• Xclerk
    Please take the time to fill this form out. There tring to sneak the ban on vaping mail into this omnibus bill. This would make it more difficult to get " thermal extraction devices" as well as nicotine vapes. Let's all help put a stop to this and make our opinion heard!
  • Cl4ud3
    Does anyone have any update on what's happening with this now ? I know from other sources people are saying different couriers can still be used but that will mean an increase in price. I also saw some saying that stores will need more checks or red tape for selling.

    Do any of the stores who post here have any idea on what will be happening or ways they are going to combat this to keep their stores selling? @Other Side, @VapePartsMart @PuffItUp
  • Other Side
    Details are still sketchy. I am going to try to keep going. I will be dropping some lines and rebranding some items. Most of what I sell is accessories actually. Beyond that I sell a lot of hot coil runners which are also used in items like meat smokers.

    We are waiting for USPS guidelines.
  • Xclerk
    Kinda hoping if classified as something new would resolve it. Like the Nomads are sold as craft wood art. Vapbongs ceramic art. I feel like this is the old "its only paraphernalia if you use it as such". Till then glass is glass. Botanical extraction device botanical heater or even diffuser
  • BestBuds
    Does the ban go to UPS and fex ex too? Maybe we can call them "personal aromatherapy units" :vomit: so sad
  • Xclerk
    I think usps is the only one actually banned but ups and fedex have staited they would be following the same guidelines by choice. Some info is up on ups under e cig shipping bans
  • Khelek41girl
    So far, USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL are all on board for the vape ban...
  • zibit
    We live in upside down world. And it seems to get worse with every passing day.
  • highasakite

    Careful. If you point it out, you are ____ist!

    Fall in line, citizen.
  • bulllee
    Aroma therapy device is my favorite :wink:
  • Spleeeno
    I love my flux deluxe, its the best wax pen heater I ever had.
  • Other Side
    I'm figuring some things out.
  • Bud
    Got my first notice from a vape co about this today, others will probably soon follow:

    "Due to the recent legislative changes with the PACT ACT, we regret to inform you that effective immediately we will no longer be offering affiliate programs with Atmos Nation. In accordance with the act we are not permitted to ship vaporizers or accessories to retail customers moving forward. This also means that we will regrettably be closing our affiliate program, effective immediately."
  • Mangu
    That’s just bummer icing on the cake
  • Taz
    So long it is just the USA I really DGAF!
  • Bud

    The US government passed an amendment to the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (P.A.C.T.) Act in December which was buried in the COVID-19 relief bill. Cigarettes and tobacco have long been illegal to ship across state borders because of the different tax rates in each state. This new law bans all vape products in the mail and has the A.T.F. oversee its enforcement. This is a huge difference from having the F.D.A. managing vape products; the A.T.F. is an actual police force that puts people in prison.

    After this amendment, all vape products whether they contain tobacco or nicotine or not are included. This was worded as Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (E.N.D.S) and ANY liquid or oil meant to be turned into an aerosol and inhaled. The consensus in the vape industry is that this includes CBD, delta 8, essential oils, PEG, terpenes, PG, VG, cartridges, pods, batteries, electric dab rigs, hand held vaporizers, coils, everything.

    The new law states that the United States Postal Service (U.S.P.S.) can no longer accept parcels of vape products from businesses to residential customers after March 26th. We are still waiting for the USPS to communicate this new ban. All vape products will have to be shipped via private courier service and have a signed adult with photo id at delivery. Also, each vape company will have to register with the A.T.F. and every state's tax reporting agency. This amounts to only big tobacco vape products will be available in the near future, as they have their own distribution and teams of lawyers and accountants and can afford / absorb this huge expensive burden.

    FedEx and UPS have already sent written letters to us here at Farm to Vape announcing they are terminating our shipping accounts and every other vape account on April 1st and 5th respectively.

    A single violation will result in the A.T.F. issuing a $5,000 to $10,000 fine per shipment and/or up to three years imprisonment.

    Therefore, we regretfully say that, we can no longer ship ANY products to ANYONE after March 26th, 2021.

    We are starting our forced out of business sale now; due to not being able to legally ship our products to anyone. All of our products have a 3 year shelf life when stored in a cool, dark, dry place, we suggest you take advantage of this sale and stock up while you still legally can.
  • Bud
    the big stores are probably gonna wait till the last minute to tell everybody
  • zibit
    ATF is now ATFV(Alcohol Tobacco Firearms Vapes) One of these is unlike the others.

    Also, each vape company will have to register with the A.T.F. and every state's tax reporting agency. This amounts to only big tobacco vape products will be available in the near future, as they have their own distribution and teams of lawyers and accountants and can afford / absorb this huge expensive burden.

    This is why they're doing it. Only big tobacco can sell vapes now. Some regulations are good, a lot of regulations are just rules to limit the small guys from ever competing with the big fish. Sad.

    EDIT: How long before its the Marlboro Volcano?
  • Gonzo
    F@%K. So much for my VAS treatment on any 420 sale!!
  • Baron23
    PACT - Yes, I was wrong yet again. Happens with great frequency.

    Oh, and yes....I shouldn't have said what I did as it really was introducing politics which is no bueno. My apologies to the board.
  • Dr green thumb
    it was signed by Trump and pushed through by the Republicans in their last days.

    So Thank Trump
    Not getting political
  • Baron23
    well, fuck...I’m wrong again.

    Thought it went out during current term but I was wrong.

    Thank you.
  • Consolidated
    Aren't Dem and Reb's on the same boat?
    'Cause in my neck of the woods is a fact 100%
  • zibit
    It was passed unanimously, meaning nobody voted against it in the Senate.. Oddly I can't find the House votes.

    Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) brought up a story about a 16yo girl who was 'addicted' to e cigarettes. Only problem was, she was using illegal THC carts and was hospitalized for that, not ecigs.

    Once again a politician uses false information to sway public opinion, or blatantly leaves out the most important part, the illegal THC carts. I used to assume these people had good intentions but you can't be wrong that many times without it being intentional.

  • Bud
    from my point of view there has been a highly concerted effort over the last 2 years to destroy the vape industry, somebody has been losing a lot of money...
  • Will90
    True.. but now they're destroying the middle class entirely :up:
  • Bud
    unfortunately i think you're 100% correct, but we would need a separate forum to discuss that :sweat:
  • Bud

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