• CherryTom
    My gravity pen arrived today. I charged it up for 15 minutes or so until the light went green.

    since then i've had to charge it twice. each time it takes a little over an hour to fully charge.

    Just curious if this sort of battery life is normal. It is a new toy and i have been playing with it a bit so... :)
  • CherryTom
    Also, after looking at the photos, it looks like there are be 2 drill holes? 1 on the atomizer and 1 in the mouth piece?

    on mine there is a hole in the mouthpiece only. not the atomizers.
  • JMM
    They don't have holes in the gravity atomizers, only in the new elite pens coming out soon. Also, the battery usually lasts me like 1-2 full days before I need to charge it and that is hitting it 24/7. You should get like 70 full cycles on blue before you need to charge it.
  • CherryTom
    Must be a dodgy battery I suppose.
    I've had to charge it 4 times in the last 2 days

    Limey galaxy arriving soon. The pic on buds review shows it also has a hole in the atomiser I thought I saw the extra atomiser hole on a gravity pick
  • CherryTom
    when using the coil atomizer, if i hold down for 3-4 seconds let go then hold down again all colors start flashing. - cycling twice i think. it also gets really quite hot but continues to work (i let it cool down first).

    this is different to the single color flashing when keeping the button down. i think i remember the multi color light show meaning a battery connection issue. could it also be an overheating alert?

    its a brand new unit with no leaking due to overfilling etc etc. battery terminal etc perfectly clean. battery doesn't last long at all.
    my draw technique with the coil is slow gentle. 2 seconds to start. up to 6-7 seconds at the end.

    after coming from a cloud evo with glass, the coils seemed the way to go. big clouds etc.I'm finding the taste a little metalic and harsh though. a 'Vubbler' is on the way.

    i think i'm starting to get a feel for the ceramic dish, low temp, cloudless. easy on the throat.
    I had a gravity but passed it off to a buddy, and I recall the battery life being excellent. So contact them and you should get a new battery sent out
  • CherryTom
    thanks, they think it might be the charger? my galaxy will arrive in a week so i'll be able to try its charger and compare battery life
  • Miche
    I have been having the light cycle problem for over a month. The gravity pen gets super hot after 2 cycles. And battery needs charging after a few uses.They first sent me 2 new atomizers. That didnt work. They then sent me a new battery station... That didnt work. I am waiting on a new charger now. Hope that is the problem. Each time waiting almost 2 weeks for parts to ship.
  • CherryTom
    From all accounts they seem like great pens. Mine is perfect until the lights flash.
    I really like it.

    being such popular pens you're bound to get some defects I suppose. I just seem to always get that defect :(

    Postage time does make it hard over distance!
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