• Cl4ud3
    Not going to make assumptions on what anyone is celebrating so just hope you all have a good holiday season.
  • GuiltybyDsign
    Thank you @ cl4ud3 :halo:
    Merry-Happy whichever yours is, everyone
    And let’s all be a little kinder in 2021. Goodness knows 2020 kicked our ass
  • Tdog420
    Happy holidays fam!!! Wish a foggy christmas for all!!!!
  • weedaholic
    Happy holidays to everyone 0n here and merry christmas from europe,
  • zibit
    My goal for this year, before the pandemic, was to treat myself better this year. And while there was a few hiccups, I think I've done a great job. And so next year my goal is to treat myself and others better. A wise person I respect said the other day 'Find someone who's close to you and needs help, and help them.' I'm not much of a helper, I can barely help myself. But I'm going to keep this thought in my mind all year.

    Happy Holidays and treat yourself, and if you can others, better. You deserve it! :love:
  • Vaponatic
    Happy holidays everyone! Hope you all have a merry, hazy day tomorrow
  • Baron23
    Happy Kawanza. :lol:
  • Pakalolo2
    From my family to yours, Happy Holidays to you all. Be safe out there fam!
    :fire: :cool: :up:
  • Pud
    Merry Christmas everyone!!...
  • Alexis
    yes but be mindful to do it altruistically, unconditionally, not "ulteriorly" inna sub or unconscious sense. I'm sure you fully realise this already though.

    My plan was to first and foremost just to survive this year. I have done extraordinarliy well to do that up until now, but there is still honestly no guarantee of seeing the 31st and beyond.

    My hopes will be similarly to survive next year first of all, hopefully securing that and building higher on that, we'll see.
  • Field
    Thank You Cl4ud3 and everyone for the warm wishes. To Bud and Hazel and the rest of VLF forum:
    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
  • zibit
    @Alexis Oh yeah! Being kinder to myself wasn't easy and as I said, I slipped up many times. I'm only human. And I'm not talking about saving the world. I'm talking helping my brother, sister, mother, a couple close friends, if I can. We all have our demons and we all deal with life our own way.

    I just wanna be a better person to myself and if I can, the close people that might need a hand.

    Peace and Love!
  • bulllee
    Happy holidays, and Merry Christmas :wink:

  • Alexis
    i relate to those feelings. I have always felt it is best to be realistic, not put too much pressure on ourselves and strive unrealistically high. We are only mortal, hence have many inherent weaknesses (I favour that word to Demons), but the gates are forever open to self improvement, and a very worthy pursuit for the right reasons I say.

    Forgiving and accepting oneself, IMO, are crucial foundations to pave the way for self improvement.
  • Bruce

    Bud on Christmas Eve


    Peace, Love & Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Mangu
    Happy Holidays all :heart:
  • Alexis
    no worries at all mate. It always warms me to see someone putting positive vibes out there. It does actually lift our spirits you know, and I think we are all a little in need of that at moment.

    Just got very wasted tonight on Kava, 4 diff "cultivars" (not strains lol), 50 grams strong kavas both heady and heavy, but some edible herb on top really spannered me lol!
  • Alexis
    oh sorry mate I forgot to tag you Bruce in my dazed state. Have a good one I hope. Always always a warm feeling seeing your posts posts and good sense of humour.

    Hope you're well and have as nice a few days and hope to see you on the other side mate. :up: :smile:

    Cooh, those kavas really got me tonight guys. I had to take a lying down timeout with some OG 95 Jungle tracks:
    The MC kind of fades into backround. Seriously mellow, beat rich, olskool jungle, so good for sorting your head out I swear.
  • Alexis
    yo, shucks sorry, in my kava'd state of dreamy consciousness, I also failed to ta2g you as well mate, just to say sincere thanks for your brightly presence plus positive support and good humour in livethrads and threads.

    Wishing you the best, if DEFINITELY most unusual, least standard Christmas in most our lives (I'm 40 years, 9 months), but I wonder if the great man of heart plus many things, ( IMO) @Baron23 had some very untypipal Christmases in past earlier years.

    He got stories to tell trust! I have too, Except mine ususally involve from long past, the wildest combod psychedellic experiences and other planes.

    Not like Baron with broad, real life, healthy pursuits, fair play.

    Soz @Pud mind wanders a bit lol! Have a nice holidday period as poss mate.
  • Gloeck79
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all...Stay safe and healthy :wink: .
  • Bud
    MERRY XMAS :cheer:

  • Baron23


  • Cotobei
    Merry Christmas to all! :party:
  • SirSixPence
    Happy Happy JOY JOY
    I may not know what your celebrating, But I got an idea how.
    Stay Up
  • Geno
    Peace, Love and Puff to ALL!
  • Deleted User
    This user has been deleted and all their posts removed.
  • Señor Negro
    From spaniarland @11:55pm I wish you all Feliz año nuevo! :party: :party:
  • AdianV
  • SirSixPence
    Happy Happy Y'all zgd4osndra1kq6ta.png
  • Señor Negro
    Family videoconference is over now, was not as fun as it usually are our reunions but at least there was something, instead of just having dinner alone at our respectives homes.

    In spaniardland it is tradition to watch the clock in the "puerta del sol" and eat a grape for each time the bell tolls at 12 for the new year.
    "People" say that if you manage to eat all 12 grapes by the time the bell stops tolling you are going to have a nice year. But that's boring and we go a step further, trying to make each other laught during the process so it's a REAL challenge to actually being capable of eating 'em all.
    As not being all together but just on videochat seemed too easy I decided to make it harder trying to do the challenge with way bigger grapes than I usually would try to eat. But I'm afraid I was too naive and found myself not only not being able to eat 'em all in time (was close tho, I managed to put 10 of those masive grapes in my mouth) but also had to spit all grapes because that way too much for me to handle.
    Couldn't make it but ... it was so funny so I would say it was a success :rofl: .

    EDIT: Don't confuse "año" with "ano" :scream: . Just in case :sweat: .
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