• Bud
    Hey guys and gals,

    This forum is now under new management and has been transferred to a new owner. The new admin is someone we all know and love, the one and only @VLFZakk from Puffitup.

    He's going to work on making this place the awesome vape forum that it should be :strong:. Please show him the support that you always so graciously showed me, which I will forever be thankful and grateful for.

    I'm going to take a little down time as I move homes in a few weeks with Hazel and the cats. Once I settle in I'll make it a point to pop back in as Bud the "member" to help anybody out who may have G43 issues or questions. Unfortunately no more of those will be sold, but I'll do my best to still provide support where I can.

    Thank you all so very much for your patience and support over the years, this is a good turning point for the forum and we can all expect VapeLife to thrive once again :cheer:

    Stay toasty my friends!
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    Hey Bud, thanks for all that you did and created in the vape space. I wish you and Hazel great luck and success in your future endeavors. There are great things ahead for the two of you.

    Very excited that Zakk will be taking over the forum. Looking forward to VLF getting back in action!!
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    Congrats to you all. I'm sure @VLFZakk will do an amazing job. It would be tough for you to find a better ambassador for your legacy. I hope you, hazel, and the cat fam are very happy in your new place!
  • zibit
    @Bud I use my G43 everyday and think of you when using it. Such a simple masterpiece! After watching 100s of your livestreams and all of your vape reviews, I felt like I kind of knew you. Your generosity and kindness were unmatched!

    I hope we see you soon, doing something with the same passion as your vape reviews. Nothing but respect for the VapeCritic!
  • jqcj5
    Nice work to all involved
  • SkutFarkus
    @Bud you are a gentleman and a scholar!

    Thanks for everything and I hope you, hazel and the cats have a smooth move! And the best of luck with all you do.
    @VLFZakkthe forum couldn’t of landed in better hands! Glad it worked out this way.
    Zakk and bud you know this forum will always have yo Back. Thanks for all the good times and looking forward to many more!
  • Pakalolo2
    Looking forward to the next Chapter in this continuing story. Thank you Bud for all you have done to support this community and welcome Zakk to the VLF Family! :fire: :cool:
  • VLFZakk
    Thank you all for such a warm welcome! I'm so stoked to have the chance to make a great community even better. @Bud you've done an amazing job and created one of the best communities in our industry. I wish you the best in your next chapter my dude!

    We will be looking for content creators in the future, if anyone has someone they'd like to suggest or wants to shoot us their portfolio shoot me a message :)
  • SirSixPence
    Zakk & Puff it has always been top notch. Looking forward to it. I just hope we dont get too woke. :rofl: We have always tried to leave politics out of here, hasn't always worked. But we made an effort to be neutral.
  • Alexis
    So, just seen this announcement. Now, if I’m capable of figuring rightly atm, very sleep deprived, stoned etc plus 600 mics of acid last night...

    But regardless, it seems so clear. Fantastic development I feel. Good old Zac. And don’t worry at all @Bud we’ll be right good boys for the new man in town.

    Good on you Zac @VLFZakk , so pleased really.,I have very bright feelings about you and this. Let it be enjoyable, fun, like it should.

    Tip- Do keep a tight watch on me so I’m a right little troll at times.

    I mean,Bud, Claude, Baron, just too nice and tolerant really lol! Fantastic guys though like a good bunch here man. I like to think I can personally offer some credentials to apply haha.
  • Alexis
    And shoot, most of all- We have community! Still. A blessing I say. Fantastic on Bud for keeping this platform alive. I’d say some sort of celebration is warranted.
  • zibit
    @Bud @VLFZakk Was vapecritic.com also part of this transaction? Looks like the whois info on vapecritic.com was updated on 5/26/21 :chin:
  • Bruce
    We miss you!
  • welshman
    Came back just to say this is great news! Was a little uneasy with all our data being sold off to anyone with the btc but happy to hear it’s staying within the community.

    Will be interesting to see how more structured content shapes the new VLF and will probably be back soon to resurrect the rosin thread once again :lol:
  • VLFZakk
    Yes, vapecritic was part of the transaction

    Super stoked to see you revive some of those threads!
  • warren0728
    very cool that you are the new "boss" around here! sounds like a perfect fit! maybe a disc golf thread will be started ... it definitely goes hand in hand with vaping!
  • VapeLivesMatter
    Puffitup is now owned by Greenlane, a publicly traded company. So Greenlane owns this forum.

    It's sad to see how overbearing government forces the small and medium sized guys to sell out.

    I'm not saying that this place won't be managed with a lot of love and care under new ownership, but transparency in where the money and influence flows would be nice. It's no longer going to PIU as we ever knew PIU.
  • Bruce
    Wake up everyone.
  • Cl4ud3
    Puffitup did say this, it's posted on their website in a blog post which they even emailed to everyone on their email list. I do understand the concern but one store owning the forum is much the same as another.

  • Baron23
    Well, I don't necessarily agree with that view.

    Now, I want to be clear....I love Zakk and think he's a terrific guy...and yes, we have actually met face to face and yes, he really is a terrific guy and I wish him and the new "Puffitup" all the luck in the world.

    BUT, a blog post and an email....neither of which I have seen (nor apparently many others) nor which I believe exactly suffices for open and transparent.

    I have seen many people declaim their happiness that Puffitup is back based on their past interpersonal, order/delivery, CS experiences. Well, this ain't that Puffitup as far as I can tell even though they may end up being a great retailer.

    Greenlane = vapor.com = puffitup to my mind. Just follow the link in the banner for "Shop"....it goes to vapor.com and nothing else.

    Again, I wish Zakk and Puffitup the best of luck. Hope they are a giant success and Zakk ends up a captain of vape retailer industry. But let's have no illusions, right?
  • Vapster707
    and tha haters with no skin in tha game chime in with hate SHOCKING ...
  • Baron23
    hahaha....I guess that's so if "haters" and "hate" just mean people that don't agree with you.

    Nice labeling though.
  • Vapster707
    to bad u didn't put up your own money to buy vapelife and run it how u want to ... I bet it would have been so transparent and open to all ...
  • Baron23
    I bet it would have been so transparent and open to all ...Vapster707

    Indeed it would....hahahaha...you too funny.

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