• Gloeck79
    Here's the link, go to 9:39 min for the Mighty + commercial and specs and overview are after the commercial @ 10:40;

  • Cl4ud3
    https://forum.vapelife.com/discussion/6785/mighty-plus-picture-leak Guess that video is where the leaked photos came from last time.
  • Chaotix
    See I did not see that I was looking where the hell it came from. I did watch that video of the CEO confirming they are working on one which was five months ago. I think that video was posted here it’s 33 minutes long and it’s them saying they’re getting much much bigger
  • Chaotix

    I would really like to know when they will release this because after getting tired of trying out new ones to find one that’s better I just want them to make it better already.

    The CEO in that video literally says that when they release the new mighty it should not leave open any wishes
  • Knisterminister
    can't confirm if real or not but what you see is a private video,
    cut in front of a rap video,
    where a friend is making fun of the rapper.

    The rapper (Marteria) is a very weed affine person and he is
    famous enough to build up connections to S&B.

    The "Mighty+" gets a slow-mo closeup so everyone can recognize.
    Would be weird to show off some fake in this scenario.

    Although i'm quite disappointed from what i see.
  • Chaotix
    nah.... not a private video.

    a music video.

    with a really sharp image of the thing. would be possible to put in red buttons but why hasn't anybody? ;-)

    oh, here the link, at 10 sec
  • Chaotix
    i just noticed the cooling design is not straight like the current mighy....
  • Bruce
    All I ask for in the Mighty I am only buying vapes with micro USB, or hopefully Micro USB C.
    If the Mighty has this I am in 100%.

    Peace, Love & Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Mangu
    lol! Can’t help but think you’re setting yourself up for disappointment here :lol:
  • HomerSchwag
    Jürgen Bickel showing off the Mighty+ on Instagram.
  • Chaotix
    So it is Happening. Friday at 6 pm CET.

    Even though we basically knew it all this time: will Friday be the day I’ll be replacing my mighty the tank of all tanks the top of the line with something better??

    WILL I ??
  • HomerSchwag
    It’s happening Thursday not Friday FYI.
  • Chaotix
    So it’s gonna be a mighty plus for sure as they’re showing it off in this pre video. Well at least it will stand
  • VLFZakk
    I am super stoked.
  • Chaotix
    Finally USB C

    thank you faster charging omg
  • Chaotix
    They listened. Available September 23
  • Chaotix
    398 Euro straight from the beautiful factory.

    Which comes out to 470$ and their factory is literally a 3 hour drive away. Does that make sense to anybody?

    If I can get a 70$ flight to the US then I still break even. I knew I’d be paying for USB-C somehow someday
  • mmx
    So the main upgrades are: USB C charging, boost function

    Design - curves and mighty can stand.

    Why no battery upgrade... I'm not saying the battery is bad on Mighty, but in the end with adding that boost function, they could at least do another improvement on battery life (add another 20% or more and school the shit out).

    Oh yeah got it, they will do that in the upcoming years :grin:
  • Gonzo
    They also reduced the heat up time to 1 minute
  • Baron23
    I'm overwhelmed by S&B's massive innovation they incorporated in the +

  • Bruce
    Exciting. I love the Crafty Plus they really tuned things up.

    The Mighty with USB -C, Replaceable battery.... with the pods, that's an amazing experience.

    ✌ Peace ❤ Love, Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Baron23
    Bruce....there is, I believe, no replaceable battery.

    They added USB-C, I believe I heard that they coated the aluminum in the bowl with ceramic...or its all ceramic, they sped up heating time, and apparently they made the bottom flat so it can stand up.

    I find these to be minor incremental product improvements and personally I'm underwhelmed.

  • PuffItUp
    Correct about the battery, from a liability standpoint I doubt SB will ever do that, especially with having a medical status in CA

    Here's my list from the keynotes:

    new materials
    (med grade plastic resistant to chemicals and heat that's designed for medical devices housings)
    filling chamber ceramic coating
    curved fin design
    orange buttons and logo
    added fins on the bottom to allow it to stand
    heater reduced in mass to make it more efficient
    super boost via triple click like crafty plus
    USB-C charging with super charge
    45 watt power draw
    pass through charging
    charge to 80% in 40 minutes

    On Instagram they said they improved the display
  • henrylefleur
    On Instagram they said they improved the displayPuffItUp

    Nowhere to go but up.
  • Bruce
    I would have gone with the Mighty over the Crafty a long time ago if it there was USB charger. I am happy they made it faster. My only complaint this upgrade is a long time waiting. But its worth it as a great buy however, I am not going to switch from my Crafty Plus.

    Looking forward to seeing it.

    Is there an app?

    Peace, Love & Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Baron23
    Is there an app?Bruce

    Dunno.....my Mighty is still going strong so I'm not immediately interested in upgrading it to a +

    Still like the Mighty a great deal and still think its a dead simple vape to use....no technique...if you can inhale, you can vape with it.

  • To the Cloud
    LOL was this picture on their social media ?
  • To the Cloud
    Anyone know anything about what the packaging is going to look like ? Kind of a bummer they are increasing the price , when the Crafty+ came out it styed the same price. On the site is looks like they removed the grinder and filling aid.
  • HomerSchwag

    It was posted on Jürgen Bickel’s personal IG page.
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