• MisterWeed
    And unlike Ascent, they don't claim that this does extracts, right?
  • PicturesofPot

    Correct, it's marketed as dry herb only.

    Just ordered a blue one. Wasn't excited about another conduction vape but if the flavor is as good as VC says combined with replacable batteries it's gonna be a winner for sure.
  • Dogster
    I ordered an IQ with some of the same ideas for using it as you. It looks like it's not designed for micro dosing though. I wondered if using a concentrate pad under herb would help by reducing the herb in the oven. Or placing the pad on top? Bud may look into that.

    By the way, Bud has already shipped my extra battery. It looks like it's going to arrive before the Vape, so I will have an extra ready to Rock. Bud, you are the man.
  • Atalata
    Very interested in this vape. Does it also begin shipping to the UK on October 31st, or will there be some sort of delay?
  • Collegekid
    Soooo that session @VapeCritic did outside, did he enhance the camera in any way to make the clouds more visible? Because if that was all natural then this thing is a truly portable beast and I need to place my order yesterday >:O

    Also, I dont think this wasn't mentioned in the video, but how is the need to stir as far as even heating and full extraction goes? Does the shape of the oven/heating eliminate the need to stir or is it at least a "stir between sessions" kind of vape?
  • Steteve-o

    Thank you for the word. I was thinking the same thing, like a glass spacer? I wonder if ex-small glass screens (jacks) would work? I'm getting ready to order one when in stock however, I wish they wouild have thought of this prior to release. Such a simple fix in R&D? Pax showed everyone how to think like an end user? I don't get it.
  • nickbashans
    Are you gonna do a side by side video of IQ and the Pax 3? Having a hard time choosing. Big fan of the comparison videos and these seem to match up good.
  • PicturesofPot

    From the first page he said:

    "I normally don't get ahead of myself before doing my full review, but since I think it's a very relevant and important question... IQ > PAX3 in most areas so far. "
  • Atalata
    Does anyone know if the outer body of this thing is plastic? or metal
  • dontmindme
    Is there a reason why vapecritic is the only person in the wild with a davinci iq? Would expect the product to have more reviews by now for marketing purposes. I hope this vaporizer got feedback from the public with beta testers.

    where is the air intake on the iq? Starting to not like the idea of having silicone seal so close to the bottom of the oven and the pearl constantly rubbing on it. Don't know how hot the pearl or the bottom of the oven get though.

    Think I might have to cancel my preorder. Not even their own support on the phone or on Fc know much about their device. And the nice dude that answers their phone doesn't even have or used one. Things just seem strange.
  • Magicman
    vape critic is mark zuckerberg of vaping. he in way before it was a thing. manufacturers would be stupid not to send him the first model off the line. he makes them all crazy cash, or at times evens steps on their throats.
  • dontmindme
    I like his reviews but wish they'd apply some of his input before the first generation units are manufactured. This isn't an attack on him but more so on why there's so little people with actual experience with this device and voiced it.
  • PicturesofPot

    On FuckCombustion Davinci said that they would be making some changes to the final release units based on what VC and others told them.
  • arbo23
    Im not sure if someone already said it but the ball in the oven also helps with heating up the the bud in some way. im not 100% clear on the exact use but i know it is more than just packing in the product if u do find out what it does let us know for sure lol
  • Chandler
    Another Review


    I look forward to seeing 'normal' everyday user response to this vape!
  • dontmindme
    At around 3:15 there's that oven staining mentioned by bud.

    There's probably more to say over time. Hopefully their warranty warrants that.
  • jnick
    First time poster longtime lurker,I see on the IQ web-sight they offer a 10mm glass water attachment? Just curious if you have used it and how it works? Bud thanks for all that you do,,, stay up
  • Baron23
    If you look in the picture just above (posted by Chandler) you will see the10 mm adapter. Its really an extended mouthpiece/WP adapter.

    There is a second, flush mouthpiece also provided in the kit (rather like sucking on a Pax, yeah?)

  • PicturesofPot
    Asked Davinci when my Oct 26th pre-order would ship and was told 5-7 business days, maybe sooner.
  • Nacho257
    hope it's sooner! That's still not bad though, I hate how people in other places have freaked the fuck out that theirs didn't ship EXACTLY on the 31st or that someone who pre-ordered after them shipped. They have delivered on their promise to START shipping, and we'll all have them in a week, two max it sounds like. Rant over.
  • Jeff
    perhaps some are scarred from previous experiences (grasshopper...grasshopper...grasshopper) and notice that their website specifically says "first come first serve for pre-orders of the IQ" and then they see others get theirs who are two weeks later in the queue....just sayin'
  • Nacho257
    I definitely understand that sentiment, my main point is that it's been 2 days, not really a huge red flag IMO. Now if we were a week out and the situation was the same, definitely.
  • Lovert
    My question is this. One: It looks like there is a water adapter under the accessories tab on the davinci website. What is that and have you used it. Second have you tried it with packing cylinder with less? I imagine that it affects the vaporization process. Its just that I might want to less than the whole cylinder and from my understanding once you fire it up the cannabis needs to be vaped otherwise it is wasted.
  • Upinsmoke
    Just got my Davinci IQ -- out of the box it won't turn on. Shipped with dead battery? Charging up now......
  • Al Vaper
    Nice answers Vape Critic
  • Chaotix
    you're looking for the Mighty. Had a Crafty and can compare them. Mighty. Seriously.
  • zelucas
    Hello, how are you ? If I fill the taste chamber and leave the oven empty, does the IQ become a convection vaporizer?
  • dontmindme
    I wouldnt try that.
  • Baron23
    No, it does not work that way. The "taste chamber' is only for soaking herb in resin from the vapor path and to add a bit of flavor if you want to put some sort of flavorful botanical in there, but you cannot vape from the Taste Chamber.
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