• Bud
    Sup ladies and gents,

    How's everybody holding up in Life 2.0? :mask: :shade:

    I won't make this long but wanted to share a quick update since I've been MIA for a while...

    Currently under contract to sell my house and actively looking for a new place to live, I have to be out within a few months. I'll still be streaming here and there but moving will involve packing up all my vape/G43 stuff for a little while.

    The G43 kits will be put on hold for now but I have notes about who wants what and will let you guys know when I settle into the new place. Hopefully we get some new products this year and I have new vape stuff to talk about after I move.

    In the meantime, if you're interested in hanging out with some of the crew I'll still be doing livestreams, just not focused on vapes. Call of Duty is where it's at now, LOL, but gaming in general is what I've been doing lately.

    If you wanna catch any streams and hang out I'll be on Twitch (no haters plz)


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  • Ogie
  • BestBuds
    It's been a fun ride :cool:
  • Gloeck79
    Awesome, funny I was going to post seeing how everyone was doing. Been quite lately...lol.

    Moving always sucks...lol. Though hopefully the move is for the better for you guys. Any different locations or you still in same state/area. Hope all is well too, things doing better now. Was rocky start this year but we holding our own...lol. I haven't been able to get online lately, but going to start jumping on COD and some Ghost of Tsushima this weekend. I am making my own G43, going to make some adjustments play around a bit to see if it works. I think it will, hoping to have it up and running. When I do, I'll post them up. Hope all is well keep up the good work, don't let life get you down, stay positive everyone :wink: .
  • Paxhead
    All the best for your move. Hoping you find what you want where you want. :smile: :up:
  • birdplane
    It was a cool stream, enjoyed talking about the pc stuff and the warzone :)
  • Alexis
    oh, is THAT what we were talking about... :wink:
  • Alexis
    lol, appreciate the returned humour and hope you are set for a good weekend.

    Just shaking up Fijian Kava, about to shower and see what we (me and my "voices" lol) can mock up for the day.

    Hope everybody else has a good one.

    Twitch was quite impressive actually in a nimber of ways.

    Picture quality and graphic sharpness 100 times better then Youtube.

    Audio I could also swear was sharper too(?)

    It was a bit strange with the chat at first but then ud adjusted it and I think even the chat feature runs more smoothly than Youtube, plus it's got that extra bit of IQ (or is it A.I. these days?) to make it so easy now to mention somebody else. Like o n forums, start the name and it pops up on screen to tap, unIike Youtube typing every symbol correctly after an @.

    Also, I bet you good dollar I may actually get the notification from Twitch next time Bud plays.

    Youtube simply refused me the privilege, whatever bell settings I tried. Sneaky buggars!
  • Will90
    @Bud Sunday Streamage? :grimace:
  • Alexis
    hey Will. Good to catch you. I hope you had an enjoyable journey. Just shaking up Fijian Kava at same time (man doing multitasking lol) as first vape today, cinderella vapcap, Im torn between the two.

    Had like, 2 hits so far, and kava is barely half shaken. Not even showered yet, been a rough Sunday due to gut bother from viruses and allergies and shit really messing sleep upmthiscweek.

    The weed is to lift me up. The kava is to chill me out quick, I need some chilling out man, not sleeping sucks and does really start to do your nut when you're like..."Technician, please turn the gravity back down to 1 now. 10's a bit high."

    Still got my sense of humour anyway lol.

    My gut tells me possibly this Sunday might not afford the "Bud's" (the name of Bud and Hazel's upcoming new career TV show, like the Cosby's sort of thing) much opportunity to chill and switch off from moving shanigans.

    Just guessing though. Right, gotta shake up kava just so fatigued atm. Post flu shit, post life shit, Im sure post trip shit doesn't help much on top.
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