• PuffItUp
    Hopefully smaller, I'd be glad to see no filling aid or grinder (unpopular opinion) they just became wasted space. It was weird recycling a brand new item lol
  • Gonzo
    I agree, I only use dosing capsules in my mighty/crafty so have no need for the filling aid or grinder. I will say that I don't use my mighty as much as my crafty only because it takes so long to heat up....so the update they made for quicker heat up is much more appealing in that regard.
  • To the Cloud
    yeah totally agree. I heard on the Crafty+ it was to make the packaging less bulky , thus less costly to ship and store and then the cost of the grinder and filling aid itself.
  • Mangu
    I guess that’s ok lol. Nobody really wants to be wasteful...These incremental savings should reflect in the cost to customer though...
  • mmx
    new materials
    (med grade plastic resistant to chemicals and heat that's designed for medical devices housings)
    filling chamber ceramic coating

    Everybody is mentioning as the main upgrade this filling chamber ceramic coating. What kind of chamber is on normal Mighty then if not ceramic?
  • mmx
    and now on Mighty+ this aluminum is coated in ceramic? Thanks :)
  • PuffItUp
    I don't think so, I think just the top part is coated ceramic. No idea what it used to be
  • HomerSchwag

    Chamber is ceramic coated, top section looks unchanged.
  • PuffItUp
    Interesting, I'll have to rewatch the videos
  • Mangu
    but What gives with this new “medical grade plastic material”...now i can’t help but question what type of plastic was being used in the original Mighty???
  • Baron23
    haha…beats the fuck out of me.

    I’ve never had an issue w my Mighty’s plastic bits. TBH, I didn’t ever have an issue w the bowl material either.

    I would have been happy w replaceable batteries (which we didn’t get), a flat bottom, and faster heat up time.

    But they haven’t offered me a position in their prod mng dept so my views don’t swing any weight w S&B lol
  • PuffItUp
    Faster heat up time is there hahha, and usb c which is nice

    it was PEEK

    Saw Sneakypete post a video of the chamber today, makes a lot more sense!
  • Mangu
    Hey ! That’s great. But my point is this: isn’t PEEK already “a med grade plastic resistant to chemicals and heat that's designed for medical devices housings“? How is the new plastic an “upgrade”? Just wondering why they felt the need to switch at all? Did the PEEK become less safe for medical applications or less resistant to chemicals and heat?
  • PuffItUp
    PEEK hasn't changed in properties, but it has gotten quite a bit more expensive to manufacturer with, and there are constantly shortages. That might be partially why.

    They may have found a plastic that has even better properties, I don't know. That's a great question to ask them I suppose
  • rft360
    Got my mighty+ today

    features that are not listed but asked a rep about are.
    better draw stem size (wider)
    improved screen
    redesigned metal screens
    lighter in weight than the original by 15%
    new picking tool design.
    things not answered is they give you a usb type c to usb cable i wonder if i can charge it with my super usb type c charger... and if that improves it ill post some videos and reviews when i get it bros!
  • PuffItUp
    Enjoy man! I'd ask support if you can use a super charger before you try that
  • rft360
    oh i will just waiting on their response love your store btw!!!!
  • Derek
    Any discounts out there for this I want one
  • ShayWhiteGrow
    20% off brings it to like $340 shipped...
    S&B USA site
  • Gloeck79
    The real question is, if you have a Mighty or the Crafty +, does it make sense to buy a new Mighty + or the Crafty ++...lol. To me I don't see any real big upgrades that makes me want to go buy this or upgrade the Mighty I have...lol. IMO, I'm a bit disappointed again with no real upgrades or anything that's wowing me.
  • mmx
    Yep, no vow factor for me too. Was waiting for this upgrade, but I will go with the "old" version. Found a great deal for Mighty - 208 eur with 5 years warranty lol.
  • rft360
    i have two mightys one i use when i go to work and another when i stay home and i can tell you if i can have a mighty with a usb type c that in itself would be a big deal for me less things to carry i can use my google pixel charger with it. The other thing i understand is faster charge time and the bowl is now ceramic coated.
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