Of course same high quality materials as Hypnos, but only two temps and both very very high (900'f & 1100'f). Thing likely hits hard AF like a dab rig. Not my cup of tea but might be serious competition for other nectar collectors.
  • dontmindme
    Seems like this polished ceramic or glass coated ceramic is being used on a few devices now.
  • Baron23
    Wow, kind of a strange device. So, you just bury the hot end in the concentrate and with it buried in your wax and snuffle around as you suck from the other end? Kind of reminds me of Pacino at the end of Scar Face when he buries his face in a foot high pile of coke.>:)

    900 or 1100 degrees! Wow. I don't even run my enail banger that hot..more like 600-650. That's hot.

    Not mentioned was that, with a 750 mAH battery, how much use you can get on a charge.

    Interesting. Would be interested in some feedback from regular owners. The shoving a hot tip into a glass container of wax just doesn't seem very elegant or efficient to me but who knows, I clearly have never seen one up close and personal nor used one.

    Thanks for posting, Aventus.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    @Baron23 i love the idea not an all day vape but special occasion or if you just feel like getting ripped (i am usually very conservative) plus it's very unique! Has anyone had experience with it yet??
  • bum karacho
    i like the analog one .
  • juxt
    They make many kinds of 'nectar collectors' or 'honey straws' I have one that fits my flat head DNail coil that's pretty cool. I do like the analog ones the best also bum!

    I bought the honeybird nectar collector because you can take out the Ti nail and use the water piece on top with the Davinci IQ...I ended up hating the IQ but the honeybird with the Ti straw works very well.
  • Zep4
    I’ve got one of these coming soon. I’ll let y’all know my thoughts.
  • LabPong
    I’ve got one of these coming soon. I’ll let y’all know my thoughts.Zep4

    Gosh Zep.....only took ya over a year....lol (actually over 3 years since Aventus's post.

    Let us know your experience with it after you test it good.
  • Tdog420
    flavor and ease of use is great. The one thing i dont like (actually hate!!) Is the charger screws in to the air path which gets gunked super quick. I hated to have to wipe off the charger and port every single time untill eventually my charger broke. If they fixed the charger i would hands down still be using it. Also cleaning some spots is a little anoying but not too bad. Overall ill give it a c+ mainly due to the charger bs. Flavor and cloud and ease of use is on point for me at least. It also looks pretty sexy and love the magnet lids.
  • spider
    I own the linx zero and it rocks with the dio quartz atomizer, big clouds! And as far as the aries i have always been interested, I would be interested in using it with the bubbler attachment⚡✌9i9i6ktcwekt9uye.jpg
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