• Budjamin
    Hey dudes I just posted a short video if you're bored, nothing special just a quick chat:

    Link on youtube if it gets restricted: https://youtu.be/8SC4HS4t940
  • DaveinSM
    like I said, you got out at the right time, Bud. I blame big tobacco for their propaganda war on the entire vape industry.
  • Baron23
    FFS...was it 2018 that we went to LV to CHAMPS.

    Dang...the older I get, the less time I have in this mortal coil...the faster the time goes by.

    Its not fair! haha

    Wow, yeah....dry herb vapes seem to be rather dead. I do PM with Momofthegoons...don't cruise the threads much but I do see the new post listing on the home page and when its on a vape I don't know of, I often take a peek.

    But its all recycled stuff that I don't have any interest in so I don't read the threads. I mean, how many VapCap knock offs and slight variations can be marketed? Seems like an endless number

    Take care, Bud. Give Hazel my best.
  • zibit
    Good to hear you again Bud and hope to see more content!

    Another thing that bugs me is the forced uploading of ID on vape stores. Homey don't play that. I was going to order some stuff on 4/20 and a couple of stores wanted to me to either upload a pic of the ID or take a pic with the ID.. Never going to happen. The worst part was one of the orders was for glass only.

    I get that these stores don't make the rules but they successfully lost my business.
  • SirCrackKillaH
    I remember well. I got invited and was like f it, lemme come thru. Took a week off to come through to see what CHAMPS in Vegas had to offer. Spent the days leading up to it wandering around aimlessly hitting up dispensaries, seeing shows, gambling in casinos, hitting up party busses which would lead to clubs. Then Champs hit..

    Bongs galore with contests to see just how over the top they could go.. handmade pipes that were works of art. Pax, storz and bickel, ghost, bunch of different waterproof/smell proof bags and cases. Tables and tables of cool things going on. Bearded rich farmer guys talking about buying up land to set up big grows. There were so many ideas being tossed around.

    What surprised me was that we technically weren't supposed to smoke or vape in there. Ffffff that, I had my pax cartridge thingamajig, not sure if they still make em', and my ghost. I was lit the whooollee time in awe. I wish I could just rewind to that time again and do it all over.
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