• Alexis
    see a fresh post on FC today of a new report of Vrod testing.

    Some have said the SH still has the upper hand for flowers. But others have reported no noticeable difference, and some have said they see the Vrod as superior all around and a no brainer.

    I think it will be a while before these initial, jumbled subjective impressions form into a more reliable consensus.

    @Baron23 will be picking up a Vrod soon when his Showerhead has biodegraded back into the dirt!
  • Baron23
    no, I will not. Enails for concentrates. FP SH strictly for flower. So, don’t need a vrod w Halo.
  • deep_meditation

    I might have asked about this on a different forum but what makes a dedicated e-nail better for dabbing? Could the FP be rigged up for double duty and serve both purposes equally well?

    I’m not ready to make another vape purchase just yet. I do have my eye on a volcano glass bubbler attachment though.
  • Baron23
    Could the FP be rigged up for double duty and serve both purposes equally well?myco2

    Yes, a FP can be used for both. Equal to a dedicated enail...well, I have a Liger Banger and a D-nail SiC Halo and my thought is no. You can definitely dab from a FP, but its sort of a Swiss army knife of vapes. In my observation, a lot of folks were very excited about twaxing...double loads....flower in the bottom and 'trates in the dish. Most have found that to be more a curiosity that they tired of than an effective way to vape.

    But, a FP can vape well. Either the FP wrap around or the new Vrod will both take D-nail SiC dishes if configured correctly and this is a great dab surface.

    Why don't I think its as good for pure dabbing than one of the better enails...well, its a big, kluge, hunk of Ti heater than you rest on top of bowl...even to dab. This is just to much complexity, too many opportunities for air leaks, too many moving parts, and just is not worth it to me.

    I have a FP Shower Head and I love it for flower. I love my enails for dabbing. That's about it.
  • VapeCritic
    Just bought a Vrod :strong: i like the look of it :eyes:
  • deep_meditation
    Thanks for the explanation! I appreciate it.
  • Alexis
    Hi Bud. Maybe you will have some useful perceptions 9n how the Vrod differs from the Showerhead for flowers only. There are mixed reports so far. A number of very qualified ysers say the SH is still king for flower only.

    But others have almost said they prefer the Vrod with flower. They find it a little smoother and they are running lower temps too. Your Vrod should be the recently revised one to remove the centre hole which was causing uneven browning in a ring in the load. Users found they could almost neutralise this with a slower draw and a stir.
    The revision has further reduced the uneven browning, but someone reported it still happens with a faster draw.

    Quite a few people are currently in a dilemna about which head to go for. 20% wax usage ir above- it seems recommendations ate almost unanimously for the Vrod. But where to draw the line to get the ideal balance- the best of both worlds with the most sensible and practical comprimise.

    So you could be very helpful here with the communities' efforts to get some clarity on this. Which is great- you have some real and worth while work to do now haha!

    Still no Digi-Ti release. Obviously more work than Sebastien anticipated. But I know he has his priorities and principles right and is simply 100% focussed on getting everything must right before release however long it takes.
  • jah420
    Hi ... first post. I've been using a Airizer Air for a few years ... lately through a bong. I ordered the New Vape Flowerpot kit last week.

    Currently stuck in Canadian Customs! I hope it clears soon ... looking forward to it.

    What can I expect in vapor production compared to the original Air?

    I've never done "Dabs" ... but was thinking of trying some Rosin. Is the titanium dish on the flowerpot decent or will the flavor be negatively impacted severely? Would it be worth it to pick up a quartz nail or something as an alternative?

    Any suggestion for a quartz nail that fits the 20mm New Vape coil?
    I would consider the VROD, but with shipping, taxes, and $ conversion it gets expensive ... great forum!
  • Alexis
    hey and very welcome! Most people dislike dabbing off of Ti and although the Showerhead CAN do it it is an inferior way of using oil/rosin. Im sure most would strongly prefer an alternative dabbing setup like you mention, keeping the SH for flowers and maybe occasional double deckers.

    I have never used an Air but you cant even begin to compare the two with regards to vapor production and hitting power. Im trying to think of an analogy (jumbo jet to glider, 30 lb pike to a perch etc etc) but my imagination is a bit flat today. :grin:
  • jah420
    Thanks for the response. Your reply confirms my suspicions. If I decide to get into dabbing I will probably invest in an additional device. Jumbo jet, eh ... gets a lot higher and faster than a glider! Just like me hopefully. :starstruck: I think your analogy very apt :)
    Jah Bless!
  • Baron23
    That's me too. I have a Shower Head and love it for flowers and I also tend to stay away from Swiss Army knife type vapes that try to do everything. Flower is flower and 'trates are just different. For 'trates, I have a couple of great enails...a D-nail SiC Halo and a Liger with SiC insert.

    While the FP can certainly do dabs, I have seen where it seems like doing double deckers (flower in the bowl, 'trates dabbed on top) is more of a novelty item than something people have found is desirable routinely.

    Now, one can make the argument that while a FP may not be quite as good with concentrates as a high end dedicated enail (and some will debate that), its damn close so for those looking to consolidate into one device only it may well make sense.

    But in that case, its Vrod with SiC insert cause dabbing off of Ti tastes...well...crappy to me.
  • Namekian
    Is the Vrod better than the Showerhead for flower? Thanks man. :)
  • VapeCritic

    Testing it as I type this but still a little too soon to give any verdicts, however I will say that so far it is at least as good as the Showerhead :ok:
  • shaolinmilk
    This thing... is a beast. Been using only the FP and occasionally the Mighty for the last week and a half or so. It definitely crept its way into my Top 5. I just wanna thank VapeCritic for his set. I fucking love you man! You the real MVP!
  • VapeCritic

    Hell yea!!! :strong: :strong:
  • VapeCritic
    Yay i have something cool to review!! :cheer: lol
  • cilantro
    Bud, great backyard and beautiful granite countertop! VROD is cool, too :grin:
  • Pakalolo2
    Life is good!
  • kpx420
    ANyone see this or try it?

    Did they always have this item? I never seen it This should certainly make it taste better, shouldn't it?
  • LabPong
    I just saw that glass bowl on their site as well. Good for them on supplying a nice glass bowl.

    It will most definitely make things more tasty!
  • jah420
    Just received my Flowerpot with Showerhead starter kit. Fantastic product! I gave the parts a quick soak in 99% Isopropyl, dried the parts, assembled, and heated it up. Heats really fast. In fact, I am pretty sure it hits vaping temperature faster than my Airizer Air.

    I set my PID at 600 ... two scoops (using NewVape threaded scoop) of Super Kush in the bowl ... Wow ... nice thick clouds with my Red Eye Tech 15" Lazy Boy bong (barrel perc with double turbine). No more filling up the Airizer stem 3 times to get to where I want to go!

    I dried a few dabs Death Bubba rosin. First time dabbing so I have nothing to compare it to ... but I could taste the metallic taste from the titanium. The taste reminded me of the smell of a hot frying pan. I preferred the rosin in the bowl with some flower, actually. Potent stuff, but a bit oily tasting to me ... maybe this is normal? I have little experience with concentrates ...

    --> Any suggestions for a lower cost nail quartz or SIC dab surface that works well with the NV 20mm coil? Maybe, I should have gotten the VROD! If I do, I'll have to wait. The Starter kit was $595 CAD plus $95 CAD tax from Customs! Its tough buying stuff from the US with the CAD dollar so low ... :( I love the idea of the Liger banger or D-nail halo ... but the price!

    Still a super product and the cost is worth to me ... flavour and efficiency for flower is superior to the vape I had. In a different league. :)
  • VapeCritic
    Just ordered the glass bowl to test out before I post my review :ok:
  • VapeCritic
    I'm liking the Vrod a lot with flower :fire:
  • Baron23
    Ok, forgot to post this here...its a week or two old but better late than never

    HI guys - as I have stated in the past, the FP is a flower device for me...no dabbing off of it.

    And as a result, I'm still very happy with my Showerhead using both the OG handled bowl and I recently got a glass bowl that is marvelous.

    It was the one someone posted some pages back on Ebay from seller rainbowplusglass_0


    It now says under the listing:

    Note: Our glass bowl is around 8mm deeper than many of the models of stock Titanium bowls available. We have given you the extra space to make room for your hemp screens or metal screens in the bottom, or for you to use for larger party-sized loads or nug stacks, if you desire! Please note that in many situations, you may need to increase your air temperature by 10-40 Deg., to achieve the same vapor density. If you desire a bowl of similar volume as Titanium bowls, or do not want to adjust your temperatures much, please wait to order. We will introduce our "Stubby" version of these bowls in the near future. ​

    And indeed the first one I received had this bowl depth. As you may remember, I favor the OG handled bowl over the Pan Head I also have because with the Pan/Shovel NV went about 2.5 mm deeper on the bowl (like the old stubby) by popular acclaim. And many people have asked for a party bowl.

    Me, however, I favor the more shallow bowl depth as I vape alone and would rather reload more often than have a large load size needing in a deeper bowl.

    In conversing with the seller, he indicated he had a prototype of the "stubby" bowl he wanted me to try. About the depth of the Pan, not quite as shallow as the OG handled bowl...but we are talking one or two mm either way.

    So I tried the prototype and man, this is the tits for me personally. I did up my temps 20 degrees F and got great thick vapor. If you leave the head on the glass bowl for a goodly time, yes...the glass will get very hot and cook your herb...so don't let it sit there for 10 minutes, Baron you idiot! LOL

    Now, yes...some flower bits get through the glass gauze if you don't use a screen. But to me it was a big..."so what". It rinses out of the rig easily (I used a simple slit perc stemless can) and indeed I was surprised at the difference in taste. I wasn't fully aware of the degree to which Ti impacted the taste. Still don't mind hitting Ti with the flower (don't like to dab off of Ti, personally) but the glass bowl is very, very nice. Oh, and it doesn't stick.

    I will try a screen in the bottom but doubt I will put a hemp fiber filter in it as I do run water in the rig and any particulants (or at least most) are caught by the water). But who knows...maybe I'll get adventurous and try a filter (real act of courage there, eh? hahaha).

    U.S. Shipping 14mm Glass Bowl ( $25) : https://www.ebay.com/itm/253670318393

    China Shipping ( $16) : https://www.ebay.com/itm/253670290774
  • Cl4ud3
    I have 2 of these bowls (the original deep ones, thanks to @Baron23 for the links :up: ) and they have taken over as my bowl for flower. I had to bump temperatures by 50 degrees F to get the same extraction for the deeper bowls, and you do have to be more careful of the seal with the heater, but they are fantastic.

    I keep one with a screen for my normal grind and one I'm using whole nugs.
  • Baron23
    I keep one with a screen for my normal grind and one I'm using whole nugs.Cl4ud3

    Hi Cl4ud3 - yeah, I'm enjoying my prototype stubby. I do like the glass. Now, I have not put a screen in it yet and yeah, I get some snacks in the water of my rig but its super easy to just rinse out.

    Can you taste any impact of the screen? I have all kinds of screens, just been too lazy to dig one out and try it (yeah, sad really haha)
  • Cl4ud3
    Can you taste any impact of the screen?Baron23

    I don't seem to notice it enough to be able to comment, I'd maybe try a blind test some time and see if that helps me decide one way or the other :lol:
    The bowls themselves do make a big difference though flavour wise, they seem to add more to the profile where the Ti maybe masks things rather than imparts a taste.
  • Baron23
    they seem to add more to the profile where the Ti maybe masks things rather than imparts a taste.Cl4ud3

    ^^ :up: :100:
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