• Hansmanos
    Hi -

    I'm struggling between getting a higher - end portable Pax 2 and a combo pack with an LSV and Summit. Usually smoke at home with one other person , but once or twice a month take joints on the road or camping. I'd love to get a crafty, but I'm scared off. Occasionally have up to four people at home smoking.

    I can get two decent vapes for the price of the Pax 2. Do people here think it's better to have a desktop/handheld and a portable, or would my money be better spent on a Pax 2? I also appreciate being able to easily charge the Summit with a battery pack while backpacking (which I do a lot in the summers).

    Side note: the grasshopper was going to be my first. I ordered it on my birthday in March for delivery in May. Just cancelled my order last week. Tired of waiting and burning my lungs.

    1. Combo pack (LSV/Summit) or Pax 2 (4 votes)
        Pax 2
  • Hansmanos
    Maybe I should mention that I live in Washington, so stealth is not a huge issue. Also that I tend to take big draws; gf takes a little bit shorter draws, but not little puffs. Combo and Pax 2 are roughly the same price, because I can get the combo on sale.

    Anything else that would help with the decision, ask away. I appreciate your expert advice!
  • Bud
    in ur case i'd probably go with the combo!
  • Hansmanos

    I really appreciate the reply. That's what I was leaning toward, but that Pax 2 sure is sexy. Thanks!
  • Bud
    You got it lemme know how u like them!!
  • Flipz
    I think the combo would work better for you as well based on what you told us. I think you'll be happy with both ;)
  • Hansmanos
    I've got the LSV and Summit ordered. Hoping to have it sometime during the long weekend, and will throw my first impressions up on here early next week. I really appreciate the feedback from you both. You rock!
  • Bud
    (Y) (Y) (Y)
  • Flipz
    thats awesome
  • HansmanosAccepted Answer
    I'm headed to Costa Rica for a vacation tomorrow, and I plan on posting a full review of both vapes when I'm back, but I wanted to get my first impressions and a couple of thoughts up here.

    I ordered a LSV and Summit right before Christmas and received them on Saturday. So far, I've only managed to open the LSV, and the Summit is still in the box. There are a few reasons for this: 1) The LSV is an incredible experience and I've been really enjoying my time with it; 2) I haven't had a reason to vape away from home; and 3) I won a couple of FFB leagues and have a little extra fun money to spend, so I'm thinking about sending the Summit back and upgrading to a Pax 2 or Crafty (but I'll probably just keep it since I don't smoke/vape away from home too often).

    Since I'm relatively new to vaping (have only used my friend's MFLB a dozen times, and usually smoke joints), the LSV has been an eye-opening experience. I was able to get it for <$150 during a holiday sale from VaporNation, and I believe it's worth every penny. I don't see myself smoking at home ever again. It makes me feel like I've never tasted weed before. So far, I've only vaped some homegrown Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint (because I ground a joint's worth of bud and it's lasted my GF and me 3 evenings +), and I can actually taste the cool mint for the first time. I find that 12-1 o'clock (about halfway on the dial) is perfect for me, but I'm used to burning the shit out of my lungs, so that might be too much for some people. I also like taking big draws/rips, and I find that 1 o'clock keeps up just fine. I definitely coughed on some huge clouds at 1.

    Things I love:

    1) Taste: the vapor tastes pure and never torched.

    2) Ease of loading: I used the wand as a straw and just suck the ground material into the screen. No mess at all.

    3) The included pick: Use the glass ball end to tamp down the herb against the screen, and the other end to stir from time-to-time (note: I've been stirring every 4-6 rips and that seems very adequate. It's also super easy to do and literally takes 15 seconds)

    4) The included bag: This bag is top-notch! I knew I was getting a bag, but never expected the quality that I got. Heavily padded, durable, black velvet interior, plenty of pockets for everything. To get this vape and the bag for $150 is an incredible value.

    5) Design: I love that this thing feels like you're sucking on a lightsaber. It probably isn't for everybody, but there's nothing like the feeling of a warm LSV on a cold winter's night.

    6) Clouds: I still love chasing those big, fluffy clouds, but now they aren't charring the crap out of my lungs!

    Things I hate:

    1) No stand: I knew this going in, and I'm planning on making a little wood stand for it sometime this month.

    2) Jedi mind tricks: this thing calls to me wherever I am. "You're at work? Just leave early so you can taste my sweet, cool vapors." "You have to pack for vacation? I'm the perfect carry-on and I promise I won't get you in trouble." So far, I've resisted these temptations, but it's only a matter of time.

    3) That I haven't bothered to open the Summit yet.

    4) That I ground way too much herb the first night and haven't tried any other flavors yet.

    Things I've learned:

    1) That I don't regret cancelling my Grasshopper preorder. There may be a time and a place for that in my future, but I'm extremely satisfied with my current setup.

    2) That I did too much research. While I don't regret doing the research and feel like I got the perfect vape (or two) for me, I tortured myself into thinking that I'd somehow be disappointed when I used it. The reviews on VC and the advice I got here are top-notch. I worried about the LSV vs. reviews of other 7th Floor vapes, logs (e-nano & underdog) and other desktop vapes that were ranked highly on VC, and in the end, made my choice based on style and my (smallish at the time) budget out of the top picks. This vape is outstanding, and that's probably all you need to know unless you already own/use a handful of vapes. I have almost nothing to compare it to, but it has blown me away with the ease of use and overall experience. I love the LSV!

    2b) VC and VL are really all you need to make the decision. The reviews are spot-on, and this forum is responsive to questions. This forum also doesn't get 200+ pages of responses to wade through (FC). Just some great advice from a couple of experts and a handful of like-minded individuals.
  • Bud
    @Hansmanos honestly... that was an awesome read, and I'm realllllllyyy glad you're thoroughly diggin your LSV :D

    All your points are spot on, and hilarious!

    Thanks for posting this and cant wait to read more!!
  • Flipz
    Awesome to hear how are enjoying the vape. With the summit, I think it's still good to keep as it's "extra portable" and overall easier to bring places.

    It's really up to you and your habits/situation. I think whatever you do your still winning X-)
  • Aj85
    Hey guys I'm new to this forum, and this is my first post.

    I also own the LSV and I also absolutely love it. I just wanted to let you know that for me where this vape really shines is inverted with an 18mm water pipe, using a 18mm male2male glass adapter I brought on eBay for £6. It's so flavourful and smooth I hit it dry and the clouds are huge!

    Because of its flavour, potency and efficiency with small amounts, I actually prefer and use my LSV more on a day to day basis than my Plenty, which mainly comes out in party scenarios and when I just feel like a change these days!

    You definitely picked a cracking first home vape.

    All the best,

  • Flipz
    Hello and welcome! Great post!
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