I am deciding to sell off some of my most prized possessions. All of them have boxes and original accessories that came with and some extra added even. I cannot capture everything individually, so I have them all together. If you have any questions please inquire and message me. Everything is in excellent condition.Thank you for your interest.

    Items: grasshopper titanium, grasshopper stainless with performance tip, rbt splinter v2 maple, rbt splinter z birch, Milaana v2 cherry maple, Milaana v3 #73/500, Dynavap titanium with concentrate pad 2018 also comes with adapter for water pipes, Dynavap stainless 2019 standard, e-nano log vape comes with water pipe adapter for 18mm and long stem, air vape x Apollo blue, g43 with extra batteries/ stand/ everything else it came with also I have a battery charger for the 18650s if needed, DaVinci miqro with rubber guard and extra battery, davinci iq with carry case and glass inserts, high five duo concentrate rig, ghost mv1 x3 nickel each comes with original accessories and with extra accessories and batteries, stealth black mv1 same goes for it extra stuff included. First two who come gets the tray for extra crucible storage and the crucible to go with it. Fast charger comes with one of the nickel ones. Pax 2 and 3. Arizer air 2 with short and long stem and edds tnt wood mouth piece, arizer extreme q with enhanced bowls and hot joint grabber. Lotus butane vape with concentrate pad, carry case and water pipe adapter. Cloud Evo with glass stereo perc. Tubo evic black oxide wood with extra mouth pieces and cooling units. Sticky brick og cherry maple, flip brick for water pipes,

    Again if you have any questions please dm me. Serious offers only. Mostly every vape COMES with extra stuff. For example the the milaanas are coming with multiple mouth pieces some varied in length and cooling. I'm giving a s/s space case grinder with cloud Evo, and I have extra grinders to give out with some other vapes free. Carry bags for Milaanas and all sorts of other goodies. Sorry for the long write up. I am practically going to be giving them away so please dm for prices. I'll mention all the accessories that come with the device of interest.

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