• Gloeck79
    Negotiable, it comes with 2 extra packs of parts. So if you want you can dissemble the whole thing, clean it and then put brand new parts on with the extra bag left over for spare parts. Obviously optional but I know people like to wash their new stuff if its bought used. The smaller glass globe has a small nick on the inside of the globe but are 100% functional with no leaks (basically these are coming with it for free). If you so desired you can purchase 1 small glass globe to replace the chip but not needed as it work ine. Obviously you have the larger glass globes that have no chips or any wear.

    The whole device has everything you need no missing parts and works great. If you need more pictures or anything let me know and I can provide them to you. I posted the serial # and blacked it out this way you know it's real and not a fake.

    Shipping is included in the price, I am trying to get $300 for it, so with shipping and PayPal fees I think $350-400 is fine. Everything is like new except that 1 smaller glass globe I can offer more pictures of it if needed and I can send working videos if needed, just need a platform so I can send it. Anyway question at all feel free to ask. I don't have the original box I threw it out a year ago sorry. If you think shipping will be cheaper again negotiable I just really trying to get near $300 when all said and done, so $350-400 would cover all those fees and again if it comes to be cheaper depending on shipping cost then we can negotiate that. I'm trying to be flexible but fair with price too. DM/PM me with any questions.

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