• VLFZakk

    First I'd like to thank @Bruce, @Baron23, @VapeLivesMatter, and anyone else that's reached out with concerns.

    Even though Greenlane owns the forum, it will remain a separate entity to the other sites. Vapecritic will still have affiliate links. The forum will still have content based around what you all want to chat about.

    We aren't changing the rules, and we aren't removing any manufacturer or website accounts. We just ask that those manufacturers and website reps adhere to the same guidelines as before.

    Bud created one of the best places to get info for our industry. We want to improve upon it, and make it better and easier to use for anyone that finds it.

    The current 'Shop' button will be changed in the future. We are planning on creating a list of vapes you guys really love, and directing that link there. What do you think?

    My job here is to listen to your feedback, and make improvements based around them.

    Our current goals:

    - Create a list of your favorite vaporizers
    - Update the content on VapeCritic
    - Switch out the SHOP link
    - Find content creators within the forum that are open to reviewing products that need updates on VapeCritic
    *Please shoot me a message if you're interested in helping us do this!*
    - Reopen the forum to new users
    - Listen to your feedback and make adjustments based on it
    - Provide a strong educational role

    We won't be censoring anything, we won't be stopping you guys from creating content and posts. We're actually extremely excited to see the forum have new content, and we hope you are too.

    If you have any feedback, or any questions, please let me know! I'll make any updates in this thread going forward

    We'd like to do a quick giveaway, anyone who shares their top 3 vapes will be entered to win. USA shipping only, 21+ =)


  • Baron23
    love you, brother.

    Wishing you nothing but the best of fortunes.
  • VLFZakk
    I got nothin but love for you too my man. I hope we get to hang out again :)
  • Pakalolo2
    Welcome to the Family Zakk!
    I'm glad to see your proactive and transparent approach to building on this forum. Good on you brother! :cool:
  • Karec
    1st Welcome, 2nd Thx Zakk for your input and showing us what are your plans for the VLF forum, im glad to see someone wanting to continue Buds view and taking the steps to do it!
    All the best!
  • Bruce
    I am excited about the the renovation. I am glad to help with sharing my experiences.

    Peace, Love & Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • VLFZakk
    w00t thanks! I was using the forum for quite a few years, I'm stoked to help it grow =)

    Bruce, I really appreciate that you took the time to give feedback. It's more important than I think most people realize, and you voicing your opinion let me know that we could improve. If you ever have any comments feel free to reach out my dude!
  • Tdog420
    very excited you are taking over. I love this forum. Really the only one i use. Excited for new content.
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