• nickviper666999
    Wow good pointer on the water guys.. Tx for this thread
  • LabPong
    I also use the carb cap with only flower at any temp. I find there's too much airflow without it and i run out of breath within seconds, but using the cap I take 20-30sec rips.

    Pretty sure I remember reading somewhere it's better/recommended to use the cap at all times.

    I only used the stock 20mm Ti bowl setup a few times. I do recall that using the carb on it helped with adding some needed resistance. I felt it was too free flowing without it.

    But using different glass bowls, I found no need at all for the carb. I could extract fast and to levels that were more than satisfying. I might of got a touch more out of the extraction.....but felt it was always too hot or harsh when I capped.

    I use lower temps and found there is enough heat and air movement through the load to extract very fast and full and maintain taste. But are setups can be different and also our tastes/needs of vapor are all slightly different from person to person. Though these factors are there.....nothing changes in regards to how good this desktop vape is....it's on the top!
  • Gonzo1390
    Ordered a Showerhead, bowl, enail controller, and coil. Really looking forward to trying this out.

    I'm going to try to rig up a coil handle. Also not really feeling the $40 carb cap, so I might try to rig something up cheaper for that too.
  • IsraTogy
    Any one trie use the ShowerHead 20mm Head Set for Flower of new Vape with the MiniNail
  • BlluntRapp
    I tried using the elev8r WPA last night as the bowl last night, worked fairly good. The flavour was much better then the TI bowl, didn't need the carb cap. But i couldn't get full extraction after many hits, probably due to how far the coil is from the herb.
  • LabPong
    I tried using the elev8r WPA last night as the bowl last night, worked fairly good. The flavour was much better then the TI bowl, didn't need the carb cap. But i couldn't get full extraction after many hits, probably due to how far the coil is from the herb.

    Did you flip the handle over and use the top of the showerhead over the elev8r bowl/wpa? I use at 560 F on my Auber RDK300. No probs extracting. My adapter bowl is shorter and has a bigger outlet hole than the stock elev8r glass piece. That might be the reason why you are not getting good extraction.
  • welshman
    So there’s some new new vape stuff coming out that you may not know about if you don’t religiously check the Fc thread as I do.

    The v rod is here (almost). Should be available this week. Combined the wrap around and shower head sort of but with a larger dab dish and a more fitted coil cover type thing. Looks sick. Converts from 1 hole to 20 which I can only assume somewhat ups the “bio gasification process” (lol)/ decreases bowl pressure to increase vapour production at who knows what particle size. Also takes the dnail SiC dish that newvape are now resellers of


    Yep, in case you ever wanted to take the fp camping or to the beach there’s now a battery that does it with a chassis to keep it all together.

    I want both of these things probably too much, but for now I will resist the vas

    Anyway thought I’d let vapelife know even tho I see a lot of you in the F.C. thread.
  • SunnyHours
    Yeah I wouldn't recommend the Beach...unless there are sand-less beaches in existence? LOL

    @LabPong what @Taz showed in his picture is the Full Kit, it's the Bundle (what NV calls it) I kept talking about, and it's also what I got...comes with everything, even the Pelican case...

    NewVape released the V-Rod, it's on the website with the right price...
    Kinda sucks...I haven't even received my bundle yet abd the V-Rod comes out...

    @NewVape710 If you could stock some DynaVap products that'd be awesome (Just the "M" and "OmniVap Ti/OmniVap XL Ti" if not only to keep with the "theme" (Medical Grade SS & Titanium Gr.2)!
    Also, now that you are a D-Nail authorized seller, it'd be awesome if you could also stock their Sapphire crystal products (that would/could fit in the FP of course...)

    P.S: Would be really cool of your part if you could give a nice discount to people who ordered the ShowerHead and/or WrapAround Kit or Bundle right before the V-Rod came out. I'm not saying you are Dickheads if you don't, just saying it would be a Classy move on your part and would show appreciation for your good/loyal Customers and maybe give a discount to Medical Users to help the Medical Cannabis Community...

    @VapeCritic P.S: Just noticed that you have no review of the Vriptech Heat Wand (plus they have new Bowls "version 4.2"). Any plan on doing a review? That's another Heavy Hitter and it's part of my "Super Vaporizers" list hehe
    Since I've owned one;
    I'd love to see what you think of it. And it'd ve really cool to have some kind of "Showdown" of the GS, FP, VHW and maybe the Sub...
  • juxt

    I'm not sure if you ever visit the F*Combustion forums, but the newvape rep over there offered a discount to people who just ordered the showerhead or wraparound ones. It didn't go back as far as my purchase, but it was cool to do...and if you haven't even received yours I'm sure they will hook you up.
  • LabPong
    I tried using the elev8r WPA last night as the bowl last night, worked fairly good. The flavour was much better then the TI bowl, didn't need the carb cap. But i couldn't get full extraction after many hits, probably due to how far the coil is from the herb.

    I just used the Elev8r bowl again with flower. Yes, it is not extracting to full extent. I used it at 580F with an RDK300 and auber coil with my showerhead. Without upping the temps and defeating the purpose of taste with full extraction.....I think the height is one thing....but the way the Elev8r bowl has a narrow pinch exit through the bottom of the screen to the joint below.....and also the shape of the bowl from top to exit.

    I found the best is to have the airpath go from wide at the top and narrow down consistantly as possible to the exit below the screen. Some bowls like these have different shapes of width at the screen because of they way they are made. Some have big bubbled out areas where the screen sits that is much wider than the top entrance of the bowl. These make the air go around the load more rather than straight down through the centered area.

    When you switch around with different glass bowls......run a hit or two back to back that are ....stronger and try to get some 'hot spot's' in the load...then notice where the dark area is in comparison to other parts of the load on top. This is why I stir after almost every draw, it is so easy too.

    Here are what I use:

  • Gonzo1390

    Got it setup for under $300. Ceramic tile to set the Showerhead on, and a concave cabinet knob as a carb cap. Both so far working great, and cost a total of $3 at Home Depot, opposed to spending an additional $80 (IIRC) for the stand and carb cap from NV.

    And now with this Vrod shit... glad I saved some money not buying the small accessories, because I'm definitely interested in checking this out.
  • Cl4ud3
    Got to love stoner ingenuity. While I was waiting for the Flowerpot stand I was using a garden tool.
  • SunnyHours
    Hi all,

    I'm still waiting on my FP to be delivered but now I'm quite puzzled as to what is happening with it?
    (I'm in Canada)

    Here are the details...
    Package status: In transit

    [1]Destination: Canada (Canada Post)

    2018-05-20 09:53 VILLE ST-LAURENT, Item has arrived in Canada and was sent for further processing.

    2018-05-15 20:26 USMIAA,USA, International item has left originating country and is en route to Canada

    2018-05-15 20:24 USMIAA,USA, International item processed in originating country

    2018-05-15 08:51 MIAMI,USA, Item processed

    2018-05-11 16:20 33435,USA, International item mailed in originating country

    [2]Origin: United States (USPS)

    2018-05-24 18:25 UNITED STATES, WEST PALM BEACH, Departed, Your item departed from an intermediate transfer airport in INTERNATIONAL, WEST PALM BEACH, UNITED STATES on May 24, 2018 at 6:25 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

    2018-05-24 15:45 UNITED STATES, MIAMI, Departed

    2018-05-20 09:53 CANADA, Processed Through Facility

    2018-05-20 09:53 CANADA, Customs Clearance

    2018-05-18 13:34 CANADA, MONTREAL, Departed

    2018-05-17 23:29 UNITED STATES, LOUISVILLE, Departed

    2018-05-17 21:18 UNITED STATES, WEST PALM BEACH, Departed

    2018-05-17 10:22 UNITED STATES, MIAMI, Arrived

    2018-05-15 20:26 MIAMI FL INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER, Processed Through Regional Facility

    2018-05-15 20:24 MIAMI FL INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER, Arrived at Regional Facility

    2018-05-15 08:51 MIAMI FL INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER, Arrived at USPS Regional Facility

    2018-05-15 07:36 BOYNTON BEACH, FL 33435, Accepted at USPS Origin Facility

    2018-05-11 16:20 BOYNTON BEACH, FL 33435, Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending

    2018-05-11 00:00 Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS, USPS Awaiting Item

    Why is there a difference between what [1](Canada Post) and [2](USPS) says?
    And if [2](USPS) Is right? What's going on? Does it mean it's going back to the U.S? So it was refused entry into Canada I would imagine...but why?

    I'm just worried is all...after all I do have C-PTSD and Social Anxiety and Generalized Anxiety with Panic Attacks Disorders...LOL
  • Alexis
    sorry for your unlucky delays bro. Im seeing it so widely wuth all you guys over there atm. It does look lke it has already been back to the US again, quite some days ago. Now seems to be on the move. Just- hopefully in the right direction now.
    Either that or back to NV. Fingers crossed it gets to you sooner, I know how much you need it and the wait cant bw easy, but you will put all that behind you soon enough.

    A few slightly mixed reports coming on from new users recently. Some have been underwhelmed by the FP flavour or lack of. I agree it isnt the best tasting vape. But at lower temps, 550-580 ish, I thougt it was right up there at the time with the best tasting vapes Ive ever used (I hadn't tried Elev8r back then, which rides on par with the Vrip I believe).

    But the Flowerpot is about SO MUCH more than flavour. For me, it is about delivering the actives in such an easy, comfortable and enjoyable way. It isnt the hardest hitting vape signature IME, but it is immensely enjoyable. It is just a very smooth, comforting and non debilitating effect for me.

    Just very enjoyable. I also did firmly feel that the Showerhead has a very powerful broad range medicinal action. Similar to the Herborizer Ti, when I used those vapes I felt the relaxing, balancing effects around the clock, and my general health seemed to be bolstered and improved.

    Having been very ill for 13 years with Lyme Disease and a crazily overactive immune system, I am very very in tune with my body and how every little thing is affecting it. I couldn't tolerate the FP vapor due to a bizzare respiratory type of intolerance (which Im sure is due to my malfunctioning immine system).

    However, despite my hight level of respiratory suffering, I was amazed at the powerful and penetrating medicinal action I could feel all over my body from the FP use.

    So to me, this is important to be kept in context when considering the Flowerpot. So much emphasis goes on hard hitting and extraction, taste etc, big clouds, raw power. For me the Flowerpot is a superior medical device and does not get enough acknowledgement or appreciation from this particular angle.

    Im only putting it like this to hopefully help some people who are a little underimpressed by the FP so far, to recognize the value and benefit of it in this health supporting sense.
    Anyway @SunnyHours i seriously hope the Flowerpot works well for you and you are very happy with it as a replacement gor your Vrip.
  • MAbud

    Same thing going on here
  • welshman

    Never thought to try that, is that the 18mm post?
  • LabPong
    Never thought to try that, is that the 18mm post?welshman

    Is that a 18/14 combo post for the stock bowl? Did they stop making that and just go with separate ones instead? Seems like I recall NV having that but when I ordered 6 months or so ago.....it was only separate choices no combo bowl adapter.
  • VapeCritic
    lol yea it's the 18mm post and it happens to fit on a 14mm male, not perfect fit but good enough to use it like that :sweat:
  • Baron23
    Ah, new glass.....born to die! :joke: :rofl:
  • kpx420
    Can u dab distillate off the SH? I never tried dabbing distillate in any form.. just wondering
  • juxt
    Yes, it's off Ti on the SH, but yes you can dab it.

    VROD is a beast, I'd highly recommend it.
  • VapeCritic
    Went to order Vrod annnnnnd out of stock lol

    Just now learning what this is, seems pretty Sublimator-ish! :ok:
  • Mayro
    It is especially if you let the vrod heat the panhead bowl first just like the sublimator does. That being said, quite a few people seem to not like the flavor coming off the vrod for some reason. Some people are able to get it dialed in, but I still keep seeing form post after form post of people preferring glass based vapes and the bricks and the dynavap. I still want one though as Im starting to become a more - try it and see what I think - type of person.
  • juxt
    VROD is a beast. I have moved the sublimator and GS into my office, which means the FP/Vrod combo rules the bedroom. You really have to dial down the heat on the Vrod, it has airflow similar to the SH with a little less restriction than the WA head from the last versions. I normally draw at 640 on my WA, but 640 burn the heck out of it with the Vrod. 585 is still kicking it but better flavor for me.
  • welshman

    100% agree, im finding it tastier than the showerhead for some reason. Liking the bigger SiC dab dish than the standard wrap-around. Much easier to 1 hit the entire bowl without a cleanup or stirring. Perhaps ill write up a more complete review at some point as I have all three to compare. I can't bring myself to use my vapcap/mighty/air2/ghost/source nail now (struggled before with the WA and SH) as they just don't give me dab sweats from flower and I feel its a waste.


    I haven't seen any posts preffering those over the FP (other than the elev8tr with coil mod), where you looking?
  • Mayro
    A little bit of reading here and mostly on FC. Theres been atleast 2 people to put their Flowerpot up for sale on the site after not liking it. They could of just not dialed it in? Im going to get one when the Vrod is available again and ill make my own decision on if I like it lol.

    The dynavap gets here today. So excited. Its Christmas! lol
  • BlluntRapp
    Is there much point in upgrading to the vrod from the showerhead if flower is my main use?
  • Baron23
    I don't see why. Now, if you were using a wrap around FP with an insert and doing twaxes, then maybe yes.

    But I don't use my FP to dab from and I don't see any advantage of the vrod to me for just flower.

    Love my SH FP. Works good, lasts a long time. haha
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