• Cl4ud3
    You had an original one of these didn't you Bruce ? I know the first iteration wasn't great with a basic conduction oven, tight draw and leaks reported by users but they fixed some of that I read (the leaks anyway).
    Always seemed like a gimmicky vape to me.
  • Gergin
    I had an old one. Had more damn trouble with it! Sucked.
  • Baron23
    I had the OG one also....POS IMO.
  • Gergin
    Calling it a POS is being nice! Lol But seriously..
    They have a good idea and a visually appealing product. Maybe if they partnered with S & B or Boundless or You or vape critic or any of us on vapelife or any other company that has a proven long lasting reliable heat source....
  • Gergin
    And airflow! More airflow please. Lol
  • Baron23
    I just never liked the form factor, the potential for leaks that many experienced, and just mainly the fact I thought it sucked at extraction. Just not a good powerful vape.

    I gave it away and believe that the person who has it appreciates it for what it is. Good for them, right?
  • FlameBeats
    I have the original and I still use it from time to time. I’ve never had an issue with it. Keeping it clean is the key. I’m OCD about all my vaporizers so no issue for me. I will be ordering the new version later today and will report back.
  • Bruce
    I agree. I hope its a great vape. As a dry herb vape enthusiast.

    Almost all my vapes easily fits into a water tool or a bubbler and if they can exceed that performance then I am in. I would give them a second chance after a few months of reviews and positive feedback. Pax 1 was not that great in my opinion, but 2 was much better and Pax 3 is one of my favorites.

    The new Hydrology works with concentrates that is one difference.

    I am riding the Crafty and a water tool,,,,and realize how good the Crafty is. Amazing.

    ✌ Peace ✌ Love & Vape ✌ ,

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Bruce
    I agree. The first one wasn't that great. I am not in on version 2. I have a water tool and adapters for most of the vapes I use. I just felt it was noteworthy a new version was released.

    I wouldn't buy anything online until I know the impact of the new vape by mail laws . Very big question.
  • To the Cloud
    Anyone else used this yet ? We are having some issues with the cartridges and don't want to put it on blast if a user error.

    So far it's been way better for herb than concentrates. Also a tad of a delayed hitter. My 3rd and 4th hits are rocking well but the 1st I am getting absolutely nothing. Need more time to play around with it.
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