• Gloeck79
    I'm absolutely loving my Elev8r. It's so simple, tastes absolutely delicious and great vape. I held off awhile with this vape, and now I feel foolish for waiting so long lol. Using ruby Pearl's only halfway maybe little less cause more makes it not work as well. I guess what I like about this vape is that the purity of it just keeps on chugging clouds too. No metals in the way or that would irritate your throat. What I like most is the taste and the fact it doesn't leave you with that itchy or dry throat. That's my opinion obviously, others might hate this vape or have different experiences with it, but I was shocked...lol.

    For concentrates, I am using the same setup with the PID controllers using a quartz banger and a coil to heat the Banger up. To me this is the best flavor or clouds if you want them for this setup. So with the Elev8r and quartz banger, the setup to me works.

    Portable Davinci IQ2 as it's truly portable and the IQ2 has perfected the shortcomings of the 1st one. I'm also waiting for my Grasshopper IO so we see about that...lol. I have had the Mighty and it's good, personally I feel they are a bit over priced. I can get as good taste with my IQ2 and use less materials using the spacers, that's my opinion though, it works for me.

    Anyone have anything wowing them or something they go to all the time?
  • Mangu
    flowerpot VROD! I had many capes before and a few after (including elev8r on coil) and honestly nothing compares to the direct power and efficiency and simplicity of the VROD. Too extractor IMO
  • Gloeck79
    I agree, it's an awesome vape. I had the VROD and it was great, but for some reason it left a taste in my mouth and that might be a personal issue as maybe I'm more sensitive to metals, if that's a thing...lol. No idea, but you can't go wrong with them, 100% agree. I personally like the feel of the Elev8r but it does take a bit longer to use. I feel the Elev8r is more of a session vape even though it's not, and the VROD is just a beast as you hit that and you can get tons of clouds...lol. I remember finishing a bowl off with the VROD in like 1 or 2 hits...lol.

    Now you're making me think should I get a flowerpot weedeater?...lol. I wonder if New Vape or Cannabis Hardware would make a quartz flowerpot weedeater or quartz VROD. Instead of the all metals if that makes any sense?...lol.
  • VapePerson
    I had a VROD in the past, it was okay. Honestly appreciate my terp torch more, although I have to sell her for money soon (and that hurts me), plus, I havent been vaping a lot recently. The microdosing in the TT is unparalleled.
  • Gloeck79
    I haven't tried the TT yet. Yeah I hear you, you have to do what you need to do. I'll combust a few times a week but my lungs can't handle too much combustion, I'll get that smokers cough...lol.
  • acstorfer
    I've just really been hitting my P-80 and Simrell with Flite as of late. Really doesn't get any better for me. I have a good collection of vapes, but those are my happy places.
  • Trackrat
    For me, you can't beat the divine tribe v4 for dabs
  • welshman
    VROD capped with a couple pearls and the two hole carb cap permanently on top for flower and 710coils 25mm deep dish banger and ruby insert for concentrates. Don’t really see any need for more devices, might upgrade to a 30mm deep dish at some point but no rush really
  • yqqwe
    i think Elev8r is quite good,but there are many good vaporizers too, such as Wismec Reuleaux RX200S, and Aleader Killer 80W
  • chaos191
    Same here as far as combustion goes I smoked I smoked a cone every day for the last every day for the last few days and and especially with my paralysis and paralysis and lungs not being very strong very strong I was coughing my I was coughing my lungs out when I laid down it's out when I laid down scary kind of actually kind of actually cause I was like choking on it almost the flem and couldn't get it up. Yuck :vomit:
  • Gloeck79
    Hey, have you tried the Grasshopper IOs new glass tip that goes on the end of the performance front end.


    Also check out the power kit for the Grasshopper IO, I have a forum post about it.
  • Alexis
    You know I can’t help feel it will forever disappoint me to always see these threads, dedicated medicinal and recreational vaporists all over shouting all the top vapes, but never if ever a mention of the most dome crushing tolerance cutting flower vape of all.
  • Gloeck79
    "the most dome crushing tolerance cutting flower vape of all". I'm not sure what you mean by post?

    It's all good, I just wasn't sure I understand what you meant.

    As far as the Grasshopper IO, so far, I absolutely love it with bong. Natively it's too hot, but it cranks crazy clouds without combusting it. I was so hesitant of getting one, and I finally ordered it on 420. Think been using close to 3-4 weeks and I haven't put it down.

    By far it's one of my favorite vapes. I'm always reaching for it at home (so far). Obviously this is just my opinion and user experience. I like it better than the Mighty, Davinci IQ2 (though I use IQ2 for travel), G43 (only because G43 is hard to clean, and mine broke etc), and Elev8r.

    I have been a long time skeptic of the Grasshopper OG and IO, I would recommend one for sure but knowing that it will be shipped 2-3 months later...lol.

    Anyway, let me know what you meant, curious :wink:.

    Not sure if you meant this, but did you mean no posts of the worst vapes ever had or used, like there is only best vape topics but no what was the worst vape topics?

    Also I always say use what works bests for you...lol.
  • Cl4ud3
    I think he means things like the Glass Symphony, Newvape Flowerpot, Herborizer Ti/Xl, De Verdamper, Sublimator. Big hitters or vaporizers that vape a lot of product quickly. Coil Elev8tr can be one I would suspect though.
  • Baron23
    Don’t forget the EVO. A heavy hitter IMO.
  • Gloeck79
    Thanks for the explanation :wink: Ahh, yes heavy hitters can definitely go through your stuff quickly and those you listed, I have definitely have hit the Newvape VROD with 1 or 2 puffs...lol. Was like wow...lol. I do find it's all about the right temps and figuring out your own sweet spots. There all good vapes, some a bit expensive though.

    I absolutely agree, the EVO is definitely up there too. The EVO I liked better with concentrates, the screen for dry was fine, I just liked the wow factor of the concentrates when using it...lol. I'm on the quartz coil banger system though, I just think its easier to maintain IMO.

    I wonder if this site could do a compilation of all the top 10-20 vapes that this forum ranks by us the community, then do a top 10 of the worst vapes. I don't have the time to do that, but I have seen some great videos out there that users have posted on here. Might be cool to collect some of the videos people posted of past or present of the vapes in use. Maybe have a polling system and list the top vapes and people vote on them. Once data collected, can go collect videos of older or newer posts of the vapes so others can see them and how they work. Say by using some of Buds videos and others etc.

    Just a thought if anyone bored and has time...lol.
  • Alexis
    @Gloeck79 hi. I gave nothing away there, I usually try to make my gist and angle very transparent, at least to make sure nobody takes anything personally.

    I was a little blank and blunt there, but not one zilch in anger or objection.

    I purposely did not elaborate also. Not to play games, it just felt suitable in line with the pint I was making, as I was curious partly who would understand exactly what I was alluring to, and to confirm that 99% of people here will likely have no idea which particular desktop I was referring to being left out all the time when IME and IMO hits better and produces a stronger, deeper, more elevating and longer lasting high from flower alone, but like I say is only mentioned 0.1% as often, if that, as the FP, Herborizers, Elev8r, Evo, (glass symphony is difficult to bring onto the map really, so few out there and no inventor to be found who I personally hope is still simply breathing and hopefully doing well).

    And I would have put money on two members here having a good idea which vape I refer to which I’m forever bemused to see such an absence of fully deserved hype for, the observant legends @Cl4ud3 and @Baron23 .

    Baron didn’t say but I’m sure would guess good, he knows me better than most. Claude is right on the money, he said the word, but doesn’t just presume.

    The Verdamper. Stick stones has admitted to me, hands down, no other vape he has ever used has been capable of getting him so high on flower alone, with the greatest ceiling high potential, biggest hit, fastest extraction and 0-60 potential.

    I was saying to him years ago, he wants to try one. Bud too. The Verdamper was, apart from big and bulky, but really not though, it’s only about 10 inches wide, you can use a whip, or remove the extending glass mouthpiece, and you only need a ceiling of 3 foot max to be able to vertically fit and operate one.

    I really hoped Bud would try it one day. It’s the only vape that I believe would basically remove any desire or need to actually SMOKE weed as well, for super high tolerators for whom vaping never gives enough.

    I only didn’t use a verdamper every single day, morning, noon and night, because my allergenic airways are too sensitive to it and 90% plus of others.

    I have images of an allergy free body, desert island bliss with mountains of ganja and a solar powered verdamper. Sunny days!

    @Gloeck79 thanks for expressing the curiosity to ask, I hoped somebody would. Because I’m not uninformed and that was a fairly grand statement. If no eyelid bats then it does concern me, so I’m glad you did ask and even more so to answer.

    It’s the only vape I really salivate in excitement about, despite accepting I just can’t do it.

    But, a friend has one, he bust the glass mouthpiece years ago never touched it.

    He’s a full time roofer, kids, grows, sells weed, CBD work and all pies.

    Real hardcore longterm stoner, bongs, dabs, spliffs, blunts, edibles etc etc,

    Years ago, he tried another friend’s verdamper the first time. He told me he had never ever been so wasted and buzzed up on cannabis in his life.

    It supersedes the effect from smoking, and any other flower vape too.

    He doesn’t use it because it’s just too heavy for his lifestyle. The Verdamper will really keep you in bed longer, waking up feeling pretty high until gone midday was normal.

    So many people have confirmed this. I’ve seen members spend years on FC searching their dream vape. After me luring them the Verdamper their way, they often make their final post, emphatically declaring heavenly contentment and death of VAS at last.

    I’ve never seen them post there again lol!

    Verdamper users in the wild are very quiet no VAS. Just contented going about their lives.

    The coil Elev8r I won’t ever even bring up, except to make this specific point.
  • Cl4ud3
    Not saying the Glass Symphony is on an equal level with De Verdamper but I don't think it's worlds apart. I don't think Jerry got to try one, the only one over on FC I know of who did would be Stu. For me it was like dabbing but with flower, you know how good it was at extraction due to the balls.
    Saying that there is a lot of hype around some of the big ones that always seemed a bit far fetched to me, think "Beyond vaporization" that the Sublimator guy liked to throw around. I would also think that it all depends on your tolerance. I might have been a bit over indulgent at one point but after having to swap to CBD for a year I would bet some vapes that I found to be way too mild would now put me on my ass. The GS would probably kill me.

    I'm still only using a log vape for the last few months as it's easy for me to have on the desk and powered on most of the day. How times have changed.
  • Alexis
    hi Claude. Jerry definitely has one. He rates it, I asked him straight out, hand on heart, if he has ever known another vaporizer with a higher potential ceiling high than the Verdamper.

    My exact inquiry.

    Nope. He said, and detailed how he can’t remember being so fucked up off of flower.

    Outside of Stu perhaps, and even including Bud, .I can’t think of many we know who have tried more devices than Lazylathe.

    He finally found a Verdamper a few years ago, and has stated it hits harder and higher than any other vape in his collection.

    But I just go by own experience. Of all the vapes I’ve personally tried, none come close the Verdamper for just what an experience it makes of cannabis.

    So it seems wrong that the whole community is predominantly unaware, let alone unfocussed on this special age old creation.

    Edit- sorry Claude I’m stoned, with you know you meant Jerry never tried the GS.

    So Stu STILL needs a Verdamper then? Though he may well have tried Jerry’s or will at a point.
  • Cl4ud3
    Didn't realise Jerry had a GS, though I don't watch his Youtube stuff or anything, hadn't seen him with one on IG or on FC hence my comment.
    Wasn't there a Mexican knockoff of De Verdamper around ? maybe popped up in the last 2 years, I'm sure someone linked it here at one time.
  • Alexis
    haha, we’ve crossed wires twice now. You just beat me. Clarified above.

    I never heard of the Mexican Knockoff Verdamper. If I bought one again I’d get the real deal.

    The Vriptech Heat Wand is the only one really I am intrigued to try, would own right now if it wasn’t so expensive all round from US and so breakable.

    The Verdamper is very easy to look after.
  • welshman
    I’ve not tried them side by side but I’ve tried the verdamper in a coffee shop, sublimator and have a flowerpot and tbh in a blind test I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

    @Alexis Maybe you should look at the vaporlaborioum or whatever it’s called on fc as that basically looks like an even bigger verdamper with an all glass air path
  • Baron23
    bigger verdamperwelshman

    Bigger...bigger than this? LOL

  • Gloeck79
    Well, I have only started vaping like 5 years give or take few years. I've been a long time combustion user though lol.

    I try and get information and ask questions. Only way we as a community can learn from one another and from your experiences with others on these forums, I feel it's only positive by asking or seeing what others like.

    We all learn from everyone and the Verdamper, I have never tried. It looks very similar as concept not look to the G43, and same concepts as some others too, as maybe they bit off of the Verdamper (maybe not sure, I plead ignorantas I don't know...lol). I'll have to see if I can try it one day if I ever see it. Also the De Verdamper, is that the samething or knock off?

    I'm all about finding the best vapes that are clean and healthy. I got tired of a lot of metals in the vapes or even metal vapes using titanium etc to heat your materials. Why the Elev8r for the price as you can make self too, works as the metal never hits the material. I also look for costs, and the Herbalizer (high priced) I have never tried.

    If the Verdamper is so great, I'm all about the conversation of it and to learn about it. I actually appreciate the reference about it so I can research that vape too.

    We all can't know everything that's out there and we all have varying needs to fill for our vape needs too.

    Great conversation too, it's all about debating and learning from one another.

    Keep smoking, I know I will be, gonna have some Sonny G and press a nug for a nice dab, and then I'm gonna smoke the dry I pressed while I'm at it...lol.
  • Alexis
    Watch This at minute….1:51:44, Jerry shows exactly what the Verdamper is all about.

    Finally, somebody of real credibility doing it full due service.

  • welshman

    Not quite but still a bit ridiculous :lol:
  • Gloeck79
    Haha...that thing is huge...lol. I saw one comment said its like a terp torch on steroids...lol. Crazy, but a good crazy :wink:.

    Joking when I say this, used for colonoscopies?...lol. All jokes aside, that thing looks insane and I'm sure that will put you out or knock you out...lol.
  • chaos191
    Yeeeeeeeeeees... I'm glad you are loving your GHIO, I thought that you would. I've had mine around 1 your and is has gotten daily use and not 1 problem at all. It's also my heavy pretty much! :blush:
  • Gloeck79
    Yup. Click it and rip it...lol. Me too, only thing bothering me, is they sent me the IO but no ID code, so I can't register it online for their warranty. I emailed them 3x already and last one I said please respond so I don't have to report you to the BBB because your product is amazing. Its would be ashame for me to do so as I love the product. Its not ethical business wise to not honor your life time warranty by not ethically putting the ID code on the box. So, I'm hoping they respond back, I told them the box was dirty and now plastic wrapping on it, plus the plastic piece that held the IO was a bit dirty.

    The problem with all of this, is smells wrong. They might be selling refurbished units by not having the ID code. You can buy the top part separately so they could be trying to cut cost by sending refurbished units. I'm not saying this is true or the case, but when a company sends units out and customers need the ID and Serial ID # to verify for the warranty and they don't send the ID code, well that puts ideas in customers heads.

    This is called a bad Stigma, this company needs a new marketing person to rebrand their product to prevent these simple issues. I wish companies could hire people like me (not that I know all or could fix their problems, but I am in the marketing and business world and know about branding. Also I'm sure there are others out there much better than me at this .) or proper management/competent employees.

    As bad as these back end is, the product is really good, please fix this Grasshopper IO. Also, they need a new mouthpiece, very simple fix, cut the end of it to where it meets the screen of mouthpiece then add a magnetic glass stem with dimples in it to make it easier for native hits. When not native take magnetic glass stem off and put in bong like usual. Anyone can get in contact with IO tell them easy fixes lol.

    Anyway I know I can be long winded, but my gripe with the IO, product amazing, business not so good, though I got mine in a bit over 1 month when I purchased it on 420 sales. I'm also missing my steel case that I ordered...lol.
  • Gloeck79
    wow, crazy, in a good way of course...lol.
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