• Cl4ud3
    Noticed this via @other side's IG page, all this info is taken from another forum. I don't know anything else about the device but it looks interesting, to me anyway.

    The Anvil is a new vape being released by Vestratto. Completely made in North America, it is constructed of 3 layers. The outer and inner skins are stainless with a copper core layer sandwiched between them. It has many similarities to a DynaVap as well as many advantages.

    flame powered
    round marker like design
    temperature clicker
    Copper Core More Evenly Heats
    Scientifically Designed Using Lung Inhalation Principles
    Clicker Measures Bowl Temp Not Cap Temp
    Real Adjustable Airflow Through The Herb
    Designed To Excel At Riding The Line (1 bowl fully extracted in 1 hit)
    Changeable Bowl Types & Sizes
    Natively Fits 14mm Female Down Stems
    Standard Bowl Holds Slightly More Than a DynaVap


    Looks like it was on Kickstarter with https://vestratto.com/ but has sold out there. You can find it with a distributer though.
  • zibit
    Sneaky Pete did a video about it in his end of year roundup. You don't have to spin it, which is a huge positive. Vapor production and efficiency look outstanding. Maybe I'm a cheapskate or out of touch but $250 seems bonkers.
  • Cl4ud3
    I find a lot of vape stuff to be expensive, maybe I'm out of touch as well :lol:
  • Mangu
    yeah $250 is a bit ridiculous to try an experimental Dynavap :lol: But you know what, bet a few have already jumped on the ship so it’ll probably stay that way :shade:
  • zibit
    @Mangu Yeah. I realize there's way more demand for good dry herb vapes than supply. So of course the price is going to go up but still..

    I was talking to my buddy who doesn't use cannabis and told him about the price of some of the dry herb vapes. He told me "I just figured they were 20-30$". He's seen me use my dynavap and pax. I think his jaw hit the floor when I told him I paid $240 for my pax original(still has good battery life).
  • MunicipalBlack
    The pre-launch price was $199 USD and then it suddenly shot up at launch with an additional discount that brought it back to $199. Sneaky Pete has a placeholder for $199 but I'm not sure if that will be the same as the Founder's Edition. Reviews on FC of the non-finalized, aka beta version are really good but I was skeptical of buying a product that wasn't finished (looking at you Bowle paint chips). I'll keep watching progress because it looks like something that will give me what my Dynavap's don't (larger bowl, long heat retention, innovation).
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