• Ctipp22
    That is a beautiful sight.
  • Deleted User
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  • zancru

    If I can only afford one..... I'll go for the VROD.... but I have VAS.... that's why I have many of them....
  • zancru
    VROD was getting jealous of all the action.....
    So I treated it like it deserve it... “diamantes en salsa”

    Stay vaped....
  • Father Time
    Hey FP community, I'm looking for some advice.

    Was looking to grab the Vrod but I noticed it uses titanium to evaporate concentrates... I'm new to concentrates but people online are saying titanium affects flavor / taste... how true is thia?

    I'm a S&B guy with a plenty as my daily driver so I don't want to go backwards on smoothness / flavor / clouds with my new on demand vape.
  • Cl4ud3
    you can get them with Quartz or SiC dishes if you are a flavour purist.
  • Father Time
    Thanks for the reply. How often do you have to replace the quartz? And is the SiC dish the grey silicone cap? Does this not affect flavor?
  • Cl4ud3
    I don't have one myself I only have the Showerhead model in Ti. From what I've read SiC is better than the Quartz and it reflects in the prices, replacement dishes are $10 for quartz and $25 for SiC.

    @welshman I believe has one of the SiC versions so maybe he can help.
  • zancru

    get the VROD with SiC dish.... watch my posts and videos.... enjoy it and good luck...
    stay vaped....
  • John Cocktostone
    Their website says use code GIBLETGRAVY for 15% off but I couldn't get it to work :(
  • nitrobacon
    @John Cocktostone the promo code is good starting on 11/23
  • Baron23
    SIC is far superior to quartz for an insert in a banger or halo on an enail, IMO.

    Little sticks to it and if it does get sticky, set to 200 F, put a couple of drops of water in it, add on drop of ISO and qtip it quickly. Comes out like brand new.
  • zancru
    Kind of nice to do photos and videos, to show how effective some vapes are.... like the VROD "for flowers"..... uncapped...... some say it's not good enough.... photos and action speaks for itself, and more than a thousands words....

    Here's photos and video of an "uncapped" OG VROD at 630F.... room temp 70F maybe.... RudeBoi OG sativa strain.... some say VROD can't do it..... jajajjajajaja it's my answer
    The VROD has center hole plugged.... my green is loaded like a doughnut... with a center hole.... this method makes a big difference.... common sense goes a long way in the vaping world ;)

    ABV no flash....

    ABV with flash.....

    ABV close up....

    ABV leftovers.... the clear spots is vaped herb.... trust me.... the rest is "well done".....

    I needed some breathing warm ups.... I'm getting old.... jajajajaja hit the discos and pubs yesterday night.... crazy night...

    Stay vaped.....
  • zancru
    Buenas noches....
    Cooking dinner, glass of Merlot, and some fun, after a long rainy work day....

    Diamantes en salsa are tasty indeed, and blow your mind.
    RudeBoi OG pairs really well.
    Stay vaped and toasty.
  • Dr green thumb
    yes diamonds and sauce is very tasty. Cheers
  • EconMan
    ↪zancru yes diamonds and sauce is very tasty. CheersDr green thumb

    If the BHO is done well, and the terp reintroduction is done well, it's the best flower-based high I have experienced. The first time (because of arrogance) was the only time I've ever thought I might not be able to "handle it"... I was knocked on my ass and darn near incoherent for a few minutes until I "stabilized". I've had great respect for it ever since. lol :)
  • zancru
    I did my fair time of BHO, like all the pros you mentioned, but in the long run, for me, they are harsher on my throat and brings back that cough, that I only develop if I'm smoking spliffs for a time.
    BHO well done, leaves almost no residue, and taste fantastic, if you're properly torch heating an opaque quartz banger, and let it cool down, timing it for those tasty low temp dabs.
  • EconMan
    if you're properly torch heating an opaque quartz banger, and let it cool down, timing it for those tasty low temp dabs.zancru

    I never realized the benefit of high quality bangers until I got one.

    I've developed a slightly different methodology. Sort of like a quasi-cold start. I get the banger "very warm" but not hot. Hot enough to melt the dab but not hot enough to scorch or burn.... Then I carb it and use my new torch on VERY low and heat from the bottom, and I take long slow hits while turning the directional carb... while periodically reheating (but not too much) as needed. I find this gives a nice spectrum of flavors. I suspect however, the cost of the great taste is a lesser "high per $" ratio?
  • zancru

    You’re doing it right my man.
    Over heat and cool down, or never reach high temperature, are the way to go.
    I try to emulate that effect, by sitting the VROD head on top of the bowl,a few seconds before starting the dab.
    When PID numbers, reach the lowest temp, I start dabbing, e-nail will ramp up again the temp trying to compensate for the heat loss of the bowl.
    I believe it goes down from 626 to 600.
    Nothing that will change too much.
    First hit are always tasty and full.
    Second hit or finish,is more enjoyable and not as harsh.
    Maybe it’s just in my head.
    Need to pay more attention.
    Stay vaped.
  • EconMan

    Yes! yes! and Yes! The first "hit" is so low-temp the first tastes are a bouquet in the mouth. Then it just kicks in. For this purpose I use a smaller torch than my "Big Red" blazer. It is a Zico that has an incredibly adjustable flame... and for these cold hits a tiny focused flame is the game. Overdo it, and there is tar.

    I've never used a bona fide e-nail yet. And I want to. My understanding is they can be used in this way, and it saves the repeated "apply torch" / "remove torch" ?
  • zancru
    This last Green Friday VAS really kicked in.
    But today, I received a big surprise.
    I've been emailing back and forth with NV.
    They've been really busy with orders and scammers.
    I forgot to check "My Account" at their site.
    They're moving everything there.
    I didn't check "My Orders" ,and I did today while on the street working, and voila, a package arrived home, without me even knowing by "My USPS Informed Delivery" tracking....
    Weird indeed, so here I arrived home and all this treasure chest was there, felt like I was a little kid opening the package.

    Aerial view of the goodies...
    Cannagar looks neat in person... sturdy and heavy too, looks like a good quality product....
    But this one, this one it's the jewel of their lineup imo, never had such a beauty of a grinder in my hands before, no words or photos to describe it....
    14mm female post, finally I'll dab in my Felazi Recycler ;) , 2 holes angled new VRod cap, new VROD head, 14 and 18 glass bowls....
    Close up of the NV SiC dish plus 10 quartz balls, just in case....
    Close up of the ShowerHead, glass bowls, loading tool, double weave screen etc etc....
    Felazi recycler all clean and ready to fire ;)

    Stay vaped...
  • Baron23
    That's a hell of a haul, dude! Congrats, looks wonderful.
  • zancru
    More stuff on its way, videos coming soon ;)
  • LabPong
    More stuff on its way, videos coming soon ;)zancru

    Dude.....what more could you possibly want.....you can already vape anything and everything that contains THC... or at one time grew from the ground. haaaaa :joke:
  • deep_meditation
    Has anyone used the Flowerpot to vape traditional hash? I have the Vrod and both the metal post/bowl and the glass bowls as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • zancru

    soon , very soon i'll have a chance to grow my own, all thou shall see jajajajajaja
  • zancru

    go for the "metal" aka Grade 2 Titanium jajajajjaja bowl,
    try to use a double weave Ti screen or 2 Ti screens,
    crumble that hashish, spread it evenly and try to make it a full thin patch,
    even if you can't cover the full screen, don't leave holes in between,
    set temp to 650F plus, depending on the hashish quality,
    if you found 00 India's Chiaras, I'll go for 650F,
    for shitty Moroccan "camel dung", 700F or up....
    enjoy it ;)
    stay vaped....
  • UbarDog
    I'm excited for you , Jellous and confused :D I thought you already have a vrod for over 3 months now ?

    Is it different kit or "full" package or backup or what ?

    Plus one more thing I can beleve you used the turn "shitty moroccan" I have some freinds that go over there now and again. Definately not shitty what they come back with.
  • deep_meditation

    Thanks. I’ll give that a try. I think my bowl must be titanium. I bought the VRod kit not that long ago.
  • zancru

    I have a friend that has a house at Chefchaouen, "The Blue City" in Morocco.
    He rolls his own hashish, but he swears for 00 India's chiaras.
    I tried it too. With him ;)
    That's a "hashish", I swear for it too.
    I'm not saying moroccan hashish isn't good if you roll it yourself, but India's imo is better quality.
    And yes, I own a VROD since May this year, they aren't backups, they are just different and I have them all on all the time.
    Yes, I have VAS ;)
    Stay vaped.
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