• Gloeck79
    I agree he's missed. The forums need more than just a few topics. To promote this forum, I would probably have more live streams. Some promotional promoting like giveaways not all the time but maybe 1 a month. Some live streaming would absolutely help. Troy and Jerry from 420 do a great job with some of their live streaming. Bud started doing it, but I feel things became a bit overwhelming for him or just he wanted to explore other things in his life. I'm not sure why and I definitely don't want to put words into his mouth or say something that's not true. I just feel, he had a ton going on, family, just life can get in the way too. I think it happens to everyone lol.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say Bud I think knew the big picture but also other platforms are being used.

    For instance, I believe more of these forums are now on discord. With forums like this, we have a hard time talking or talking about random stuff. In a discord you can have different topics and all be live or have a much easier time using discord than this forum. If you open a discord you can have a much easier time managing everything because you can have live streaming and engage more on with customers or with people. I just think forums like this are becoming less and less while discords are becoming more and more. So, if they combined this forum with a discord with more streaming and promotional promotions, it might help. Not saying it would be a fix or this is a solution, but I have found more places are doing more discords. Maybe use vapelife as a staging area for discord, us this forum to post reviews and when streaming/promoting are and us this forum as a classifieds too, linking it to discord so when lists on this forum goes to discord so if anyone intrested they go here for classifieds and reviews.
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