• robbiewex
    Received my Boost e-rig last week, was very excited to get it. I liked receiving the USPS tracking number and knew exactly when it would arrive on my doorstep. Got it, thought the box it came in and packaging looked great, a little gimmicky, but great. Aside from all the rig pieces, there was a small folded instruction sheet showing a diagram of the unit, nothing printed on the inside of the booklet, and then printed on the back was a crude set of 11 instructions. Nothing about warranty anywhere, so I assume you get none. Instructions did say to use 99% Isopropyl alcohol to clean the glass bubbler you get with the rig. Believe me, the glass starts getting brown quickly. As to the unit's use, it works pretty well. The little dabbing attachment and carb cap you get with the unit is handy although small and a little hinky since the dabber tool is also the top to the carb cap by use of a strong magnet. It works OK if you're careful but sometimes the pieces come apart and they become a hassle while dabbing. You only have about 25 seconds after the rig heats up to take your dab, then the power shuts off. Each time you start the unit again, it heats hotter and lasts about 25 seconds -- they say to not re-heat the unit more than 5 times before resting it. So 5 dabs per session. So far so good with the unit. The battery portion feels solid but wonder how long it will last. Luckily, the price isn't so high that this is a huge gamble, but my bet is that this unit will not last a very long time; we will have to see. You get 1 extra "titanium" nail although I doubt it is titanium. No replacement nails are listed on the Dr. Dabber website and no registration exists on the website for the Boost unit. I think they basically rep a unit that they didn't make. There's another one on the market in the UK that looks essentially the same, but it's named Dabbie. Odd. Anyway, I will let you know how things go as time progresses with the unit.

    If you want my opinion, if you don't mind throwing away $200 (look for a coupon like I did to save as much as possible], the Boost e-rig is a fun little thing. Just don't expect longevity or much support from the manufacturer, cuz they are lame. You can purchase replacement glass (the bubbler) from Dr. Dabber for about $35 although no other components are available on their store currently. If $200 is too much to spend on a gamble that this thing will work as you'd like or last as long as you want, I'd go the traditional rig route. The end result, though more unmanageable since you need a torch, etc., may actually be the better way to go. Good luck!
  • Bud
    This is awesome thanks for sharing your thoughts!! (Y) (Y)
  • Flipz
    I just picked one up the other day myself so will share my thoughts after using it a little more. Awesome review @robbiewex


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