• Bud
    Just posted my DaVinci IQ review video, I like it!

  • Jeff
    Great review!! I see your point on the ball...wonder if they'll sell extras in case you lose it. Big question.....PAX 3 or Davinci IQ?? They're obviously targeting the same market it seems and they could just make a dent...
  • JamesTiberiusKirk
    My main question at this point is: Is it easy to keep clean? And when needing to do a thorough cleaning is it a hassle, or time consuming?

    I really like my firefly2 for several reasons, but the simplicity of keeping it clean, and giving it a complete cleaning is a major plus for me. But I like the portability of the DaVinci IQ.

    I have a Pax2 as well, and like it, but I find cleaning, and keeping it clean a chore.

    Thanks Bud!
  • Big O
    I have owned about 5 pocket vapes over the past 5 years. The Accent was my second vape I've ever owned. It took a minute to get used to and truly understand how to use it to its fullest. Plus it took a minute for davinci to fix issues like adding a glass spacer for the bowl because folks like me smoke alone most the time and don't need to a full load. Originally that wasn't possible which was a downer, but that spacer change was great. I lost my Accent while traveling one day and have been trying few others since. What I've come to see is that Davinci made one hell of a unit. I did hate the cleaning process and the glass was hell because it would break, but the functionality the hit the longevity where all top notch. Now I see they have stepped their game up again. With all the features and changes plus adding a 10 year warranty makes this the new standard in today's vapes. I see folks say they like their firefly 2 but I also read how the battery life and constant need to do warranty exchanges are real issues. I can't wait to get my Q because it will be the last vape I but for a long time.
  • mrluther
    Right in the price point of the Pax 3....hmmmm
  • Alex Hand
    Do you feel there are any advantages to conduction vapes now that convection is in the game? I think that's what is so popular about the Grasshopper and Firefly. Being able to heat on demand and have a session be as short as one hit without wasting any material, vaping the material more evenly, etc. It just seems backwards to me when new vapes are coming out still using conduction heat, especially the PAX 3, which I expected to be state of the art because they're so competitive.
  • JamesTiberiusKirk
    You make a good point Alex. Perhaps conduction vapes produce better clouds, but they are wasteful if you are not going to complete a "session". I am not a 10 minute session user, not that there is anything with being a session person. I just am more a reach a comfortable plateau and stop. Repeat as needed vapor user.

    I still find the IQ intriguing. I have lots of conduction vapes, the MFLB being my favorite. If the IQ quickly dissipates the conduction heat that would be a plus.
  • Jeff
    I think that ball can unscrew so it acts like a spacer as you can position it deeper into the oven which would make it possible to vape smaller loads....same as the PAX 3 with the new oven lid.
  • Dogster
    @VapeCritic - I have been waiting for a review of the IQ, thanks Bud.

    I wonder if you can turn it on, boost it, take a few draws - turn if off. Come back and do that a few more times making it an on demand, individual throughout the day use? Did you experience any noteworthy difference in more flavor with less temperature?
  • dontmindme
    Is it possible to leave the herb chamber empty and compensate the temp to convect the flavor chamber? Prob not but it would've been cool.
  • Baron23
    Thanks Bud...good review.

    But I wonder, why the objection to the ball on the oven lid. I gather its there to press your load in and seal the oven. It may be removable but is there any reason you think it would be easy to lose...easier than losing say a Linx Zero mouthpiece, for example? We all have vapes with small parts that, if removed can be lost. Is there something particularly fraught about the ball?

    Have you tried the IQ with partial loads...2/3's, 1/2 perhaps? If so, did you manually tamp and how did it work with smaller loads?

    Also, to Alex....in my mind conduction has gotten an undeserved bad rap. It works, it works well without a lot of user body english, and it works consistently in my experience. I have a GH and love it. But I do come back to my conduction vapes and when I do I remember why I like them so much. Yep, not the best for "one and done hitting" nor the most efficient in general with your herb, but it certainly works well and is, in my mind at least, still a very valid tech approach.
  • Hubrkn
    I'm curious to know if it emits an odor. I know all vapes do, but is it a strong odor?
  • Magicman
    This looks awesome!

  • DomIke
    made me more curios then the pax 3! Flavor against crafty, any comparission!?
  • Alex Hand
    I forgot about the MFLB. That's one of the only other pocket vapes to nail the on-demand heat thing and it was one of vape critic's fav's for a while, if I remember correctly. I don't like having to take multiple pieces like the external battery it requires, which is why I bought a V2 Pro S3. It works, it's portable and easy, but the battery life isn't great and there are no customizable heat settings and there is plastic in the vapor path. I ordered a Grasshopper last January (I'm STILL waiting for even an address confirmation from them, and losing hope that I'll be able to use it more than a month before I have to send it in for warranty when it does come, based on the Reddit community's posts).
  • Hitz
    Awesome review that IQ looks TIGHT!
  • Bud
    Great questions and thanks guys!!


    I should have explained a little more in the review but here's the deal...

    The ball has a small hole in the bottom and is threaded inside, and there's a little tiny silicone post sticking out of the oven lid.

    This silicone post is actually not stiff, it's flexible, and there's threads on it but since it's not stiff I haven't found the threads to be particularly effective at keeping the ball attached indefinitely, it's possible for it to come loose when brushing it off and/or just through repeated oven use.

    I think the idea was for this to maybe act as an oven spacer, but it is not really effective like that, there's only a few millimeter difference between the ball being fully screwed in and it being extended the farthest out.

    So the ball never really goes that far inside the oven, and I actually do not recommend leaving the ball on just a few threads (extended) because it makes it even easier to fall off and lose.

    I still recommend fully packing the oven to the top rim and packing it firm, and then when you close the ovel lid the zirconia ball applies a tiny bit of pressure to your herb (just a tad) and seals the oven better for the 360 heating.

    So in my personal opinion I feel that the ball should NOT be removeable or adjustable and should instead be permanently affixed to the lid, which would remove my CON of being able to lose it.

    But I like that it applies a tiny bit of pressure to the top of your herb because I've always wondered why more conduction vapes aren't designed to do that (keep herb firm in oven).

    The capacity of the oven is approx 0.3g and it definitely works best when you grind fine, pack it full, and pack it tight. It'll work if you half pack it and tamp it down really good in there, but it's not quite as effective and the experience isn't quite as good as when you have a full chamber.
  • Bud
    I normally don't get ahead of myself before doing my full review, but since I think it's a very relevant and important question... IQ > PAX3 in most areas so far.
  • Bud
    yes it's fairly easy to keep clean, if you remember to empty and brush out your oven after each session while it's still warm you'll be able to go quite a while before it'll need a cleaning.

    The whole loading zone and even the oven is easy to wipe clean with an iso-dampened cotton swab.

    However, it must be the specific way they designed their ceramic chamber, but I've noticed the oven developing residue on it at a faster rate than most other vapes.

    Some of this residue does not easily come off with the ISO cotton swab and will require more scrubbing, and I've noticed that I haven't been able to get my oven 100% clean like new, it's got a sticky wall lining (or 'glaze' is I believe how they put it).
  • Bud
    yes conduction and convection vapes definitely have their own set of pros and cons, and there are cases where conduction makes more sense and works better for people.

    In general, conduction is more forgiving, it's easier to get good results and get consistent results.

    Convection usually requires a little more finesse. usually involves a degree of manual heating, you usually need to take much longer hits, and is not as forgiving (you can combust your herb for example if overheated).

    Most people will agree that the effects from convection are different than conduction, and most would say that convection is better at giving you the real true experience of your herb. I personally find convection to give me a little more of the "heady" buzz I look for, it seems to stimulate my brain juices more. But there are plenty of scenarios where I would grab my IQ before leaving the house instead of say my Crafty, so I still think it's cool to have both types if possible.

    With conduction vapes like the IQ or the PAX you can take a 3 second draw and exhale a cloud of vapor. If you take a 3 second draw with a FF2 or Grasshopper you typically get very little, the herb hasn't had a chance to vaporize yet.

    If you hand someone an IQ who doesn't have experience with vapes they'll still be able to blow out a cloud on the first try, whereas if you hand the same person a FF2... it's a toss up.
  • Bud
    you definitely can use it like that with short burts of boost mode but what you may sacrifice doing this is some of the flavor and it won't be quite as smooth after the first sesh.
  • Bud
    hmmm interesting thought, I haven't tried it but I'm not sure it gets hot enough in the flavor chamber, I was thinking what would be cool is to find herbs that vape at lower temps than bud, like maybe 250-300 degrees, and put those in there since that's probably roughly the temp in there, but I'd have to test to confirm.
  • Bud
    it does emit odor but it's not that bad at all and it smells less than the Pax which is one of the more smelly ones
  • Bud
    flavor is different than Crafty but it's very very good for a conduction vape, it's still top-tier flavor-wise out of all portables.
  • Bud
    thanks its a good one!
  • Bud
    Got your question about the Flavor Chamber purpose -

    The main purpose to me is just to have a removeable vapor path to make it super easy to keep clean.

    But it also is designed to help cool and soften the vapor before it reaches the mouthpiece, and it seems to do a great job because I haven't noticed harsh vapor at all with this one (I never vape above 400 degress though).

    A secondary purpose is to use it as an "air path infuser", basically meaning you can put more bud in there (or other herbs) that will get "infused" with whatever you're vaping in the oven 8-)

    So more specifically what you can do is put a couple of small buds in the flavor chamber - don't grind these - just press it in as a whole nug. Be careful not to completely close the air path, keep it fluffy in there, but you also don't want any loose particles in there because they can travel up into the mouthpiece and get stuck.

    Then load your oven as you normally would with ground up herb and vape a whole session (or two).

    As the vapor travels through the flavor chamber some of it will stick to the buds in there and the rest will make its way through to the mouthpiece.

    Whatever gets stuck on the buds is of course not lost because now you have super concentrated herb in the flavor chamber that you can take out and vape for a stronger-than-usual experience (Y)
  • Baron23
    A secondary purpose is to use it as an "air path infuser", basically meaning you can put more bud in there (or other herbs) that will get "infused" with whatever you're vaping in the oven 8-)VapeCritic

    Oh my, not the chamber pipe again! LOL

    Back in the day there were a lot of metal pipes being made with a chamber, or multiple chambers, or add as many chambers as you like and make it look like a peace pipe. I'm talking last 60's and early 70's. Apparently, they are still being made.


    I thought that concept died the death it deserved. The chamber bud that came out was hard hitting but a sticky, crappy tasting mess. Maybe it would be better with vaping rather than smoke, but I thought it was a bit gimick then and...well, sort of still do.

    But I do like the cooling path and the zerconia ceramic of the Flavor Chamber. Very neat.

  • Bud
    Also I will personally send a FREE SPARE BATTERY to all forum members who buy the IQ through my referral link, all you gotta do is PM me with your order#. (U.S. only for the free battery I'm sorry!!!)
  • Big O
    You got me with the spare battery! Are they offering separate charging option for spare battery?
  • Chandler
    @VapeCritic i'm not sure if you answered this question, but how many ten min. sessions could you get on a full charge? can the unit endure back to back to back sessions till exhaustion without worrying about overheating? (is that too much to ask)? does it ever get hot to handle?...

    i dont know, but this portable sounds like a crafty killer. top tier flavor, discreet, quick heat up, replaceable long lasting battery, innovative tech, 10 year warranty. boom

    ahhhh. VAS. since passing on a FF2 earlier this summer, i've been waiting for something to pique my interest.... replaceable battery is icing on top of the cake. i dont think i'll purchase another battery powered vape without replaceable batteries. Also, at 279$ USD that converts to about 366 CAD. thats pretty steep. A little less than what i paid for my Crafty almost 2 years ago... but i'd rather pay the premium for a premium device with above average warranty.
  • Vincent
    Was just about to ask you for your referral link, but just found it: http://www.vapecritic.com/vaporizers/shop/iq/

    Edit: preordered! I'll PM you when I get it!
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