• Fiddy1218
    Edit: I see someone asked the Airvape vs Pax 2 question just a few days ago. I'll check that thread.

    I've been researching for weeks now, and I can't seem to make a decision on which portable vape to buy. For me, I think the Airvape XS is the frontrunner but I'm also considering the Pax 2 and possibly the Ascent. I'm also open to recommendations. I'm basically looking for something to take out and about, especially to concerts, so it needs to fit in the pocket of my jeans. I'd like whatever I buy to have a decent amount of battery life. I'd also like it to have pass through charging, but that's not a requirement. My budget is $200 or less. I don't need it for concentrates, at least not anytime soon. I'd really appreciate any input you guys can offer.
  • Dinsdale
    Don't know Airvape, but Pax 2 is concealable in one hand, and it's got a decent battery (mine's good for at least an hour). It's also very easy to load and clean. You do need to stir the bowl, though.
    It doesn't produce a whole lot of vapor but it does the trick when I'm out and about.

    Ascent is a pain in the ass. It's got glass parts that scare me, and it's a chore to clean.
    It requires constant stirring, and it produces a pitifully low volume of vape.
    It's like trying to suck beer from a baby bottle.

    For sub-$200 check out Boundless's CFX, which outshines Mighty in every which way for way less than half the price. It's become the one for me, and it's so far survived around three months of steady use daily. (I drain and recharge at least once a day.)
    There's a smaller model CF, which I don't know much about, but it's even cheaper at sub $150 in the US.
  • milo
    What's the material of the Boundless mouthpiece? Just plastic?
  • Dinsdale
    Just plastic.
  • Fiddy1218
    Thanks for the input, I ordered mine today!
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