• Rudis21
    Ya definitely glad I picked it up. My consumption has obviously gone up being home all day. So I really needed something without a battery. I was getting tired of always making sure things are charged. This is perfect honestly, most desktops are big set ups and as much as I would love to get a cloud evo I don't really have anywhere I could put it. I actually put away all my portables for now, this thing is dope.
  • Baron23
    Now, this is not me...but many like to get the aroma therapy cup, put some essential oils in it, and run it that way....or just leave it out and tell people its an aroma therapy device.

    Best of luck with it...I've had mine for...eh, 4-5 years maybe...and still works like the day I bought it.

    I did get the new controller in the wood block.....I do like that very much. Its an improvement over the old stock controller.

    Wow, I just looked at their site and don't see the new improved optional power cord/controller????

    They were selling them?
  • Rudis21
    Yes I got a wooden controller. It was an extra option when i picked out my kit. I got the maple burr, maple controller, 2 of the ice stems, and 2 of the rig adapters. I grabbed a bamboo box for everything and it all fits nicely into the box, great deal for the price. I mean it will rarely be in the box but I think it was only like $20
  • Baron23

    :up: :100: :clap:
  • Rudis21
    I will say this device with a rig is a perfect option for someone coming from bong smoking. My smoking days was 95% bong rips and this is the closest I have come to that experience.
  • okla68m
    Ive left mine on for a monthh at a time. Had it a couple years. Works like the day I purchased it. I also added the "Ice Stem" recently. I also use the Ice Stem with my Apollo AirVape X and the WPA for the "X". Fits perfectly !
    Maple Burl....usually set at 6.5 i.e. Baron. Seems to be the Sweet Spot for all ranges of load size....0.05 to 0.3 gms.
  • Deleted User
    This user has been deleted and all their posts removed.
  • Rudis21
    I just wish the cords were a little longer!
  • Baron23
    get an extension cord or surge protector with a cord maybe.
  • Rudis21
    It's the cord from the controller to the enano itself that I wish was longer. Right now it's on my kitchen counter and I stand when I use it. So the controller is dangling, if it was longer it would still sit nicely on the counter. This is serious nitpicking though
  • BestBuds
    @chaos191 you said in another thread that you were having a hard time getting a better tasting hit. Did you get the adjustable wpa or the glass screen one?
    If you have the adjustable, try pushing the screen like 1mm down and see if that helps. Like, leave 1mm of space more than you do now between the screen and herb.
  • chaos191
    Yeah that's what I have been doing using adjustable screen the dial is so sensitive! Im not sure any tips on packing... I think I just have to work with it.
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