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    I did this awhile ago and never put up or honestly I forgot to put up. All it is, is a 14mm to 14mm male slide. It's the same concept as Bud but this was easier to clean. I'm sure I'm not the only who has done this too. 2 screens fit in each sides of the slide on the inside. You can put a screen at each end on the slide if you want to feel secure if 1 of the screens fail, you have a safety net.

    Temps similar to Elev8r, this to me hits harder and hits just as clean. Much better airflow too. At 775F you will get depending on how large bowl, but I had 1 small bowl full and got 4 monster clean hits. Definitely have to stir. At temps on 750F I'm sure you can make it last longer but that depends on how you want to hit it. For this, I did it at 775F just to get monster hits for demonstration. I have video, YouTube link. Here are pictures showing ABV after 1 hit then after the 4th hit.


    After 1st hit;


    After last hit;

  • Gloeck79
    Sorry correction, 18mm to 18mm male slide
  • Gloeck79
    Here are pictures of setup, I forgot to put them in.
  • Gloeck79
    After more experimenting with this, at 765 F will get you where you need with great ABV. This works as good as the Elev8r, Flowerpot and the Qaroma. Using the Elev8r glass screen bowl is a great combo with this easy DIY vape. Anyone can easily do this, and if it sucks well you only spend $60 but if you have the parts which many probably have, it's so simple.

    This works as the same concept of all the extremely high end vapes. All you need is any 18mm to 18mm male slides or adapter. Put a titanium screen in one end, then fill the space up with ruby Pearl's or any of your liking. After that, put another titanium screens on top of the Pearl's. Now you have a chamber of ruby Pearl's. Next just take any coil about 16mm or the same sized one that is used for the Elev8r. The coil heats up the pearls and works exactly like the other vapes, but far less expensive. Sure it may not look as sexy, but, it's a fraction of the price with the same exact results or experience.

    I might record a better video and post up a how to or just showing how well it works. Also, I like this better than the Elev8r because the glass is much thicker and more unlikely to break. Tastes, well it tastes exactly like an Elev8r so its really holds up. The only metal are the titanium screens. I would like to see if I can find a better slide that has a glass screen in it, but I know that hard to find, so these slides I used are easier to find.
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    Quick update, I'm using temps at 675F with much better results. Some tweaks on the coil, as again I used 16mm which is what the Elev8r comes with so instead of looking for a closer match this was easy to manipulate using pliers. The ABV is much better, again it all depends on what you like. You can basically 1 hit it with a smaller bowl at temps 750. I recommend 675F so far. I believe I can get it to 650-665F I think should be the sweet spot. When I have it perfected I'll post a video of performance.

    How to, it's so simple, 18mm to 18mm, 2 titanium screens some pearls 3mm I'm sure a mix would work too. The coil pliers some patients and a PID controller.

    I bet you will all be suprised how in expensive and exact same performance as say Flowerpot. So my coil doesn't get red either lol.

    I'm looking for a slide that's ceramic or better than glass but it's hard to find. Also, I'm debating to try and make another so I can test on the one I have to try and figure if I can get a double decker out of it.
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    @Gloeck79 Keep up the good work! :up:
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