• Señor Negro
    Well I thought it was implied that the drinkware was optional when I said that the glass and the grinder are charged for +$70. But even without 'em I still think that for $299 it's an overpriced device considering how simple it really is.
    That's, in my opinion, the reason the have opted for that "snoob-ish"/classy (?) aproach in their site in a try to reach the kind of audience that would choose apple products over others with similar specs but way cheaper.
    I'm basically saying that they are trying to give themselves a remarkable brand position, but only that in this case they are just beggining their path, not like apple or some others have became succesfull over the years.

    I'm honestly not sure why you mention that comment about the "more than 2 grams of flower to get high every hour" ? :chin: Not my case that's for sure.
    If you are referring to the low-end battery life I think that, as far as I know, most vaporist have multiple devices and prefer not to stick to a single one in their daily usage. But still has nothing to do with the point I was trying to make.

    I wasn't either comparing the device to the MV1, so I also can't see the point in discussing about ligths position compared to any other device.
    I just think that, imo, they are in a non-optimal position, specially if you want to use the glass with any kind of colored beverage.

    Same thing goes for the USB position because I can't care less about "the core principles of industrial desing".
    From the user perspective it is just weird that you have to take out the glass to charge it, and I don't get why they decided to put it in that position when it would be way harder to let it soaked by liquid/condensation if they just would put in on one of the sides or on the opposite back-side of the device.

    Lastly, I consider the pass through charging capability in this kind of devices just a gimmick on most cases, specially when the battery life is poor and it's used as a justification/excuse for it. Let's remember we are talking about, suposedly, portable units.
    No one likes to be forced to finish a session suddently when you are in the middle of it just because the battery died. But I can't see much usefulness in a pass through feature when the battery life is that short and, on top of that, the discharge rate is higher than the charge rate (even if it has "quick" charging, I don't think 1h is precisely very quick but whatever).

    For me, the looks are not that important as the perfomance and functionality. I value discreetness but I don't need dozens of devices to fulfill that purpose. Even if perfomance could be outstanding I think this device fails in functionality enough for me not to really dig it. Yet interesting, but not enough.
    I just really hope they could change it somehow or maybe come in the future with a new improved device. I'm patient enough to wait if that happens and then we'll see.

    I'm starting to think that, as said, you have some kind of interest of pushing this device in this forum, whatever the reason is.
  • reckoner
    The functionality and performance seem great based on the feedback in the FC thread. That's the main reason I bought it. Many experienced users are raving about this thing. At first I thought the cup was strange, but you can simply remove the cup and never think about it again. The design without the cup is simple & practical in my view. The internals appear to be well thought out as well. The miniVAP is a tried & true unit for over 10 years - that does give me confidence knowing who is involved with the Bowle.

    The battery life seems on par with the major players in the convection 18650 portable market right now. 4-6 bowls sounds about right? Pretty sure the Tinymight/P80/FW7/whatever else are in that same ballpark. I'm not a "power user" so it's not a huge concern for me if the performance is there. We will see when it arrives.

    The pricing also sounds about right if the performance is as good as everyone says. Again, same ballpark as other "premium" portable convection devices. And I'm willing to bet a lot more R&D dollars went into this thing vs. the Tinymight (as an example).
  • JohnnyCanuck
    Some assumptions here.

    Eg. “I don’t need to hide my vapes” I don’t see anywhere advertised that the device is a drink cup HIDDEN as a vape.

    USB position and automatic assumption that enough condensation from a drink will form to harm it. Haven’t seen verification if this is actually happening.


    You don’t have to use the cup nor do you have to purchase it and the accompanying grinder/potter.
    The form factor without the bowl is actually really nice in hand IMO.

    General opinion is that, as a vape, the unit pumps out vapor easily, smoothly, flavorable, in huge amounts and efficiently compared to the majority of portables out there possibly putting this in the top tier group of portable vapes. Pricing sure reflects that .

    Major con/setback is shorter than liked battery life. Yes, it’s comparable to other on demand convection vapes, but those vapes have user replaceable batteries while on the go. The Bowle doesn’t.
  • froglefrog
    As someone who spends lotsa time under water, what everybody should be sayin is , NO to unnecessary plastics! :vomit:

    In fact, gonna email this company 2nite!!! A spare PLASTIC cup?! :chin: :brow:

    Trust me, Not pickin on them only, they R not the 1st, and sadly, probably not the last :rage: ... :sad: .
  • Alexis
    I admittedly missed stream start, and Bud's ultimate, always respected ground line impressions on this (Welsh I swear lol) vape.

    But, I noticed with a brief peruse, the taffee seems to be kicking up a storm on FC currently.

    Just Omnivaps here today, lovely Cinderella Jack and some fruity, organic sunsourced Bluedream.

    110 grams potent kava since last night, no real sleep plus edibles: "Well cained you know what I mean", as a long past raving....associate, spoke to me one day.
  • Alexis
    a drink cup HIDDEN as a vape.JohnnyCanuck

    I think maybe more correct to say- a vape, hidden inside a drink cup?

    But interesting you ordered it the other way. Like in that parallel universe where vapes are permitted in public but drink cups are illegal lol. (doesn't actually sounds to far-fetched in today's current crazy world actually, or at least not too far away at present, just as soon as they can conclusively scientifically determine that drink cups in particular are posing a great threat to the elderly and vulnerable).

    But, you just reminded of a moment of youth, and example of my own astonishing dopeyness.

    Now, this was in 2001. Cannabis was most DEFINITELY illegal in UK back THEN- it is NOOOW!!

    If that, alone, does not scream- Corrupt establishment.....another story.

    But weed was well illegal. Also actually permitted, I accept with good reason, was drinking alcohol on thevstreet in Bedford town centre.

    I was walking down a main, central town centre street with a lady, smoking on a huge skunk reefer. Good,,stinky weed back then.

    I suddenly saw a policeman in front, coming right pass us. So I had an instinctive brainwave- hide the Skunk joint- BEHIND THE OPEN CAN OF BEER lol.

    I twigged when he had walked past, chuckled about it. Not the safest camouflage in that situation.

    @reckoner I see you already beat me to it, mentioning the high praise the Taffee has been showered on FC!.
  • JohnnyCanuck
    whoops... sorry. you know what I mean. My brain sucks!!
  • Rockytdogg

    Having a giant useless acrylic cup plastered to your face is "normalizing" cannabis usage? Or without it looking even stupider?

    Yeah, It would be dumb to offer customers additional accessories for a $300 vape... what was I thinking?


    Storz won't offer one cuz they damage them too easily, and probably cuz of it's classification as a medical device and concerns of water backing up in to it...

    Enjoy your new convection device.... really!
  • Alexis
    hey, never a need for apolagies among friends mate...UNLESS- you say my teeth are crooked lol! :wink:

    No I would not say you are poor with language. I actually wonder if your subconscious mind, or unconscious, which knows SO much more than WE do (individuals in general), which is kind of ironic in a sence but very true...was bringing that to the surface.

    The Tafee, does appear, after all, to be also potentially a cup disguised as a vape lol!

    So not wrong on that. We just need to wait a couple months for Fauci to announce:
    "Drinking cups are spreading said blah blah and endangering the vulnerable!

    But I am a lover of language that's all, and justvlike having good fun with it. Call me a stickler.

    I never meant to imply criticism. I mean, we all knew exactly what you meant, consciously! :wink:

    Edit-typo in my above post- drinking alcohol, outside in Town centre- was Probitted, NOT permitted. Whoops.
  • reckoner

    According to the manufacturer, yes, that's what they're trying to do. I'm not sure hitting this vape looks any more "stupid" than using many other vapes. But hey, my current daily driver is the vape everyone makes fun of for looking like a giant alien dong. The design isn't going to appeal to everyone, which is fine. I will admit, my initial thought was that it was silly, but the idea grew on me.

    Never said the idea of a WPA was dumb, just saying I can understand why this particular manufacturer would choose not to offer one for this particular vape, given the design and apparent market positioning they are striving for. I would think some of S&B's concerns you noted would apply here as well. The vape just came out though, so maybe something will be created later on.
  • Rockytdogg

    If they shared the same concerns as S&B then why would it be designed specifically to have liquids sitting directly atop the electronics...?

    Yes, something will probably be created later on.... which is exactly what I said before... Thanks for the ride!
  • Bruce

    Hazel your looking very pretty like usual. What do you do when Bud misbehaves?

    Peace, Love & Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • BestBuds
    So, would this classify as sexual harassment?

    creepy :100:
  • Bruce
    How does the water interact? Its not a Cloudious, Whew...Just cant see water passthrough

    [reply="Baron23;156156"My Doctor told me the New Strain is here. Thank You F'ing Europe. if I am within 25 feet of it I will get it, He has been on target. Almost as good as Bud's reviews. LOL Just so your not disappointed the best case scenario, the vaccine works on all Covid strains. Pray because this canbe a true disaster of epic proportions.

    Covid shots will be a yearly. For many years. Keep an eye :nerd: out for the new strain of Covid 19. It might have mutated to another new strain they call Covid 21. I feel your pain. its 7 times more potent and at least 7 times more contagious. THE NEWS IS Sweeping This Under THE RUG, and many other things. You can get away with slight contact with Covid 19, This new Strain is officially in New York City. 7 times faster means me in NJ am wondering why don't they close the tunnels and bridges. People dying or people being pissed and they are making decisions based on politics and money. We live in a world where they kill the messenger because easier than addressing what the message is.

    This is more important than storming the capitol. You gotta be alive first, freedom is a plus! New Strain of Covid gets no press because other stuff gets more viewers.

    They do things half assed.

    My sister in Israel is in midst of a complete 6 week shutdown. Now she and family got there first shot. Yes it was painful, i called several times a day, its like jail, however its doing it right, We are f'd because our politicians are more concerned about politics and their cushy jobs.

    The only thing that will save us. Marshall Law. If you gotta walk your dog, do it at home or not an inch off property. That's the ONLY way, don't listen to people, just 6 weeks and law will be enforced. It will never ever happen Stupid. And the assholes in Europe thank you for allowing the new strain come into this country.

    The best case scenario, with the vaccine .,,, September is semi realistic, but the possibility of us not seeing the worst is out there.

    Peace, Love & Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Baron23
    How does the water interact? Its not a Cloudious, Whew...Just cant see water passthroughBruce

    What water, Bruce? Its just a cup, mate. It doesn't have anything to do with the vaporizing at all.

    As for the rest of it...no comment...at all.
  • highasakite

    It's stunning to me how the same person can be so consistently wrong, about everything.

    I saw it mentioned and acknowledged on the stream, but did you see this on their website?
    Might want to check that cylindrical packaging again..
  • zibit
    (Please remove if too far off topic)

    My former job was spreadsheets all day every day. Now I do stats for fun. I'm lucky that I live in a state where covid deaths are very detailed. I don't like scare tactics, I like data, it doesn't lie! Just a couple data points of interest:

    Age 0-29(38.7% of the states population) = 2 deaths, both had underlying conditions, both 27yo.
    Age 85+(1.8% of the states population) = 583 deaths.

    Another good one is, there's more deaths over 100yo(9) than under 35yo(8), in this state.

    Transparent data is the key, not lies, fabrications or what ifs. The data is plain to see if you wanna see it. I recommend more people to look at the raw data, if its available, because hysteria is ruling in these strange times.
  • Chuck
    @highasakite - the missing acrylic potter, funnel, extra pots ... that's my fault. I had bought a tall Bowle before Christmas, enjoyed it, ordered two more as gifts. Super nice Tafée folks sent me a short stem unit as a bonus present. Didn't open box, just sent it to Bud, PIF style. Trying to prove to him that there really are good new vapes, because I'm an annoying dick. Emailed Tafée my thanks, told them I sent box to Bud. They said, great, but the unit they sent me was bare bones without potter, as they knew I had both Potters already. Oops. Sorry about that, Bud.
  • highasakite

    Ah, makes sense.
    "Annoying dick"?? Noooo. You seem like a generous, thoughtful human! Thanks for sending it to Bud so we could all see it in use!
  • Vapedude
    It's stunning to me how the same person can be so consistently wrong, about everything.highasakite

    :rofl: :lol: :rofl: :lol:
  • LabPong
    Zoticus uses the cups to drink while vaping (he has the large and small) and I have been watching him sesh on them for several days. For him and how he is vaping.....now I do see how the cup works for some people and it can be a plus.

    I would not want the cup....but I do not think it is messing up the design much. Holding the vape without the cup with the stem over the vape base....is ergo and usable. It is also not that big....I feel the puck part is not any less than a cube or other square shape.

    This vape is getting great reviews for vapor quality.....GOOD DEAL!
  • Rockytdogg
    Too many problems arising already over this one... absolutely not.

    $300...? You'd have to be insane.

    Let's see where they are in a couple of years....
  • Cannabliss420
    Just ordered a tall cup with metal grinder. But I didn't know that I would receive a free metal Potter grinder with order of complete set. I called them to see about 69.00 refund for extra grinder ordered. They gave me the option to get the 69.00 refunded or they can send a short stem and small cup with my order. They also gave me one day delivery. I am impressed with their customer support. Can't wait to get tomorrow and super stoked about having both sizes, it was hard to decide between them.
    Small cup = margarita / tall cup = beer
  • Chuck
    @Cannabliss420 - - the free aluminum grinder Potter was only for early adopters/purchasers. I was one, and quite grateful, even though I still fill the pots via grinder dumpster diving
  • LabPong
    Too many problems arising already over this one... absolutely not.Rockytdogg

    What are the problems that are arising? Functional problems?
  • Rockytdogg

    have you read the fc thread...?
  • LabPong
    have you read the fc thread...?Rockytdogg

    No.....I pretty much bailed from FC now. But if it is anything like the people posting in the Tiny Might thread....then I do not need to read their words...lol
  • Rockytdogg

    well, i dont know what to tell ya, man... i aint a secretary...
  • LabPong
    well, i dont know what to tell ya, man... i aint a secretary...Rockytdogg

    No worries.....not asking for you to copy and paste.....also....I could care less about any of the total amateurs posting over there now.
  • Rockytdogg

    seriously dude, you're taking time out of your day to bitch to me about fc....?
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