• acstorfer
    who knows what the vaporizer ban will affect this. It isn't a big deal. It's a vaporizer I already had, but on sale as an open box.
  • Gonzo
    It's getting serious now. Just received this email from VPM who are stopping operations (for now) due to the ban.


    Edit: I really think this is going to affect a lot of the Vape manufacturers since they are going to lose a lot of ways to sell their products. So overall it may affect other countries if a large part of their revenue was generated by US sales.
  • Cl4ud3
    Sad when you think of all the people who will lose their jobs or only form of income due to a silly law change. All because of one form of vaping that is affecting all forms of vaping.
    I wonder if StickyBrick labs and Dynavap etc. are going to close or how they are getting around the ban, Dynavap don't seem to be slowing down their product rollouts anyway.

    Those waiting for 4/20 sales I don't think we will be getting many this year and I expected more to be starting early to avoid the ban and shift as much stock as possible.
  • DaveinSM
    Don’t lose hope y’all! Not much detailed updates on the internets about the ban, but here is a very insightful (and hopefully accurate) prediction from POTV on what’s going to happen. Ban discussion starts shortly after 5:00: https://youtu.be/uO7ywLtwiiA
  • VapePartsMart
    We will figure this out. I will literally sell VPM and ship from Zimbabwe if I have to. It's not even about the money. I'll do all I can to make VPM survive.

    Dry herb vapes, ESPECIALLY non-electronic vapes will almost certainly not be impacted in the long run.

    There's still a lot of uncertainty, but we'll be back. Thank you for all the love and support through these difficult times.

  • Gonzo
    That’s the spirit!! We’re all hoping for a good outcome and will support you however we can!!
  • Bruce
    Accessories and repairs are a thing of the past.
  • Cl4ud3
    I expected accessories, custom stems, and Induction heaters to be unaffected but yes repairs and warranty claims will now be expensive and needing a courier or non existent. There is a nice looking IH for the Dynavap with temperature control coming soon from Mad Heaters (I think that was who was doing it) but they are UK based which I think will continue (launches in July).

    I guess you're lucky Grasshoppers latest model is reliable and not like the nightmare the original one was.
  • Spleeeno
    SBL and Dynavap are gonna be just fine, cause the bill only talks about electronic vapes.
  • Cl4ud3
    Thanks for clearing that up. I've not looked too much into it being in a different country and all. Still the whole situation is a bit of a joke considering how long cannabis vaping has been around.
  • Alexis
    it’s an outright camouflaged (with huge pink ears poking out either side) farce, sham and hypocrisy. If this world isn’t heading right down the drain as ptb yearn to see, I would hold hope for clean cannabis vaporizers to see another side to this in the mid to Longterm run at minimum.

    If the world simply allows it in time.
  • Bruce
    So far so good. Been over a year with the IO. I use it exclusively with a water tool. Its really a great convection experience especially with a water pipe. Worth every penny. A year not 1 issue. I hope it stays that way, I don't see how warranty repairs will work with any vape.The post office asks flat out, vape or tobacco. I will try if a repair is needed, if not I will have to buy parts or just use it till it dies.

    I vent. This is bulls*it. I never thought a democracy would be so ignorant to not know the difference between vaping concentrated nicotine and vaping dry or concentrate medical marijuana. This law ruined an industry. This was supposed to be the gold rush. Medical / Recreational - healthy when vaporized.

    In my opinion if those that pushed this law as they did .... they knew who benefited and who wouldn't. They hide behind "To protect the children".

    It must be bad, once I woke up and the milk was in the closet and the cereal was in the refrigerator. It's not like I had a heart attack or lung cancer or completely addicted from vaping nicotine.

    ✌ Peace, Love & Vape ✌

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Geno
    Lots of great comments!
    Has there been any feedback from the industry, (manufacturers, med. and rec. weed growers, dispensaries etc.) and politicians, on this farce of a law being altered, struck etc etc?
    Let's not forget, we still need to help out the folks who were there for us BEFORE this BS law, the small businesses remaining are at a disadvantage now (as this law intended) and need our help keeping their lights on. As I said before, any way we can support the businesses that support this forum and others like it, well life is a circle and what goes around, comes back again. I hope somehow things get straightened out in the near future.... for all concerned. Peace
  • Mangu
    This vape mail ban sucks.
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