• Cl4ud3
    Noticed this via @other side's IG page, all this info is taken from another forum. I don't know anything else about the device but it looks interesting, to me anyway.

    The Anvil is a new vape being released by Vestratto. Completely made in North America, it is constructed of 3 layers. The outer and inner skins are stainless with a copper core layer sandwiched between them. It has many similarities to a DynaVap as well as many advantages.

    flame powered
    round marker like design
    temperature clicker
    Copper Core More Evenly Heats
    Scientifically Designed Using Lung Inhalation Principles
    Clicker Measures Bowl Temp Not Cap Temp
    Real Adjustable Airflow Through The Herb
    Designed To Excel At Riding The Line (1 bowl fully extracted in 1 hit)
    Changeable Bowl Types & Sizes
    Natively Fits 14mm Female Down Stems
    Standard Bowl Holds Slightly More Than a DynaVap


    Looks like it was on Kickstarter with https://vestratto.com/ but has sold out there. You can find it with a distributer though.
  • zibit
    Sneaky Pete did a video about it in his end of year roundup. You don't have to spin it, which is a huge positive. Vapor production and efficiency look outstanding. Maybe I'm a cheapskate or out of touch but $250 seems bonkers.
  • Cl4ud3
    I find a lot of vape stuff to be expensive, maybe I'm out of touch as well :lol:
  • Mangu
    yeah $250 is a bit ridiculous to try an experimental Dynavap :lol: But you know what, bet a few have already jumped on the ship so it’ll probably stay that way :shade:
  • zibit
    @Mangu Yeah. I realize there's way more demand for good dry herb vapes than supply. So of course the price is going to go up but still..

    I was talking to my buddy who doesn't use cannabis and told him about the price of some of the dry herb vapes. He told me "I just figured they were 20-30$". He's seen me use my dynavap and pax. I think his jaw hit the floor when I told him I paid $240 for my pax original(still has good battery life).
  • MunicipalBlack
    The pre-launch price was $199 USD and then it suddenly shot up at launch with an additional discount that brought it back to $199. Sneaky Pete has a placeholder for $199 but I'm not sure if that will be the same as the Founder's Edition. Reviews on FC of the non-finalized, aka beta version are really good but I was skeptical of buying a product that wasn't finished (looking at you Bowle paint chips). I'll keep watching progress because it looks like something that will give me what my Dynavap's don't (larger bowl, long heat retention, innovation).
  • Gloeck79
    Why can't someone come out with a battery charged Dynavap...lol. I remember as a kid hooking up wires to a battery and the other end would get hot when you connected the wires.

    I'm no engineer, but I would think a simple battery hooked up. Press hold button down till you hear a click and let go of button, then puff, I just can't seem to buy more vapes that cost too much anymore because they are all the same designs or have the same outcomes.

    I mean sticky brick vapes. All it is is a block of wood and glass, I don't need to spend $200 for a block of wood. I can make one myself much cheaper and just buy the same glass to use.

    A Dynavap case with heating element with induction in it be nice, I have a design for it if anyone intrested in making, just give me a cut...lol.

    I mean we can make these expensive vapes for 1/2 the price or a fraction of the price, Pinky, no reason to pay that much for a Flowerpot. The flowerpot doesn't efficiently retain the heat. When titanium is heated and you have a titanium casing that goes over the coil, the heat is transferred outwards not inwards. Why we spend too much on too much titanium on the flowerpot.

    All Flowerpot pot needs to do, is make a Pinky, maybe make a quartz one with built in quartz screen. Shit would cost half the price and actually retain the heat inwards.

    If you ask me, these vapes are recycled BS over and over again making them cost way too much...lol.

    My rant for the day...lol. Sorry guys...lol.
  • ChlorophyllMan
    yeah $250 is a bit ridiculous to try an experimental Dynavap :lol:Mangu

    I would have called the Hippie Pipe an experimental Dynavap, but not the Anvil.

    Although you can get a Dynavap to extract in one heat cycle, most people will find it hard not to at least char the load a bit. Dynavap tips are designed to cool down (via their cooling fins) ready for another reheat, they're designed to take a couple of heat cycles to do the job.
    The Anvil is designed to stay at heat for as long as possible (via it's substantial copper oven mass).
    If you use a Dynavap through water at home you might find the Anvil a better option.
  • Mangu
    I had a hard enough time keeping the tiny load in a Dyna bowl from combusting, and that’s considering that it loses heat at an incredible rate...I get the feeling I will be much happier of i steer clear of a cap that now locks more heat in on that very small load :lol:
  • ChlorophyllMan

    Much easier to combust in a Dynavap. That thin steel/titanium wall isn't very forgiving.
    I use the Anvil for 0.03g loads mostly, perfectly even extraction to the level you desire, depending upon where you heat. I used to use the Dynavap as a daily driver at home, but the Anvil suits my user case much better.
    Sounds like you've made your mind up already, that's cool :lol:
  • welshman
    All Flowerpot pot needs to do, is make a Pinky, maybe make a quartz one with built in quartz screen. Shit would cost half the price and actually retain the heat inwards.Gloeck79

    There already is a glass flowerpot called the qaroma but it needs to be run about 100 degrees hotter on the flowerpot coil, suggesting it’s actually a less efficient heater.

    Also are you suggesting having an exposed coil retains heat better? Does leaving the oven door open while cooking help it retain heat?
  • Gloeck79
    well to be fair, I'm not knocking the Flowerpot or CH. Great products, I'm not suggesting that at all, the chamber and heat is all contained at the coils which then heat the inner injector or Pinky, the ruby or Sic Pearl's I believe retain the heat more inwards than spreading all around the Flowerpot. Granted the Flowerpot has the casing over the coils so the heat then heats up the rest of the outer shell. They both do the same, is my point for far less. I also run the Pinky at lower temps than the flower pot.

    I just find it weird, even though the "science" says the Flowerpots hold heat better, but I think IMO, the Pinky or simple DIY are becoming more of a trend because of the cost, inflation rising and for a fraction of the price we can have a Pinky which works as good or if not better (not saying it is but others state this) where I think its equal to it.

    Maybe it's me, but I can get clean large tasty clouds on my Pinky that are equivalent or sometimes a hair better than the Flowerpot CH. Even though I still have 1 B1, I find I'm grabbing the Pinky more and more.

    The Pinky or other DIY are mimicking the very expensive stuff and I just thought it be nice for a US manufacturer to make their own Pinky so we aren't killing the demand on Amazon and that it's made in the US. It's all good too, it's all preference and users liking.

    Also, yes I know about the Qaroma, again be nice for US company's to start making shit here. Everyone gets the science on the Flowerpots CH, but I just feel everyone makes a big deal about temps retaining better in the Flowerpots, but the purpose is to retain the heat at a temp then its blown into the material so you don't need to retain the hostile an oven, that's more conduction. Though the Pinky or other DIY are retaining the same temps on the inside where we want the heat to be that is contained in an oven like just muffled with the Pearl's. We don't need the oven type of heat because even in the B1 the oven doors are open too same as the Pinky. I get what you are saying, the heat is captured because the shell traps the heat. But where does it trap the heat? The doors are open so the heat is just being transferred outwards from center to the shell. Where the Pinkys heat is just needed for the inner coil so the Pearl's can now retain the heat inwards by the pearls retaining the heat.

    Basically its the same concepts being used except one uses more heat to get to the initial temp and the other is when it gets to temp hit it. The comparisons to me are all about recovery time as they say the Flowerpot CH has so much recovery time, I have both, and they have the same recovery time. I use the same box for both, set B1 to temps 600-650F. Pinky I run it at 500-585 F and my other straight glass DIY with Pearl's and screen runs at 585F-685F.

    Why is it I run the Pinky, or DIY at much lower temps, I get more flavor or just about the same and slightly bigger clouds? Like I said I'm all for the Flowerpots CH, I'm just saying something with the science or something is making these DIY vapes run as proficient or if not better. It be nice if they made a US version of the Pinky too.

    Also, I don't claim to know if what I said is accurate, it's just my assessment of both products. It's my opinion and I can be wrong too. I just want to make it clear I'm not sitting saying it's fact it's just my own experiences too.

    In end, just use what you think works bests, and take from others experiences into consideration when buying something for one's self.

  • Gloeck79
    Also, when we hook up a quartz banger to a coil, does the quartz retain the heat in the core. Yes, the coils is also exposed but we still can maintain the heating element without drops in temps. Same concepts, it's all the same type of heating, induction heating so conduction or oven heating isn't as important, again my opinion I just want to use this as an example to help explain my premise.

    Also, it takes more to heat the Flowerpot because more surface area, where Pinky or some other DIY have a much smaller surface area to heat too. Again, just my thoughts, not based on facts just shooting the shit or open thoughts etc.
  • Baron23
    for 0.03g loads mostlyChlorophyllMan

    Now that's an enviable tolerance level right there ^^ :cool:
  • ChlorophyllMan

    Oh man, it can be hard work and feel a little strict but it's worth it to me. Glad to see you're still here mr. Baron :smile:

    Been using the Anvil for a few weeks now as a DD, various load sizes up to about 0.1g.
    What impresses me most is the length of time it can produce vapour for on the single heat cycle. There's no need to rush back to it for your second (or third) draw. I've always felt a bit rushed by the Dynavap in that respect.

    I also love the Crafty/Mighty level consistency of the AVB. I load very loosely using the large chamber even for the tiny 0.03g. I have found that when it's tamped or packed too much then the AVB will be darker at the end receiving the hot air first - suggesting there's more of a convection mix than might be assumed. It's a hybrid, but leans more to convection than the Dyna I reckon, despite the fact that you're holding a torch to it for 45 seconds!

    Haven't lost any love for the Dynavap, gets used natively now with a decent cooling stem instead of water. Anvil is for the bubbler in the living room, Dynavap is for roaming round the apartment.
  • Cl4ud3
    Do you want to post a new thread on The Pinky. I've had a look at it on other forums/reddit etc but it would be nice to have a dedicated thread here on it with all the information and somewhere to discuss it properly. Its come up a few times here recently in different threads.

    I still think it's interesting and I might have gotten one if they were in stock. I do though wonder how they managed to get the heat indication by click if Dynavap supposedly holds the patent, hence the other Dynavap style device (Hippie pipe) having a visual indicator of heat level instead.
  • ChlorophyllMan

    Ah you're both still here, nice!
    Yeah, I wonder the same about the snap discs. It might be something dubiously technical along the lines of Dynavap using them in the cap, whereas Anvil uses them in the herb chamber, must be a fine line at least.
  • Baron23
    Glad to see you're still here mr. Baron :smile:ChlorophyllMan

    Yeah, I'm still around and thank you for the greeting.

    I just am not hanging on vape boards too much these days for a few reasons...among them is getting off of the damn computer and trying to get a post-COVID life back (well, maybe not post-COVID but nonetheless trying to piece my life back together and get some activities in).

    Along those lines...and forgive me for the small hijack @Cl4ud3 .....was quail hunting in GA this past week. Damn, I love walking those fields and watching the dogs work. GREAT dogs, great guide and dog trainer, and hunted with my very good friend who rarely misses...while I miss a great deal! haha


    Have a great day, guys...I'm still unpacking. Got home very late last night.

  • Gloeck79
    good idea, I figured someone did one here already lol.
  • Gloeck79
    nice, I want to move eventually out of NJ so I can enjoy some more freedoms lol. Looks good and like your having some fun, enjoy post Covid .
  • Mangu
    enjoy the fresh air!
  • Baron23
    You still have any freedoms in NJ? haha Just kidding, I live in the Socialist State of Maryland, the Communist County of Montgomery. LOL

    Thanks man....and yeah, I enjoyed it a great deal.

    Cheers guys...and we are still kind of hijacking this thread (yo, @Cl4ud3 ....not my fault, well...it is my fault but I'll never admit it! haha)
  • ShayWhiteGrow
    Took out the restricter plate enhances flavor as well as improves taste, as much as it can for being ripped that hot and fast baby!

  • ShayWhiteGrow
    Roast and let off and let it come up to the click for tasy flavor!!
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