• WillaDog
    You know, mouthpieces, bubblers, etc.! Thanks!
  • Cl4ud3
    Surprised nobody had any input for you here. There are third party glass mouthpieces but not sure if they are worth it in the end. Dosing capsules can be handy, you can also get a filling kit for those but it's a bit expensive for what it is. Dosing cap holder or the magazine are quite inexpensive though.
  • PuffItUp
    Mighty stand, WPA, dosing capsules, and the xmax starry WPA are my favorites :D
  • Bruce
    There is a WPA, that I purchased from puffitup.com . Very inexpensive, works great with my crafty plus. On high tempts it hits like a hammer and lasts a long time. I waited to drive 6 hours until it completly ran its course. Dosing capsules is where its at.
  • birdplane
    Hmm. Maybe just some spare cooling units would be an upgrade. The mighty's already pretty legit :)
  • birdplane
    I did see some ppl using Simrell stems with their mighty though as a mouthpiece. That seemed pretty cool. Definitely overkill though if you don't have one already and you're gonna buy one. Could maybe get a whip or even a plenty mouthpiece lol
  • To the Cloud
    Now with the Mighty+ out the Stands won't work. I am sure someone will come out with Mighty+ stands soon. Best accessories for the Mighty are theWater Pipe Adapter, Dosing Capsules for sure.
  • Bruce
    The Mighty Plus! I take it your a power vape type. As far as portables For a power vape type, I would say the Mighty Plus with a water pipe adapter on a nice water filtration, you can literally triple the length of each draw. My answer The New Mighty Plus and a WPA (I got mine on Puffitup.com super fast shipping, their WPA excellent quality as well (They usually have a 15% off).

    Letter err rip with a Mighty Plus with an WPA.

    For Power Vape Types if its a desktop The Plenty and Volcano.

    I am not a big power guy, My favorites are the IO, Pax, Davinci, Arizer. I do use a WPA on each. People have different views.. but my experience is the if you know what your doing when you buy glassware, I can pull at least three times as much vapor in a draw, and it hits much faster. Any loss due to filtration come out of the end when your finishing up. My opinion.

    I am in the minority so I will mention it last. The only true Convection on demand is the IO. The IO is anything you want it to be. If you hit an IO the exact way your hitting the Mighty you have, I dont thing you lose a thing, the main difference the IO is not harsh on my throat, the Mighty is very harsh for me.

    The Mighty Plus just based on the specs I am overwhelmed by the changes. They may seem minor but in real life.. its major. The Plus is Micro USB C. Your no longer married to the Power cord of the Mighty.. Mighty Plus Micros USB C. Very convenient. Ripple effect it charges much much faster, They say up to 40% more battery life. The screen is clearer and Brighter. The outer core is more smooth and it stands up by itself. They listened to everyone's wish list. Great Company as well.

    If you do get the Mighty Plus - I recommend The Dosage caps, Much Cleaner and it sort of leans things closer to convection style, and it DRAMATICALLY reduces maintenance. Also the WPA and you can PM me I can tell you what to look for in glass filtration. Just dont go into a headshop and expect good advice! You gotta know first or Many sites like puffitup.com have glassware. Some of the name brands are very good.

    Whatever you decide I hope that your vaping - in good health, good state of mind and happy.

    Peace. Love & Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Cl4ud3
    I know someone was making replacement cooling units but in metal. Did these never take off ? I know some early ones were reported to damage the plastic of the vape but I believe they ironed that issue out.
  • Bruce
    I have the Crafty Plus. It is so good. I don't use it a lot because it is too good for me!

    Would you say the Crafty Plus and Mighty plus are the exact same just different sized batteries..?

    The crafty Plus is like a machine, once it starts producing vapor, it just keeps going and going...

    I can handle it on a low temp with WPA and Water tool (percolator). For those special days I want to get hammered.

    Peace, Love and Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ (The Dry Herb) V a p e M a s t e r ^ ^ ^
  • birdplane
    Totally forgot about those! Looks soo cool would love to try some day.
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