• Cl4ud3
    I noticed a few new members recently not getting further than making an account here. If you've registered for the forum you should get an email to complete the registration process before you can post. Check your spam filter in case it's been sent there.

    Hope this helps those who seem to be stuck right now.

    Also new members posting but not seeing your post go up, send me a message here and I will look into it. Sometimes they get caught in the system.

    Joining on a VPN. Some VPN locations have been used by bot's/spammer accounts and those IP's have been reported multiple times on spam checker websites as untrustworthy. If you don't want to get caught out with being declined forum membership due to this it's often best to use your actual IP when joining.
  • Baron23
    @Cl4ud3 - you are THE MAN!!!

    Hope you are well, brother. Healthy and happy in the new year to you and yours.

  • chaos191
    hey how are you guys? I wish you both a happy healthy New Year! Man I miss this place the way it was when I first joined as well as a good six or so months after that.... I hope @Bud is well. Bud was the first person in the Vape scene that I ever met that was humble and kind to the extreme... I remember a spontaneous private live stream Christmas Eve day a couple years ago which was really nice because I was pretty much by myself, he gave everybody on the stream a PCKT bat. Mine reminds me of Bud every time I look at it :-)
  • Cl4ud3
    Good here mate and Happy New year to you and everyone else who pops in to the forum. This place does miss Bud and I have no idea what he's up to right now. He said he would be back to help with G43 stuff once he had settled down with his move and everything else.
    I did send him Christmas wishes etc last month but told him I didn't need a reply, just wished him and Hazel the best.
    Not much I can do to liven up the place, the forum is reliant on the members posting with news on vapes or other things. I know there hasn't been a great deal of new vapes in the last few years, or at least not much that isn't a rehash of existing tech, still there should be some input people can give here on products they have bought or are looking at.
    I know some are put off by the forum being owned by a new company but all these forums are run by donations from companies through sponsorship or similar. The new owners really have no input here at all so things are just the same as before minus Bud. Bud though is missed.
  • Baron23
    @Cl4ud3 - haha. I txt him a happy new year and….crickets. Lol
  • zibit
    I still use my G43 mod unit everyday. And I think of Bud every time I use it. He's really brought a lot of happiness to me and those I share it with. Really hope him, Hazel, and all the cats are doing well.
  • Cl4ud3
    Forum registration is now temporarily closed to new members.

    I will no longer be maintaining classified listings. These, and any other forum actions, will be taken care of by a member of Greenlane - expect delays.