• AntManMax1
    Hi guys,

    I thought I'd share my Source Orb 4 review over here for those looking for a wax pen. I was very thorough with this, so might as well spread the help!

    A few days ago, I also got a w9tech AC 2 so I can compare and write a review for you guys soon.

    Bought a Source Orb 4 premium kit during launch, along with Sigelei 40w (for close to $20!), then bought the Source Terra 2 3-pack to try. I also received the new coilless Quartz Plus. Already have the Source Nail and still love it, I'm waiting on the glass upgrade to ship. I clean my glass regularly by warming some iso and soaking my glass.

    Last time I got some feedback to be more thorough on my reviews, so I took my time with this one and did the research to get you guys some really good feedback. I use the Orb 4 atomizers and my Source Nail with the Source Volt 40w most of the time, used my Sigelei battery but it's been about a month (it's not turning on anymore though, emailed to see if they do warranty replacements like Source). I have used the premium kit battery a couple times, but wanted to get the kit more for the atomizers. The premium kit battery seems barely more powerful if not the same as a regular variable volt battery, that has slight sub ohm capabilities to power the Nail attys. Has 8 different settings with a twist underneath.

    Build Quality

    For the body build quality, the original magnet they shipped was pretty weak, but the replacement one so far is much stronger. I want to see if the magnet wears out quickly or if it lasts, but so far so good. Refilling has never been easier! After my puffco where you had to twsit, this is an underestimated Godsend.... when it works. The last one would come apart in my pocket sometimes, but the new one so far has held up just fine. Here's what I found: The coiled atomizers are shorter than the coil-less atomizers, which makes the atomizer hold on to the top of the Orb 4 and prevents it from falling off. If you use the shorter coiled atomizers, you *can* push off the top. I think they should just make them all the same size and that would fix it and they would have a bigger capacity too.

    The atomizer build quality is incredible. Everything is grade 1 Ti on the coils, grade 2 on the nail, and the housing is stainless steel. Looking through their online info, you can actually find tests on their titanium, metal housing, and even their ceramic (example the ceramic Nail). Never even thought about looking for those things, but nice to find them on their site. I know w9tech has their coil tests, but I wasn't able to find another vape pen or enail with tests like these (please show me if wrong) The Nail atomizers are a little different looking than the one that came with my original nail kit. It does not have the screw on top anymore for either of the two nail atomizers. They are better though in terms of hit and seem to heat up quicker, even when put on my nail. The Nail attys now work easily at 25w when they used to run decent at 30w. The downside is cleaning, I haven't taken mine off yet since its still new, but looking at the instructions I know taking the cup out is going to be harder than it was to just screw them off.

    I also wanted to test their claim about their stainless steel atomizers, so I bought a sanding sponge from the hardware store and scrubbed and it didn’t change color like the ones on their site. Here’s the black ceramic double coil (closest I can get with my iPhone camera, if someone has a better camera, please feel free). I will mention, I did the same thing with the AC 2s attys, and those changed color (the Source black ceramic is in the middle). I don’t know what that means since their box says they use stainless steel, so maybe they use copper in the atomizers? Like I said, I’ll compare these two in another review.

    The Source Terra 2 is quite interesting and has become my favorite. It has heat going up and down the sides of it as well, making it pretty efficient. Have not seen this on an atomizer before.
  • AntManMax1

    The new magnet makes on the go much better. My prior one fell apart in my pocket a lot so that upped the use game quite a bit, since I use coilless almost exclusively. Airflow is incredible compare to the Puffco I had. I usually close 1 or 2 holes for regular use, but its nice to sometimes open just 1 of the holes and use it like a carb. I tried every atty using the same Gorilla Glue wax to get a solid feel for each one.

    Titanium nail and Terra 2 are favorites so far. Titanium hits like a real high quality nail from a dab rig, very smooth if your wax is smooth too. The ceramic is great as well, but gives a smoother hit. The Terra 2 I like more than the ceramic nail because the heat goes up and down the sides, which makes it much more efficient. Running the Terra 2 (used one here) a bit cooler seems to get better flavor than the hotter running ceramic nail. Although the ceramic nail hits well, the wax has to heat from the bottom and does not seem to slide down as smooth to the bottom as the TI Nail, quartz Nail or Terra 2. The downside to the Terra 2 is you cannot take the cup out as far as I can tell, and I could not find anything on the website about it (though you can take the top off). With the nails the cup comes out which can probably be cleaned for more longevity.

    For the coiled atomizers, I will break them down one by one:

    Quartz Single Coil: Pretty good. I have a Puffco Pro and this atomizer is similar but does taste smoother using similar wax. The coils seemed wrapped much better than Puffco.

    Quartz Double Coil: Good. Huge hits and gives big clouds, the coils I'm sure get hotter faster than the nails.

    Ceramic Double Coil: Haven't really used it yet, but I assume similar to the double coil quartz.

    Black Ceramic Coil: Interesting, but very good. Seems to give more of an earthy taste. I run it at 13w and the wax seeps into the black ceramic rods and it puffs out nicely.

    Source Nail Ceramic: Good. The build quality on this is nice, and better than the prior ceramic nail atomizer. However, I prefer titanium or Terra 2 to this, and I was never that big a fan of ceramic on dab rigs either. Takes a lot more to heat up, and really with Terra 2, the only plus is cleaning.

    Source Nail Titanium: Great. My second favorite atomizer. Very smooth for a TI nail, much smoother than most standard rigs I have used, and definitely smoother than any of the desktop Enails I have used. I do not have experience with the other portable Enails out there yet.

    Quartz Plus: Good, some low temp dabs, looks like the Kandypens Gravity and the Puffco Plus but with a quartz cup instead of ceramic. You still have some wax seep under the ceramic plate, and Terra 2 completely beats this. Terra 2 is also cheaper, I'm assuming from the Quartz.

    Terra 2: Wow! My favorite vape pen atty to date. Great quality hits and some of the best taste I have had on a vape at low temps.

    They also posted a nice cheat sheet on their instagram

    Sidenote: The Terra 2 needs a 30w box mod or more to work, it won't work on the premium kit battery, and neither will the ceramic Nail. I tried both and even after heating up for 30 seconds, it's not enough. Quartz Plus, TI Nail, and quartz Nail do work on the premium kit battery.

    My Ratings:

    Product itself 9/10, should add a snap lock though or make atomizers all the same size and it'll go up .5.

    Atomizers: 9/10 so far with the new Nail models

    Delivery: 8/10, it was on backorder and I knew that but still it took a while. They did tell me the status when I hit them up. Based on what I have read I know I did not wait as long as some did, but they should fix their stock issues as I have read of people waiting a month or more for some items from them.

    Overall Experience: 9/10, the flavor I am getting on the nails and terra 2 I have never gotten on a to go vape pen, quite impressed. This gives me a simple way to dab without my Source Nail, but my Nail is still my daily driver. Can't wait for my new glass.

    Price: 8/10 Because unless you're giving it away, this is the best score I think, specially paying for a premium product. I would definitely always use a coupon code like I do. Their rewards program is also pretty generous, and they send coupons and offers in email. Get the Attachment and get a 3-pack of Terra 2 attys.

    Warranty: 10/10 This I think is my favorite thing of Source. My experience has been great with them, specially if an atomizer ever fails, they ALWAYS replace it for you. I’ve literally had every atomizer replaced, just because I wanted to see if I could get some free attys, and yeah. I did have to wait for some to be shipped and in stock.

    TL:DR incredible device, get the attachment (less than $40 with coupon) and terra 2 attys. There are some coupon codes out there but best I could find currently out was hightimes for 20% off. The other ones I get by email from them recently only applied to clearance items.

    Any and all feedback is welcome, also happy to answer questions (going to eat now, finally done, brb). I'll try to not take months between reviews and have my comparison with the AC 2 soon.
  • AntManMax1
    Yes I copied and pasted this from my reddit post. Passing it around. I went through a lot of forums and research to do all this so I wanted to share back.
    I haven't tried Terra 2, but I use the Quartz bucket SourceNail atomizer on my Orb4, with airflow all the way open on lowest 2.7v setting and it's GREAT !

    Terra isn't their newest atomizer but it alwasy interested me
    Can you compare the other unexposed coil atomizers (especially ceramic and Quartz SourceNail attys with removable cups) at various voltage settings, to the Terra2 ?
  • Richard Powell
    What battery mod would you recommend using for the source orb 4? Or just with any vape in general.
    I use the Source Orb4 with the removable Quartz bucket SourceNail, and the stock battery powers it perfectly. They have a listing of voltages and wattages to run all their 4 series atomizers:

  • Richard Powell
    This looks like a good vape pen. The series that's 200$ looks good
  • waxfiend
    Pretty promising looking atomizers.... I like how they test it all too, I am going for a slim 4 when in stock
  • sote23
    I run my source orb 4 with an eleaf Istick 50w battery, and it works perfectly.
    do you have a source Terra2 ceramic bucket atomizer with the 360' heating even on the sides ? I heard it needs 30W, and wondering how it performs at 25-30W ?
  • Baron23
    Hi folks and @SOURCEvapes – as I mentioned in my review of the Source 10cig, or some reason that still completely escapes me, Source asked if they could send me some of their product to review and I agreed on the stipulations that; 1) I would only report exactly what my honest experience has been and; 2) I would need Bud’s agreement as I would have to post the review on his site (which he enthusiastically supplied). Also, please note that I in no way have any financial agreements or relationship with Source. They just wanted to give me a bit of kit and see what I thought and have me share that with you. They sent me a TON of stuff.

    Also, while I smoked hash oil in the late 60’s and early 70’s, I don’t have the most experience with concentrates (about a year and a half with modern concentrates) and now pretty much use a Liger enail (soon to get a D-nail SiC Halo also). Since I got the Liger, my pens (Linx Hynos Zero, Kandy Pens Galaxy, and DT2.5 on an Eleaf box) have not been used as often.
    But, setting up the enail takes a bit (no, I don’t leave the rig out all of the time, just not appropriate in my house) and often I just want a bit of concentrate to power up a flower session. So, pens still definitely have a place in my general vaping.

    My last review was of the 10cig which is a $10 pen kit (yes, there is no typo here…it’s basically a use and toss device). This time it’s the Source Orb 4 Premium kit. They also sent me their nail and bubblers but I already have a good box mod and didn’t need the Signature Kit in order to get a battery box (and I don’t want to take advantage of anybody including Source).

    I know this pen has been out for a while and there are reviews on it already. As a matter of fact, instead of creating a new thread, I have posted this to the excellent review thread started by AntManMax1. But I owe these guys a review for giving me this stuff, I’m very delinquent with them, so please forgive me if all of this is old news.

    I will try to keep this concise (P.S. – apparently I failed) since there is so much already posted here on this pen.

    The Package

    Ok, it’s a nice display box. Very nice for merchandising and display. But are you really going to keep your kit in this box? I don’t think so...it’s kind of a pain and would think that if you get one that you consider the need for some other case or box to keep all of this stuff in. I would compare this to the Kandy Pen metal snap case or even the Linx box which is compact and well made. This thing is huge and I don’t think it’s really suitable for day to day storage. This is very minor comment but as I continue to buy vapes I have all kinds of boxes and other detritus collecting around the house and storage, organization and size is getting to be an important factor (where did I get all of this shite from!! LOL)

    The Contents
    Well, you get a lot of stuff in this kit. On the left hand side is the battery and just to the right of it is the “Orb” where you screw your atomizer in. It comes with an actual fairly decent dab tool (not great but way better than most that you get in a kit), a 510/UBS adapter, a wall wart for charging, and six different atomizers (to be discussed more below). Now, you may think that the bit of paper shown is the operating instructions… but you (and I) would be wrong. Not much to operate but nonetheless any info you need you will have to get from their website. No instructions included really. Source, really….no instructions at all? You can easily remedy this, yeah?

    The Assembly
    Below is a picture of the entire assembly. Very nice. Basically, you have a battery, an Orb which screws on to the battery, the Orb top and bottom halves are held by magnets, and inside the orb you screw in your atomizer. The magnets work very well and are strong, but be sure the top of your Orb is seated properly or you will have air leakage. 2weyj2v36qh042nw.jpeg

    A tip for you: screw your Orb onto the battery BEFORE screwing in the atomizer. There seems to be spring loaded contacts in there and screwing the Orb on gets a bit balking if the atomizer is already screwed down tight.


    The Orb 4 is, however, largish. Below is comparison to my Linx Hynos. Size is not an issue for me, but if looking for highly discreet and stealthy vaping, perhaps not this device. Perhaps the Orb 4 Slimline that just came out


    The Battery

    Generally there is not much to say about a pen battery. But sans directions I didn’t even know how to turn it on. First, it did come pretty much charged up but I topped it off.

    Charging tip – this is for the Orb, any other electrical vape, or really any electrically driven device. Put the charger on the device first, THEN plug the charger into the wall. The reason being is if there is any sort of arc and surge when plugging in, it will be between the receptacle and the changer and not the charger and the device. S&B recommends this and it should be your standard practice, I believe, for all electronic devices.

    So, checking the web site I found it’s a standard five times real quick on the button to turn it on. The button glows blue when fully charged and changes color as the charge dissipates (see their website for details of color code scheme).

    Now, I was puzzled about how to change temp. This is my one main gripes about the battery. The voltage output is adjustable via the very bottom ring on the battery from 2.7 v to 4.2 with universal adjustment (no detents or click). It is not easy to see that there even is a ring and its shiny finished like the rest of the battery with no knurls so it’s a bit difficult to adjust. For any patients with movement or dexterity disorders effecting the hands, you will hate it. They just need to add some knurling to the adjustment ring and all would be much better.

    Also, the voltage markings on the ring are very difficult to see, particularly in any glare off of the high polish finish. This is also an area that Source can easily improve on.
    The voltage adjustment ring:

    The Atomizers

    The kit comes with six different atomizers show below. A Ti bucket (really has a little bucket in there), a ceramic plate they call Quartz Plus because the it’s a plate at the bottom of a quartz chamber? (not removable), single and double quartz rod coils, double white ceramic rod coil, and black ceramic rod coil (is that six?? LOL). They also sent me some Terra OG atomizers shown in the picture below above the six kit atomizers. These are all ceramic chambers but are NOT the Terra 2 with the removable ceramic bucket that sits on top of a donut heater. They look like a ceramic plate bonded to ceramic chamber walls. While the knurled ring will screw off of them, the ceramic is NOT removable and the bottom of it is in fact the heating plate (rather than a bucket bottom). In the Terra 2 they took this to its conclusion by putting a ceramic bucket that sits on top of a ceramic donut heater.

    For this review, I only used the Ti, Double Quartz, and Quartz Plus atomizers (sorry guys, I have only so many brain cells and need to get this review started. I will add any pertinent comments on other atomizers later but I’m not sure how much there is to say about a ceramic metal coil atomizer at this point).
    Attachment-7 (64K)
    Attachment-11 (80K)
    Orb air holes open (55K)
    Orb air holes with atomizer installed (51K)
    Attachment-12 (47K)
    Attachment-14 (64K)
  • Baron23
    Part 2 (hey, Bud...need to up the allowable character count! LOL)
    I do want to talk about atomizers and heaters. This is a pen kit. This is not a honking, powerful box mod although you can certainly mount the Orb on any 510 equipped box. Where this comes into play is with these “bucket” or “cup” atomizers. I, Aventus, and many others have longed for a leakless, sealed pen atomizer. Basically a banger in pen form. Leaks may come from many areas, but heaters need electrical wire leads and that is a prime leak path IMO. So, bucket type atomizers are very exciting to me…..HOWEVER, because you have the heating donut sitting beneath a separate dab cup and trying to get the whole thing hot in almost no time, they take much more power than generally available in a pen form (this pen is only 650 mah). For example, Source recommends in the 27-30 watt area for the Source Nail Ceramic and even higher for the Terra 2. The Ti bucket atomizer is a bit of an exception due to Ti’s high heat transfer coefficient. I still personally think it will work better on a box with more power, the pen battery can drive it because Ti is such an effective and efficient conductor of heat.
    Ti Bucket Atomizer disassembled:

    My thoughts on the atomizers:

    1. The Ti – I liked it. You need to run it on the battery’s max output of 4.2 V but it will work. I didn’t get enail type clouds, but I did get good visible vapor, consumed the dab well in 4 draws or so, and got high as hell (which is one of the challenges of doing vape reviews…after trying the product, who the hell can write!! LOL).

    2. Double Quartz Coil – Wow, should have done a burn off on this one before using. First dab gave me 3-4 burnt tasting draws. Ugh! However, after running it dry, the next dab was wonderful with no bad taste. Bigger clouds out of the double coil but had to run to the hot side on the battery (3.7 V).

    3. Quartz Plus – basically a ceramic plate atomizer and I think this was my favorite so far. Very nice flavor, middle of the road in cloud density, and it really reminded me of the Linx Zero…with a bit more power available, perhaps. 4-5 nice draws out of a dab.

    All of the atomizers worked acceptably well and I have no problems with them. However, with the Ti bucket atomizer I found that after just a couple of dabs, the screw ring that holds the bucket in was already glued stuck a bit by condensed concentrate vapor. This will be an issue for all of these removable dab surface type atomizers, I believe. At some point you will probably find it hard to open it up and will need to pre-heat or soak it upside down in a 1/16” or so of ISO to get it lose.


    This pen…pretty much like all pens…is pretty straight forward to operate. Five clicks on the battery button turns it on/off. Temp, as described, is adjusted by rotating the ring at the bottom of the battery tube. Set your air flow using the adjustment on the Orb. Pretty much all that’s left then is to load the atomizer, push the button, and vape.

    This is a close up of the air flow control feature. You can select up to five holes to be open or all of them closed by rotating the Orb. This shot is without an atomizer installed and as a result, you can see the air hole open all the way into the chamber:

    But don’t panic and wonder what happened to your air holes once fully assembled (as I did stoned on my ass one day LOL). In the pic below, as you can see (or as I hope you can see), the knurled top of the atomizer is now behind the air hole.

    This is a good thing as definitely air flows into the orb below the top of the atomizer and then is sucked up. This is better than just the hole we were drilling into Kandy Pen Galaxy’s, above the atomizer, when they first came out, IMO.

    I have been using it with two holes open, max. For me, more open air is just too much air. But, in general, I like a rip rather than a sip and for you sippers and lovers of real light and cool vapor, open the air holes up and the Orb 4 will deliver.

    Now, a caution on the air adjustment mechanism. This will, IMO, also definitely get gunked up and stuck with reclaim with enough use. But it can be soaked in ISO (it’s all metal) so I don’t see this as an issue.

    This is how much I put in at a time. I think a lot of people mess up their pens by overloading them. Just a small bit at a time will do it.
    And the dab in an atomizer

    Also, like all pens, try to remember to keep drawing for a second after you come off the button (don’t know why this works but it seems to with all pens) and leave it in an upright position to cool so hot viscous concentrate won’t drip out.

    Also, I have NOT had any internal spatter out of the atomizers. None. This is probably due in part to the deepness of the atomizers (deeper to the heating element than most, I believe) and the Orb which is stood off a bit from the atomizer. So far, I got none of that spatter up into the mouthpiece that I would expect from a pen. This was VERY nicely done, Source.

    On the subject of leaks, with the exception of the Ti bucket atomizer, I would think there is some risk of leakage as with any standard coil, donut, or plate atomizer. I think Aventus indicated that he has some leakage with these devices. I have not but I have not put a lot of product through them so it’s not something I can comment on. The Ti bucket one definitely will not leak as will not any of the quartz or ceramic nail atomizers that Source makes. However, this pen battery is just not enough to drive those higher wattage requirement atomizers.

    What’s Next
    Well, next up is to just screw the Orb onto my Eleaf box mod with variable wattage and much more power and see what I can see. I will try the Ti bucket and the Nail quartz and ceramic bucket atomizers.

    Also, Source sent me their entire enail kit (sans box mod) and a couple of water attachments to try. But that’s for the next installment of “How Baron’s World Turns”. Like sand through an hour glass, so goes the concentrates in Baron’s life. LOL
  • sote23

    Yes, I do have the Terra 2 atomizer and it's my favorite so far. Since it heats up the whole cup, it seems more powerful than the other atomizers. Even though it is powerful, it seems smoother than the others and my wife agrees. I don't do it often, but I have run the Terra 2 with my eleaf istick 50w battery at 33W, and it's really strong. The only drawback to the Terra 2 is that the atomizer gets really hot, and I burned myself just a bit touching it at the higher wattages.
  • SOURCEvapes

    Thank you for the review and feedback!

    These are all ceramic chambers but are NOT the Terra 2 with the removable ceramic bucket that sits on top of a donut heater. — Baron23

    Small thing, those ones you have are SOURCE terra 2. All of the atomizers with removable buckets are 4 Series SOURCE nail atomizers (Titanium, Ceramic, Quartz).

    On the SOURCE orb 4 Premium battery, the 4 Series Titanium SOURCE nail will give you really nice tasting low temp dabs, and Ceramic won't really work like you said.
  • Baron23
    Thanks for straightening me out on the nomenclature! It was a bit confusing.

    I do like the Orb 4. To date, my favorite has been the Lynx Hynos Zero but the Orb 4 with ceramic works just as well with no spatter. Not sure how you guys did that, but its wonderful to not see my concentrates wasted on the inside of a mouthpiece.

    Source Orb4 w Quartz SourceNail is still the best vape pen!
    Despite being the size of a large marker.
    And having an odd look I noticed many don't like.
    More of a pocket hookah not a pen.
    But in terms of function it's the best by far.
    Closely followed by Slim4
    Then Hypnos Zero
    Then Kandypens Elite (but epoxy in question)
    And puffco plus which when modified is good, but airholes inside cup still far too low.

  • Baron23
    Well, I believe I have found my favorite atomizer from Source so far (still haven't gotten through them all yet). Its the Source Terra 2 full, sealed ceramic atomizer (this is NOT the ceramic nail atomizer with removable ceramic bucket with donut atomizer underneath). This appears to be a ceramic plate heater bonded to a ceramic cylinder for the sides of the oven.


    Note on below pic, you can see the ceramic sides of the oven extending a bit beyond the metal case, however its is not removable.

    I put it on the Orb 4 650 mah battery and set it to the max of 4.2 volts. This did melt the shatter and give me very nice tasty sips, but really no visible vapor. I then put the Orb onto my Eleaf box mod and started stepping up the wattage. While those who love low temp sipping through out the day may like it in 22-24 watts range (or less) that still wasn't working for me. I medicate for pain and sedation and when I take a hit, I want to get hit. LOL

    I stepped up to 30 watts and was getting thick clouds, still with pretty good taste. Source recommends 30-33 watts for this atomizer and they are spot on. And yes, it hit REAL good >:)

    At 30 watts, I got a little bit of spatter up to the top of the atomizer, but no further. Still a very clean and polite vape, IMO.

    Since the Orb is magnetically held, I was able to pop it off between hits and see what was happening and was delighted to see a pool of melted shatter down there....very liquid, almost like an enail melt shot. I have not yet, but one should be able to easily clean this atomizer out with a little ISO and a q-tip.

    I really, really like the Orb and the Terra atomizer. IMO (and in Source's opinion), the Orb pen battery is just not enough juice for it, however. Now, the Orb Signature set includes a small box mod (if you don't already have one) or you can hook it up to any 510 threaded box.

    Good job, @SOURCEvapes!!
  • sote23

    Baron, thanks for taking the time to review the source orb 4. The terra 2 is my favorite atomizer as well. I also did get some splatter at 30 watts.
    I also agree with Aventus that the source orb 4 is the best on the market at the moment.
  • Baron23
    Hi Sote! Glad our experiences are similar. :)
  • waxfiend
    great review and i like the pics... but so i dont get the sides, is it heating up on the sides too?
  • Baron23
    "is it heating up on the sides too? "

    Well, perhaps conduction from the bottom plate. I'm pretty sure the heating element is only the bottom plate.
  • SOURCEvapes

    SOURCE terra 2 heats up all around, including the sides. If you look at it's description in the FAQ, you'll see our close up on the sides and you can see the internal coil.

    Look at our description on the image.
  • Magicman
    Hey If i wasn't scared of this evil honey, this would be my pick.
  • Russ
    I just glossed over the reviews because I wrote source vapes off a while ago.

    However, one recommendation to you guys who want to review. I would include a warning to people about this companies requirements for COMPLETE (including photo ID being uploaded) personnel information for their age verification requirements if they buy online.
    once you get used to how unbelievable terpy profiles taste when hitting low temp concentrate vapes, it's hard to go back to flower vapes. FYI.

    Just keep your dosage on the shy side at first and you'll be fine.
  • Beamer
    Ok so I am still new to this entire process but this thread is awesome.
    @SOURCEvapes has some amazing products

    I have been learning how how this works and now I think with the help of this forum all sorted out and about to jump into a whole new level,

    So here is a question for you all
    What atomizer do you guys think would work best for live resin....

    Thank you everyone
  • SOURCEvapes

    Give the Quartz SOURCE nail or a Black Ceramic Double Coil a try.
  • Baron23
    Or the sealed ceramic bucket Terra 2. That and 30 watts will definitely vape your live resin.
  • NeverForever
    I have the Terra 2 and I love them, with one exception. I don't know if it's a defect or just the way it is, but since the sides heat up as well as the bottom, the sides of the chamber tend to char and look burned if you don't have enough product in to touch the sides all the way up. Is this going to make my product taste bad? Is it normal? I run it at 30-33w on a Smok box mod. Thanks!
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