• VapeCritic
    The NewVape FlowerPot = something unique and special.

    I just posted my review(s), you can find my written post here: https://www.vapecritic.com/newvape-flowerpot/

    And here's my video:

    You can custom build your kit on the NewVape site, and if you use my promo code VAPECRITIC you'll get 5% off your order in the cart.

    Here's some pix:

  • Kallapryy
    So a cheaper in price and easier to manage version of a Sublimator? How did the experiences of use compare? The experience of prepping and cleaning after a session? This seems like a more practical option.
  • Hitz
    That is the craziest shit I have ever seen >:O! Man I'd never turn down the opportunity to try one out but there's a lot gears coming together it stresses me out lol.

    Bro check out those skills sucking a bowl and slurping up some of dat dab gravey!! That was slick 8-)
  • Magicman
    This looks like the old computer i built with a water block.
  • Magicman
    or an dialisis setup
  • silat
    I cannot say enough good things about Edwyn (main man at NewVape).
    He does first class work, cares about his customers and is very open minded.
  • Baron23
    I also really, really like Edwyn and New Vape in FL, USA! (yeah! X-) (Y) )

    However, wrt to their enail controller and coil, I did ask Edwyn about the pin outs on their coil, i.e. is it a five pin full size XLR connector and are the pin outs the defacto standard (which is D-nail's standard...5 pin, 1 & 2 = power +/-. 3 & 4 = thermocouple +/1, and 5 = ground). Edwyn did not respond with their actual connector type and pin-out and stated that their coils should only be run with their controller. This was a bit disappointing as non-standard pin-outs would limited you to using their enail/coil combo exclusively which is not very comfortable to me. If they used standard pins, then I could get coils from multiple sources and/or put their coil on an existing controller. But that's just not the case or at least Edwyn didn't want to take the responsibility for interop.

    Now, the handle...I bought a couple of these handles for my enail coils. I LIKE it a LOT. Because all coils have slightly different connectors where the cord meets the thermocouple, I did have to take a dremel tool and relieve the inside of the handle just a bit to get it to fit with my D-nail coil but it was easy (and I'm NOT handy with tools). I would highly recommend this handle for any enail coil application. AFAIK, New Vape is the only one to make such a thing.

    Wrt to the scoop you show using to load the Flower Pot. Well, I'm a fan of small scoops and have a couple from Delta 3D Studios which are 3D printed steel. I did buy one of New Vapes scoops like you had in the vid, its aluminum, and a WONDERFUL scoop. The scoop is narrow and will fit into a Grasshopper and VapCap chamber, the other end is great for tamping down, and its just a nice little piece. My main Delta scoop is smaller...about .05 for a slightly rounded scoop full. The New Vape one is a bit larger and is a very useful design IMO.

    As you may know from my prior recommendations, I do have New Vape's fine grinder that you showed and its a total quality piece. Just hold it in your hands and you can see the difference from most other grinders. I just bought their coarse grinder version also. Same build quality, just a more coarse grind (but if your herb is very dry and you grind too long it will still end up kind of on the fine side).

    Question: I see that you had their glass piece with the Flower Pot. Their glass is fairly reasonably priced so I assume its Chinese glass (and they are making some nice glass these days if you get the right vendor). What is your view of the glass...well made? Thick and sturdy? Joints nice and clean? Nice and symmetrical?

    I buy from New Vape whenever I can. I like their approach...real quality machine shop products. Nothing cheap or half ass.

    What I may be well interested in is their oil press. Are you still planning to get one and review it?

    I don't think the Flower Pot is right for me right now...but thanks for the review and I hope you recoverd and were able to get off of the couch after that herb/dab hit! hahaha!

  • VapeCritic
    I almost said this in my review but held back, but yes I do think it's basically a cheaper and easier to manage version of a Sublimator, it's every bit as strong and is definitely a lot less wonky. Stays cleaner too, it doesn't seem to be building up residue anywhere like the sub does
  • VapeCritic

    I hope you recoverd and were able to get off of the couch after that herb/dab hit!Baron23

    LOL I actually had to cut out what happened right after that, because I basically fell back onto the couch and couldn't get up :-! :-!

    About the glass rig, you are correct it is not made in USA cus the price would be a lot higher, he gets them from china but honestly I'm impressed with the quality and would even recommend it if it was priced higher, it's a nice sturdy piece for sure. I've bought a few sub-$100 glass pieces from other stores in the past and none were this quality.

    I do still want to put together one of their rosin presses I just don't know how soon I can do it!
  • Baron23
    I do still want to put together one of their rosin presses I just don't know how soon I can do it!VapeCritic

    hehehe Let me know when the press is running...I'll be there with the material! LOL

    Thanks...yep, there are some good Chinese glass, particularly that made to order under contract for USA manufacturer's. I think a lot of Thick Ass Glass stuff (not all but a lot) is Chinese and is pretty dang good stuff.

    Thanks again for the great review.
  • LabPong
    This vape has me highly interested.....if I need everything but the glass unit.....and I mainly want flower use....with the shower head one......is the cost basically $400 for the parts?

    I do not understand the pan head or shovel head part. What are those?
  • Namekian
    Hey man, been using my FP for about 3 weeks now and love it! The pan head and shovel head are just bowl types. Just choose the one you think looks nicer. My total came to around $450 but I went with the nicer stand and grinder. With the stand and grinder there were 10 items in my cart. Try coupon code twaxvapor and see if it saves you more money. :)
  • Baron23
    This is a PM I wrote in response to an inquiry from another member on another board re: FP. Hope this is helpful to you.

    Now, FlowerPot....I have the Shower Head version (SH) as I really will only use this for flower. I have some GREAT enails (D-nail Halo and Liger) and the "oh, I can now do a double decker hit" is really not my thing....to me, its sort of a novelty. Vape or dab, pick one! LOL

    Now, as I see that you have seen in the open thread...the only difference between Pan Head and Shovel Head is exterior aesthetics.

    Now, I have two types of Shower Head bowls....the OG (which is just the same one piece bowl for the Flower Pot) and the two piece Pan Head which was made into two pieces to alleviate issues with male Ti joints sticking in your glass (for me, every time but once it cooled of it came out easy...every time).

    I actually didn't mind the sticking as I use a drop down and the drop down was a good handle for the bowl when emptying (shites hot, mate!).

    But, I got an early two piece Edwyn was selling and some of use had issues with air leakage (and a LOT of issues with how Edwyn initially handled that on the forum....its there if you care to look, I would waste the time, though).

    This has been resolved and I would recommend the 18 mm...either Pan or Shovel.

    Now, the Pan/Shovel have a 2.5 mm deeper set of the screen in the bowl which was requested by users (not me, I prefer small bowls and just reload until I'm satiated). To compensate, I jumped my temps up about 25 degrees or so. No biggy.

    The Ti carp cap is a must...this one:


    I bought the SS scooper handle from him and like it a lot. But, if you already have a scoop that you use, not necessary.

    I did not, and will not, buy controllers and coils from Edwyn. For reasons of his own (he has stated its a better connector) he doesn't use the bayonet type XLR that's become the defacto standard (with D-nail pinouts). He uses a screw on type and I will not lock myself in on a proprietary coil connector.

    I tried and tried to convince him to change it, but alas no so I do not recommend him for that part of the kit.

    I do like Auber very much, controllers and coils (and the Georgia based company also).


    Now, the SH hits like a nine pound hammer. You can cash loads in just a couple of thick draws, if that's what you want and most do. Or, lower the temp, don't cap, and you can stretch a bowl a bit. But functionally, its terrific.

    I live alone but still do not feel comfortable leaving a rig set up in my dining room, etc. So for me, using the SH is a set up/tear down routine. I just mention this in case this would be a consideration for you and your circumstances.
    — Baron23
  • welshman

    Cheers for the info and @VapeCritic for the review, I got one for myself for my birthday yesterday with the showerhead but non-panhead or shovelhead bowl and was trying to work out the difference! I'm really enjoying it. Sort of struggled to see why id need a desktop unit before but liked the idea of it covering both enail and microdosing so decided on this over the cloud and its blown me away several times haha. Im now looking at the panhead, double woven Ti screens and the fine grinder and even possibly the wrap-around SiC in the future but for now 0.1 - 0.15 and maybe the occasional cheeky dab in the top and its the vape equivalent of at least a .5g bong hit and very often more than enough. Very well made and for how intimidating it looks vs something like the cloud (and minus a couple of burns from me being an idiot) surprisingly easy to use.
  • Baron23
    hehehehe...yeah, to own a FP is to, at some point, burn yourself with a FP! LOL

    So glad you are loving it.
  • LabPong
    I have not burned myself yet....but I feel it is less possible than using my soldering iron at least. (knocking on wood now).....

    I love this New Vape Flowerpot....got the showerhead as I do not do c-trates beyond kief anyway. This unit is a full on wammy bammy your F'ed UP NOW kinda vape....if you want it to be....it can and will very quickly. But you can also so small hits and use the vape differently to tailor your uses pretty well.

    I am super happy with my purchase and wish I would of done it sooner.....but alas.....I can medicate heavy again since I made the hard decision to return the MV1. I lost mobile ability, but gained power and a wider use scenario with a vape session. I really liked the MV1 despite it's little issues...but the biggest one I could not get over even after the app use.......SILICONE TASTE.... I am too sensitive for the ghost unfortunately. I would sense the silicone taste after the 2nd draw almost every time and it got worse from there continuing with the load.

    The flowerpot is so easy to use and keep clean...even easier than using my Arizer's with gong's.
  • welshman

    I got my flowerpot in December and have barely used anything else since. I’ve even found myself packing it up with a 18.8 bit of glass to take to mates houses instead of using the portables (mv1, mighty, source nail and even the more portable plenty). I’ve never hit anything that can achieve the level of vapour density I get with it (I’ve tried the sublimator, cloud, volcano desktopwise)
  • welshman
    The only issue for me is I’m in the UK and I want to buy basically all of the newvape bits but the delivery is painfully slow. I ordered on the 21st December and UK parcelforce (who have had the package since 25th) finally yesterday decided how much customs I would have to pay and I assume are now hand writing and delivering me a letter asking me to pay -_- whereas I ordered something else from the US that used dhl and it arrived 4 working days later, with a customs charge that presumably the same border/customs people had to check. I wish vapefiend.co.uk stocked more of their stuff cos I want the wrap-around SIC now and not in a months time.
  • Cl4ud3
    DHL and other companies have a dedicated customs office I believe in destination countries, so they are faster than the regular customs who have to deal with everything else. I guess newvape have used USPS which is the cheapest option for them, slow due to the time of year :(
  • DregerUS
    Hilarious my first thought just viewing the product was damn that's just going to burn the f*** out of people

    And I thought the plenti was plenty dangerous
  • welshman

    That makes sense! It’s just frustrating that it got from miami to Uk Heathrow within 48 hours but it’s taken 360 hours and they haven’t even sent it to my local depot (less than 70 miles from Heathrow). I just spoke to them and even though they have raised a customs charge on Monday, I still have to wait for it to get to the local depot, for them to send me the customs number to pay the customs so they can deliver my item. Worse still I paid $45 premium shipping on a $160 order.

    I don’t think I’ll bother with the SiC wraparound and all the dabbers and stand unless someone in the uk stocks it, because it’s stupidly expensive and ridiculously long and well parcelforce are the worst. 3 or 4 week delivery in a world where I can get kgs of gym supplements from the US within 3 days with free delivery is just ridiculous.
  • welshman
    It finally arrived today and I've spoken to NewVape who said they can quote me for other carriers next time and also spoke to Vapefiend who said they should be getting more of their stuff in over the next month and just got the titanium carb caps up on the site! Looks like I'll probably end up with every possible flowerpot attachment and dabber haha
  • Cl4ud3
    Nice, glad they are going to give you more options.
  • Zep4
    Oooooooh, now I want one!!
  • Zep4
    Couldn’t I just use my glass rig with a titanium nail and MiniNail to heat it? I posted this question to Bud on live chat and he did answer me with “experiment”. So has anyone tried just vaping weed with a titanium nail & MiniNail in their rig? At a low enough temp I would think it would work and I don’t have the dough right now for a FlowerPot. Now if Bud was to give one out as a prize...well that would be simply awesome:)...(hint hint!)8-) (L)
  • Zow237
    or buy mine at a good price ;) @Zep4
  • katdaddy

    Have the showerhead? :)
    hmmmmm...sounds interesting
  • Zow237
    nope og :(
  • Zep4
    After further thought I realize my Plenty does just what I’m looking for, so I guess I don’t need to play around with a glass rig & weed. Crafty for on the road. (A cord & charger in the car.) Can’t go wrong with those two.
  • welshman

    That’s fair enough! Personally I’ve stopped using the plenty because it just needs too much material to work well for me and I never really got on with the reducer without the dosing caps and found the dosing caps too small for the full plenty experience. Saying that though I still see people who want a larger plenty chamber, but for me having the ability to hit from 0.05 - 0.4 is more important than being able to hit 0.3-2+ grams, unless at a party (and then the flowerpot really isn’t ideal for parties, too much explaining that it’s not as science as it looks and many burns)
  • LabPong

    I got my flowerpot in December and have barely used anything else since. I’ve even found myself packing it up with a 18.8 bit of glass to take to mates houses instead of using the portables (mv1, mighty, source nail and even the more portable plenty). I’ve never hit anything that can achieve the level of vapour density I get with it (I’ve tried the sublimator, cloud, volcano desktopwise)

    I know exactly what you mean.....same for me. The only problem with taking the NewVape over to friends or other places besides my desk.....is that the cool off period is the only negative for me.

    My 18650's are getting lots of rest lately as my Air's only get used a few times per week instead of daily.

    Glass bowl, SS screen...........TASTE TASTE TASTE! so much better than the stock bowl setup with my Flowerpot.
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