• Alexis
    it was on unstoppable tracks Claude, but the current ongoing shitshow has taken all the spotlight off, all the momentum away, all the force and protest, demand, urgency out of the argument.

    Now you would be accused of being selfish to even grumble about CBD or cannabis illegality and unavailability when lives are still being lost as we all come together for the common good...wait....in a world where cannabis is illegal all over the shop and we just have to accept that the experts have got everything spot on and the Authorities we blindly trust and obey have only our best interests at heart.

    Well they were right about cannabis and also CBD being so dangerous we must incarcerate all those who try to evade their laws.

    So they are bound to spot on about TRojan too right?

    It’s served like a fire drill, emptying the school, breaking up chains and order, leaving the school empty for workmen to come in and install whatever the heck they want.

    For cannabis legalisation, and the shock that is the oppression of CBD, sadly and so wrongly, mass public protesting would be essential for reform. It’s actually an unwritten requirement effectively.

    You wannit? Well you better protest then. If you do it loudly enough, for long enough, and the actual science is really quite indisputable, then eventually we will just have to give way.

    They’ve managed to push back that eventually a very long way with their predictive pantomime.
  • Señor Negro
    Yeah I also wish my package will arrive safe and soon too.
    But I cannot avoid being worried because right now I have no idea what's going on, where is it, or when I will have a new update. That's kinda frustrating me. The only thing I can do right now is to wait unpatiently.
  • Alexis
    I hear you Senor. I’m sure I would feel the same. I had some major anxiety a few times when I first started ordering the Dutch Legal LSD in 2019, 100 to 250 at a time.

    It was always such a relief when it dropped through the door.

    Eventually I desensitised or just like consciously avoiding panic attacks I didn’t get into worrying about it, and when it did finally go “wrong”, a piece of paper with no threat, warning, just an invitation to argue in court...no thank you goodbye lol!

    So the worst happened. And it wasn’t so bad.

    Living right on the edge of life, I’m looking at things from a different angle. Trying to take less for granted. Being less fearful of a trillion things that ultimately won’t matter in 100 or even 10 years time, alive or dead, reincarnated, heaven or hell.

    The world’s a big shitfuck right now we all know, and it should’ve be, we’re all under stress.

    But it could probably be a lot worse for most of us still.

    Just trying to help you relax about it mentally a little. I know the feeling. And it’s also that excitement of a new toy arriving that they are denying you of, aside the anxiety of their divine “legal” system.

    I’m going to muse over the meaning of the word and concept Legal. Try and put it in it’s accurate light.

    Growing up, I think we naturally associate Legal with Right or acceptable, and vice versa.

    When really, there is no essential relation or link at all. It’s hit and miss. Pick a law. Some will be just for good cause. Most will not.

    I’m really hoping it gets to you soon though Senor.
  • Alexis
    Any developments @Señor Negro ? Just curious mate been thinking bout it hope you’re doing good.
  • Señor Negro
    Yeah actually I have an update. I finally got my 8horses CBD package after all the time I spent worrying it could be lost :sweat:

    I'm actually impressed with this flower quality, barely tried it yet but it looks, smells and tastes as very good regular herb. I can't tell the difference, except ofc, for the effects. And even then I would say that it seems like I feel a "something" I cannot describe (not suprising as it's the first good CBD I've ever tried).

    I have yet to try it properly but so far so good :starstruck: .
  • Alexis
    yo Senor me friend, I’m not just saying this, but hearing that really made me happy for you, ommmultiole leaves- your mind can fully ease worrying....

    And, up you have your prized goods! I agree smell alone, the Abra in particular smells like the finest Bud.

    The terpenes also have a subtle psychoactive edge. Also, despite the thc cap, these guys seem legit in optimising things.

    Organic, full sun, pest control feeding and....optimum harvest.

    Full range of actives minus thc.

    But I always try to emphasise the point, those using regular, high thc cannabis....with interest in the medicinal side of it, money permitting, really should be using quality CBD oil in conjunction for the medicinal synergy- 1 + 1 = 12 there when THC and CBD are combined.

    Shit guys. I’ve fully forgotten which thread I’m in here. Im unsure even of the forum.

    Haha came back. @Señor Negro just really pleased for you bro thanks for sharing and enjoy. Let us know maybe some further impressions would be interested.
  • Alexis
    Ps, please ignore the bizarre auto correct above. Can’t make sense of that myself lol, damned A.I. Programmes, useful and a buggar at times.

    Also @Señor Negro which other strains did touch get mate! Just curios. Surely the Abracadabra?

    And I say again, thrier CBD oil seems really top class, definitely chills me out and helps with sleep.
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