ud3
    Boundless CFX with an ELB mod, can't recommend this thing enough. I've got a CFV on preorder and that's a bit over your price range and no reviews on it yet but it might be one to keep an eye on.
  • Ndasuunye
    I don't really see much of a diff between the CF and the X other than a digital screen. Thus why I wouldn't really bother with the X version. What is ELB though?
  • Dinsdale
    I'll vouch for CFX, too. It's a great little unit.
    I've owned Da Vinci Ascent, S&B Mighty, Pax 2, and Firefly 2, and CFX is by far the best.
    It's not even close as competition goes.
    I don't know how the smaller CF measures up to CFX, though.
  • Cl4ud3
    The CFX has full temp control rather than set temps. It has fast heat up and a dc charge ability that allows you to full charge in 45 mins. ELB mod is http://420vapezone.com/boundless-cf-cfx-modifications/
  • Ndasuunye
    Yeah I don't care about the temp control so the CFX is NOT on the menu. I'd prefer the simplier slicker more discreet CF over the CFX
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