• Baron23
    As I had mentioned in some other posts, a dear friend is expanding my horizons and lending me a few of his vapes to try one after another.

    I have gone through the AirVape XS, then the CFX from Boundless, and then I got to try the Enano log vape for a couple of days.

    I keep saying I'm not writing a review, that this is Bud's rice bowl and not mine. But then I keep writing reviews so f*ck it...I'm writing a review. LOL

    By the by, Bud nailed the enano in his vid review found here: https://www.vapecritic.com/e-nano/ I can't disagree with a single thing he said. Spot on, IMO.

    Overall Impression - I LOVE IT. Its an electric version of my dearly beloved VapCap OG. Very small amount for a load, three tokes out of a load, and near perfect extraction. It seems well made and feels very nice to the hand. And at about $200 fully equipped with a GonG bowl, its right at $200! :-$

    What it is - For those of you who have been a round vaping for a while, log vapes are nothing new. Been around for a long time. But if you aren't familiar with this phylum of vapes, they are called log vapes because they are generally sheathed in wood and are round, like a log. From Epic's site, this is kind of an overview of the basic kit with log heater, power cord/controller, and straight dry stem. This all you need to start and start well but I would advise anyone to get a GonG bowl.

    How it works - the log is the heating element. Inside the large cavity seen at the top of the log is a vertical thinner stem that is the heating element that has a ceramic core, I believe. See pic below. The bowl or oven is built into the stem or GonG. You put a bit of herb in the oven, mate the oven to the log (turning the log upside down and putting it on the stem to do this so your herb doesn't just fall out :-O ). You draw through the stem, this pulls air from the heater through your oven and convection vapes your herbs very well.

    Conduction vs Convection - This is a convection vape. Now, the glass on the stem does get hot (they have silicone heat guards on there so you can handle them) but I don't think its enough to seriously contribute conduction but it might a little bit.

    Stems and GonGs - The standard stem and Gong have a basket shaped screen that easily inserts into the glass. The baskets go in with the bottom facing the oven...so, it doesn't act like a basket, it just looks like one. The basket actually forms the bottom of the oven with the walls being the glass as shown here
    In the second picture from the top, I removed the silicone guard from the GonG so you can see basket placement. Here is a close up.
    By the by, this silicone guard is the old style and is a complete PIA to get on/off for soaking in ISO (I guess you could soak the guard but that's too half-ass for me...silicone doesn't need to soak). On the dry stem (long piece of glass) pictured above still has the guard on. The new style of guard is much improved over just a piece of tubing cut and slipped over the glass. The new guards look like this:

    This is the nano on a C2 WP with the GonG

    Basket screen placement - with the standard stems and GonGs, you need to place the depth of the basket to form the oven. So, you can have a larger load or a smaller one. The key is that for whatever you load, you need to keep about 3/16" - 1/4" of space between the top of your load the the end of the heating element when it is installed on the stem. If you look at the first picture above, and look at the bottom of the straight stem, you can see a little ring about 1/4" - 5/16 or so from the end. When you put the log on it, this is where the end of the heater will be. I know this sounds confusing but its really a cinch. Just put your herb in it, check to see if you have enough/too much space, and change basket depth appropriately (a #2 pencil end or small dowel will work perfectly...as will a chopstick and BBQ skewer as I proved this week! LOL). The GonG doesn't seem to have this subtle line (or the one I was lent doesn't) but its exactly the same. Epic has, however, released stems and GonGs with a glass screen built in. So, no more adjusting basket height but you give up some flexibility on load size, I believe. The stem with glass screen looks like this:

    Load Size - I ran .05 grams. That's right...50 milligrams. Half of a GH load and about all I can fit into my VapCap. I LIKE this small load size as I can choose to vape multiple loads or stop after one. I vape about .1 g before bedtime as a sleep aid with my damaged back. This vape was perfecto mundo. I am sure I could run .1 and .15 g also without a hiccup. Not sure of max size but I would bet you can go even bigger....maybe up to .25 g or so?? I also ran a small bit of herb, some pollen on top of the herb, and a little wee hemp fiber filter on top of that to keep the pollen from falling into the heating element. THAT load was a "Say goodnight, Grace" moment. :-! X-)

    Temperature - Bud was exactly right in his review. The dial on the power cord is linear and the vape-able range on this dial is fairly small. I also think they would be well served to expand this part of the power range to provide greater precision but it sure didn't negatively impact using it so there is that. I started at 8 on the dial which was a bit too hot. No real good taste, good vapor though. I found 7-7.5 to be a sweet spot for me.

    The Vapor - was wonderful. Much like my VapCap with .05 g, the first draw is very flavorful but also nicely visible. The second draw was the money shot. The third was just clean up. Now, I did stir at the end to get one last draw from it but I don't think its necessary. Taste good, was dense, was hard hitting, and my AVB was perfect.

    Cleaning and maintenance - nothing really to clean but the glass and screens. Piece of cake. Screens are a buck apiece from Epic but Delta 3D Studios sells a tool to turn regular SS flat screens into bucket screens for the nano. I have no idea how well it works and to me, for a buck each I'm buy 20 of them and be set for quite a while...yeah?!

    Portability and stealth - none. LOL And it has glass (but this some thick ass glass) and glass does break but replacements are affordable and if handled with even just a modicum of care the glass will be fine. As far as the log, perhaps wax the wood once in a while to keep it nice, that's pretty much it.

    In summary, I found the nano to be easy to use, to be flexible for a wide range of load sizes, minimal crap to break, and excellent vapor. I plan to buy one...maybe Black Friday.

    Next up, the VapeXhale Cloud EVO which will be the last of the loaners as I have gone through them all! LOL

  • Bud
    starting to read this now but oh my goodness it looks better than my reviews
  • Bud
    very very good review and i even learned a few things! 8-)
  • Cl4ud3
    Nice review again :) Log vape is something I do want to try out, if I was in the USA I would try one of these.
  • Baron23
    starting to read this now but oh my goodness it looks better than my reviewsVapeCritic

    hehehe...I gave you a 'like' on this post because I'm an inveterate flattery suck up LOL

    But no, I don't agree with this quote....you are THE Vape Critic! X-)
  • Hitz
    Another great write up :D (Y) !
  • Baron23
    Well folks, I just bought one...premium Walnut. Got both the fixed glass screen and adjustable screen stems and GonGs....well, just because I could. LOL

    The enano reminds me that sometimes simple is just really, really good! X-)
  • nickbashans
    I just went to there home page and there slogan for the E-Nano is
    "3 and 3/4 inches never felt so good" ROTFL. Best add I have seen for a vape.
  • Hitz
    Well folks, I just bought one...Baron23

    Damn son :-O !! Must have really made an impression!
  • Baron23
    I just went to there home page and there slogan for the E-Nano is
    "3 and 3/4 inches never felt so good" ROTFL. Best add I have seen for a vape.

    And here it was I thought they were talking about me! :-O

    I wondered how they knew! hahaha

    Damn son :-O !! Must have really made an impression!Hitz

    Indeed. Resonable price, great flavor, hard hitting, can run .025 and .5 without any issues whatsoever (which is what works for me), and is a relatively petite 3 and 3/4 inches (as Nick has taught me...snicker).
  • Baron23
    Well, after getting to use a loaner Enano for a few days I decided to buy one and it has arrived from EpicVape!! Whoot, whoot!! X-)

    Sadly, I'm up very early to go to a funeral and no...personally I would find it disrespectful to go baked unless absolutely needed for medical reasons and I can get through this day without. So, I will plug her in this evening for a first session.

    Great vape, ordering was easy, order arrived quick and accurate. What more can you ask? (Y)
  • Bud

    My oh my what a lovely review I just stumbled across! :cool:

    I have a question about my E-nano and after searching realized we don't really have an official E-nano thread on here :chin:

    Anyway, my question is this...

    Ever since I got mine, years ago, the MAX heat level I ever set it on was 7 on the dial, if I ever went higher than that I would usually get overheating.

    However, last week, seemingly out of nowhere, my unit no longer heats up to the proper temperature on level 7, it doesn't get hot enough, I now need to bump the dial up to ~8 to get the same intensity.

    Am I losing it or has this happened to anyone else?
  • Bud
    One of my fave desktops btw :100:
  • Baron23
    Just stumbled across it??? You commented on it two years ago (my, how time seems to fly as memories melt like sandcastles at high tide! haha).

    So, since then I have been using my Enano regularly. EVO is still king in this house, but the Nano can be left on all night long without worry (at least for me and this is the ONLY vape I will leave on and heated overnight) and that works wonderfully for the many times my back pain gets me up during the night. Also, makes a nice hand warmer for those with achy mitts.

    I have settled, with my particular nano, at 6.5 with the occasional bump to 7. Again, analog devices so YMMV but will probably be close to this setting.

    I think in the OG review I said I could probably get .5 g in there if needed....now, not so much. Oh, I can push the screen down but that makes for a long thin load and would require a good bit of stirring to ensure all of the load was heated and extracted. So, I have settled on .1 - .12 g loads max (and many at .05 - .07) and prefer just fill the bowl again for more draws. I rather like smaller loads as I vape at home almost always and having to refill often (and its so simple with a Nano) keeps the taste fresh also.

    I think I also said something about keeping the load 1.4" from the heater....too far. A 1/6th will do, an 1.8th is probably perfect. I have pushed loads down with the heater core without major issue...just a tiny bit of char on the very top.

    I have also found, wrt to temp, that while I can hit it very well after 5-10 minutes of preheat, if you really get it heat soaked it can become a bit more of a beast. Might even want to cut .25 or so off the temp. Very much like the EVO and FP in that regard. Heat soaking is your friend, IMO.

    Now, mostly I used the Nano through water with a carb'd adapter. The one in the photo came from...UK maybe?? But Oregon Glass Blower is a good guy, sells them, and his stuff is good quality. Here is one in 14 mm but he also has 18 mm.



    @VapeCritic - so, different electrical outlets may also effect where on the temp you need to be. Are you using it in the same place in the same house and same outlet as before when 7 was max?? If you are, then I would open a support request with Nadia as either the heater or the rheostat may be going on you.

    The Enano and logs in general are great full convection, on-demand, highly efficient, simple and reliable vapes. Wouldn't give it up for anything.
  • peteathome
    Regarding cleaning the stem - Baron23 says he takes the silicone heat guard off to clean. I find this unnecessary. I have been using the same stem daily for 21/2 years and never remove the silicone guard ( the original style) or the screen. I clean the stem once or twice a week by putting it in a jar with iso, lay the jar on its side to submerge the stem, then remove the stem, rinse it briefly with water an blow out any excess water and let it dry for a while before using. It takes about 20 seconds to clean. I leave the iso in the jar for future uses. And the silicone has been totally unaffected by this process. It will probably outlast the glass.
  • BestBuds
    I run the entire glass stem under the hottest water coming from my faucet/sink. It even cleans the screen and everything. I rarely have to pop out the screen to soak it in isopropyl.
    Hot water FTW!
  • Baron23
    Baron23 says he takes the silicone heat guard off to clean.peteathome

    Yeah, I think I got that from Epic but maybe not.

    Glad to know its not necessary.
  • Tony Jones
    I just got one of these on Monday. I thought I was tripping cuz the little blue light wouldn't even come on until it got to seven. Yesterday I got an email from Epic Vape stating they were sending out another power cord because of the issue I described previously. If you're having issues with it not heating unless you go at least to 7 it might be the power cord.
  • Mr White
    I hope mine isn't like that I got lucky and the post office mine is sitting in inside my P. O. Box said they would forward it to where I'm at right now so it should be here tomorrow or Friday can't wait.
  • Tony Jones
    If you had a power cord of the same lot they are proactively sending out replacements so don't worry. The defective one still works just not as is designed and depending on your preferred vaping temp it might be perfectly fine for you . You will enjoy this vape though. And your stash will thank you!! Peace!
  • Mr White
    well I received my E-Nano today and the light doesn't come on until I get to about 7½ on the dial it still works fine tho and after everything epicvape did for me I can ask them to send me another power cord I'm just going to buy one when I get back home until then this will work just fine.

    BTW I've found it works much better if you perheat the stem I went from getting one or two hits to 6 or 7 off of 0.10g I've also noticed it works better with whole bud than ground
  • Mr White
    Woke up this morning to see this happened to my E-Nano while I slept.:worry: some reason it won't post pic but the wood is cracked from top to bottom.
  • bum karacho

    thats bad after one week!
  • Mr White
    my thoughts also but I can't complain after how well epicvape took care of me.
  • Mr White
    Finally the picture went through here's a pic
  • BestBuds
    did you contact epic vapes? I love my enano. That sucks that happened.
  • Dr green thumb
    that looks like a natural flaw in the wood, from your picture it looks like it followed the grain of the wood exactly. But it still hurts to look at.
  • Baron23
    Happens some times. You say that Epic took care of you ....may I assume that they are fixing it under warranty?

    If you would like to fix it yourself, try some thin superglue (it migrates into the pores of the wood) and bind with something to hold it together until it hardens.

    Some folks leave it like that and feel it adds character...me, I'm a shotgun guy and we are always messing with highly figured wood stocks...I would fix it myself.

    If you are REALLY good at wood working, you can add a couple of small wood pins to the super glue...but that's really beyond my personal wood skills.
  • Mr Gweilo 420
    Nice review Baron. It's a truly great product. Everything in my vape arsenal changes but the Enano has been number 1 since 2013 for me.
  • EconMan
    For those of you who have been a round vaping for a whileBaron23

    You said "round" :rofl:

    Seriously, interesting review. I never really have these sorts of vapes a chance. I should try one
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