• G-Money
    Just wanted to share that I bought a Crafty vape about 6 months ago and I love it and use it every day, until it broke :’(

    Seriously the best portable ever, but mine started not heating up anymore and flashing weird lights, this happen to anybody else?

    I followed the directions they have on their site about sending it in under warranty and now I'm just waiting to get it back, it's only been a few days.
  • Bud
    Damn bummer to hear this!!

    Unfortunately the defective rate of the Crafty is slightly above average, so you're not alone.

    But the good news is that Storz & Bickel doesn't mess around with repairs and replacements, and they do service all defects under the 2 year warranty. However, their communication and customer service is not known to be the best, or existent, but as long as you followed their directions on how to send it in for repair you'll be all good. The average turn around time seems to be roughly 2 weeks which isn't really bad, although 2 weeks without your crafty is kind of torture :-O
  • Flipz
    Yes, Storz & Bickel def is unique in how they go about fixing issues on any of their products.

    Sad to say after a month of owning the crafty, I had a issue with the unit not vibrating when temp was reached, if it turned off and even when charging (yet I still used it every hour daily lol).

    I know it feels weird just sending them your unit without any contact or the feeling you may not hear from them again but that's not the case.

    To sum up my story... I sent my unit back to them following instructions on the website and saw from tracking they got it on a Friday. The only gripe I had was no one ever emailed me to say they got the unit nor a email saying it was fixed on it's way back to me. I'd say I had my unit back, working good as new shy of 2 weeks (they even cleaned the hell out of it for me which I was dreading doing lmao).

    I was happy that they sent me a free new top cooling piece when I never even sent mine original back as per the instructions.

    So my advice to anyone would be if you have to send your vape in for repair, just give it a week or 2 and you'll have it back. I've even seen a friends unit that looked like a big rig ran it over and they just send them a brand new unit no questions asked. Really can't beat that in my experience and what better vape to have this warranty service on - only the best portable vape available (just my opinion).

    peece out cub scouts!
  • JohnnyK
    Unfortunately, I just joined the defective Crafty club after less than three months of ownership. I had a great 30 hours before I started getting issues. The light showed solid blue when the charge was full (GOOD), but when turned on it switched to solid red and didn't heat up (BAD). When I held the on/off switch to turn it off, it switched to blue for a second (GOOD), before blinking red/yellow and a message appeared on the app saying the vaporizer is faulty and I should send it in to the Storz & Bickel Service Center (VERY BAD). Also, the small plastic ridges on either side of the bowl broke, apparently weakened from the heat (ANNOYINGLY BAD). Not an encouraging start to my expensive pocket vape... (N)

    For those not lucky enough to own one (although, I'm not feeling very lucky right now), who didn't get all that light mumbo-jumbo..."it done broke."

    That happened last week. I followed their online warranty instructions and shipped it from Canada to Storz & Bickel on 5 Nov. It arrived in Oakland on Mon 9 Nov and, to my amazement, got an email shipping notice from them on 10 Nov that a package was on the way to me! (Y)

    Hasn't made it back yet, but my buddy should be home pretty soon....suffering in the meantime...combustion is so "yesterday's news." ;)

    P.S. This saga has prompted me to get a second vape. I've pre-ordered a Ti Grasshopper vape pen that apparently will be shipped in Dec. There seems to be a a lot of good buzz about this product - I hope it lives up to expectations.
  • Flipz
    Sorry to hear about your crafty issues. I have experience with getting mine fixed but I am located in the US so I have no experience shipping to them from Canada... but it sounds like a pretty decent turn around time regardless. Let us know when you get yours back and how it works ;)
  • JohnnyK
    Update: My replacement Crafty just arrived today (16 Nov). Yaaaaaay!!! :D

    From shipping my defective unit to having a new one in my grubby little hands took 11 days - pretty damn good from Canada considering it also had to be cleared through customs both ways.

    In the package was a completely new Crafty in its sealed box as you'd get when you buy one and, I'm not sure why, but they also sent me a separate extra cooling unit . This is great as they only ask that you send them the main heating unit without the cooling unit/mouthpiece. So I ended up with a brand new Crafty with three sets of cooling units and two of all the other boxed accessories (charger, cord, grinder, filler, tools, spares).

    The new one works great. There are two differences that I can see...the original I bought in Aug had firmware v2.06, this new one is v2.08. I have no idea what they've changed - I assume the new version gets rid of bugs but I don't know if it improves anything else - anyone know?

    The second difference is in the construction of the plastic frame at the top of the main unit. I've attached two pics - the first is of the old one, the second is the new one. You can see that they've beefed up the small plastic ridges on either side of the bowl. It's a little thicker plastic and has extra supports (it needed it as these broke on my older one). Also, the flat top of the Crafty now has a slightly raised ridge at the back of the bowl and the front portion looks slightly beefier. The result is that the top looks stronger and may have a better seal with the cooling unit/mouthpiece.


  • Bud
    awesome post man very helpful!! (Y)
  • Flipz
    After 46 or 48 hours my crafty got the error that blinks a yellow light and said to send unit the unit back to them for service. Although I was upset that I wouldn't have my crafty lol, I was kinda excited to see if they did send a new unit... and would it be this "new updated design" or not I've been hearing about.

    I sent back my crafty via USPS Priority Mail on Nov 13th.
    Tracking showed they got it on the 16th.
    I got a e-mail with tracking saying my crafty was being sent out Nov 17th.
    Got a brand new sealed crafty back in my hands on the 20th.


    Not bad turn around time at all considering everything. Notice all those $0's on the invoice which I love! I can vouch twice that S&B fixed/replaced my unit without a question and never gave me a BS story making ya run in circles trying to get help. Lately in my experience, you cannot say this for a majority of company's who make vaporizers (will not mention those company names).


    After ripping the box open, I found a crafty that def looked a little different and I'd say the same as what @JohnnyK got. Only difference is the o-ring around the heating element is now purple for some reason along with the replacement one they send.











    Mine also came with Firmware 02.08 which I haven't really noticed anything different off hand but who knows. Still not sure what the new design is for besides making it more solid or less chance of the plastic breaking by the top? We may never know.


    So I'm very happy to know that even though the crafty shouldn't of had issues in the first place - God forbid it does, they got you covered baby!

    PS: They only have you send the bottom part of the unit in for service so since they sent me brand new one... I gained a extra cooling unit/accessories which come in handy.

    peece out cub scouts!
    IMG_0039 (14K)
  • Simone
    how's going with new plastic case?
    Have you discovered if some hardware improvements has been done to newer versions?

    thanks ;)
  • Flipz
    no issues with the new casing, it's basically the same just with a more secure feel when attaching the top piece.

    I haven't noticed any difference between the older software/firmware and newer one. Im thinking the updates might just may be minor tweaks to the vape that aren't noticeable to users. As of few days ago, I only have 11 hours of use so anything can happen lol.

  • Simone

    thanks for reply
    i have ordered one, should be delivered on tuesday
    i hope all goes right :)
  • Flipz
    No problem and let us know how much you love it after using it X-)
  • Simone

    Don't worry, I'll let know you mine opinion
    I'm pretty sure that will be a very good opinion;)
  • Simone

    delivered today...
    Faulty unit :’(

    When usb charger is plugged in, yellow and red led starts blink
    I haven't ever had the pleasure to try it

    I've already contacted assistance
    We'll see..
  • TheAnalogKid
    Hi there,

    first than all, it's my first post, so I'll start with a hi to everyone. I've been silently reading for some time now and there is ton of useful information around.

    I've been digging in the forum about the failure rate of the Crafty, but I couldn't find a general list of the symptoms for faulty units. I've had mine for about 8 months now, and the app reports 24 hours of use. It's been working flawlessly, and still do in terms of "desired effect", but I'm starting to notice some issues.

    Some days ago I noticed that after a short session the whole body got pretty hot, to the point of being uncomfortable to touch using the default temp settings. I'm also noticing a drop in the battery capacity.

    These issues are somehow subjective, as I haven't measured anything or run tests (too lazy for that). I only noticed them because I never had to put it away to cool down before because it was burning my hand. Now I do have to let it cool down between sessions and it even feels hot in my pocket after a session. About the battery capacity, I have a somehow regular consumption pattern with short sessions, and I used to fully charge it every 3~4 days approx. Now with similar patterns I need to plug it in every other day. I also noticed that sometimes the unit does not vibrate when the temp. is reached at the beginning of a session, although it send the notification to the phone.

    Other than that, the unit is still functional in every other aspect. These are just annoyances that I can live with, but wanted to check if there is any record of similar symptoms that eventually ended with the unit needing repair. I'm moving abroad soon and I'd hate to have my unit bricked while being far away :), so I'd like to take precautions.
  • Peter
    hope you get a new one from them, my crafty no problems
  • Bud
    thanks for posting this! But I'm bummed to hear you're noticing changes

    I've had a few quirks with mine too (I'm on my third unit) like the not vibrating sometimes, but i don't know for sure if sny of these things are signs of problems to come

    My first crafty lasted 100 hours before the heater stopped working (lights still worked but it wouldnt heat up), and my second unit became faulty at 35 hours, it just wouldnt turn on anymore

    I've had my 3rd one for a few months now and it's still fine, and i use it every day multiple times

    But yea it's totally annoying to have to get it replaced!
  • TheAnalogKid

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I was looking for info on the defects, but as you said all reported ones were all or nothing. No reports of small annoyances or symptoms.

    Anyways, it's still functional and I can live with those details. The overheating issue happens only in the body, the cooling unit and mouthpiece stay cool and the vapor is not harsh, but it's just uncomfortable to hold in the hand. I just finished a thorough cleaning of the unit and I'll see how it goes. Never did a major maintenance before, so maybe that was an issue.

    Hopefully it's not a symptom of doomsday. I panicked a little bit imagining my beloved crafty dying for good in a far away place, so I'm shopping for a lower-end backup unit. I saw your review of the Summit, and I'm likely going for that one.
  • Bud
    Cool man definitely let me know if you start having more issues, and the Summit is a good one!
  • Flipz
    with the crafty the 2 issues ive had was the first time vibration stopped working when charging, turning on/off and when it turned green to let me know it was ready to go. For that one s&b fixed my original one and sent it back.

    It than lasted about 46 hours before the yellow light came on saying it was faulty & to send it back. Got a brand new one that time and so far no problems since. Knock on wood.
  • Robbb
    Awesome job and I really appreciate what you do. After extensive research it would appear that The Crafty is the way to go as far as best overall vape and definitely the best to buy. I can't believe though all the problems they're having with reliability. I see you're already on your third one. My question is whether it's worth rolling the dice and hoping not having to return the thing every few months or just go with something good but not as great.....such as the Pax2 or Firefly (maybe wait for FF2). What are your thoughts on how extensive Crafty's reliability problems are? Thanks again.
  • Bud
    Sup man! I feel you it's such a tough call, i still love my crafty and don't know what i would do without it, but it doesnt seem like theyve improved the defect rate which i don't like

    Wait for the Firefly 2 if you can wait like a month at least, it's gonna be a good one, otherwise get the crafty you'll love it
  • Aj85
    hey there, I also own all those vapes. :-)

    Another option is the Mighty, as it has a much lower defect rate and less faults! The battery lasts longer and it copes with high temps and group usage well, the Crafty struggles because of the battery! I was disappointed with the Crafty (mainly due to the short battery life and overheating when using with friends or when charging) but not the Mighty! All the Crafty's issues (other than defects with Bluetooth, vibration etc) are due to bad heat retention and battery power!

    The Pax2 would probably be the next best bet! it's a great portable and makes the Crafty look huge and battery lasts about as long as the Mighty! It does still produce very good tasting and potent vapor (when packed right) just not quite as flavourful or potent as the Crafty/Mighty, but it's definitely the most pocket friendly and feels better made (smooth seamless metal casing and magnetic charger) with a very low defect rate and a lot of high tech features in a very simple to use design!

    Due to the technique involved, needing to stir every 2hits and it's size the firefly is the least practical portable for outdoor use. However once you've learned the technique it delivers quick and extremely tasty full convection hits and has the best flavour of the units you've asked about! It's definitely more of a connoisseur's device though! Best for savouring the flavour of your herbs and blends but a little more involved like smoking a pipe (without the smoke) you need to concentrate on what your doing more than the other units, like driving a manual car instead of an automatic!

    I can't comment on the FF2, but if it's easier to use and smaller with the same flavour and maybe a better battery than the original, it could be a very good unit!

    I hope this helps and doesn't just make your decision harder! Lol :-)

    All the best,

  • TheAnalogKid

    Thanks for the info. I'm currently over-sensitive and taking note about any minor issue I detect in my Crafty, but in the last days it has worked OK. Don't think that the "not vibrating sometimes" is a defect worthy of the trouble of mailing it and wait to see what happens. Maybe I'm too lazy, but I can live with that. I was more concerned about the occasional overheating and declining battery life.

    The app shows only 25 hours of use, and I've had it only for six months. It's still under warranty and looks like S&B at least is repairing/replacing the faulty units. So let's see what happens.

    In any case, I'm decided to get a backup unit just in case.

    Btw, I had totally forgot that some time ago, before the crafty even existed, I bought a Vapman and used it for a little while. It's actually a nice little non-tech unit that saved me some time on some camping trips where electricity was not an option.
  • Flipz
    I still break out the MFLB sometimes. Simple but it works for what it is ;)
  • RobPDX
    I bought my crafty one year ago. I used it about 50% of the time, using a Pax2 the other half. After eight months I noticed the unit began to heat up on the outside quite a bit and experienced a drastic reduction and battery life. Two months later the unit stopped working altogether. After sending it in for warranty repair I received an email back saying that there was an electrical short which would be covered free of charge. They also said that the unit had experienced " A significant amount of useage" and advised I spend $70 for another battery. Given that I am a recreational user, and had a second vaporizer, I find it incredibly hard to believe that The crafty had experienced a "exceptional amount of usage". Given how much I paid for the unit and how comparable little use I got from it, I can't say that I'm happy. When it works, it is great but it seems ridiculous to expect that I will have to send it in every year for another repair and another battery.

    Ps. Good luck trying to reach anybody on the phone. I've called six times and pressed every option without ever reaching a live person. When I finally left a message requesting a call back, I got an email which provided no new information
  • Bud
    I'm really bummed to hear this but thanks for posting your experience, this is not cool at all and they're really starting to bother me.

    Just out of curiousity because I'm trying to make connections, do you use it alot while it's plugged in?
  • Dave
    Hello there, funny thing is that I'm now on my third unit in almost exactly one year. As far as failure is concerned, it seems to be occurring at around the 50-60 hour mark regardless of use. The first unit I purchased back in January of 2015. At around the 46 hour mark, it started to hold less of a charge and the overall operational time was reduced to around a half hour. Heating times started to go up. It would take between four to seven minutes to heat up to 385F. False overheating trips would occur at times and the unit would shut off.
    At 53 hours it gave me the yellow/red blinky light. No error message... In July of 2015 my Crafty died.
    I sent the unit in. Storz and Bickel took a little over a week, customer service was prompt and awesome.. they replaced the unit. All was righteous in the world. The newer generation Crafty had a slightly different build which only those who owned the first would notice.

    It worked like a dream up until two days ago. The death of Crafty #2 happened more suddenly this go round. This unit lasted around 59 hours. From hour 52 onward the heating times increased to around 4-6 minutes to reach 385F. Then at around the 55 hour mark I lost communication with my smart phone app. From 55-59 the communication would come and go but the device would still heat up. At hour 59, while heating, the yellow/red blinky light reared it's ugly face and my smartphone notified me that my device was now defective and I must send it in for servicing. I contacted customer service.. odd.. they didn't pick up like they normally do. I was redirected to a voicemailbox that was never followed up on. However, the email at least was responded to same day. This tells me at that the good people of Storz are now experiencing heavier volume. I should be getting my third device in 7-10 business days.

    As far as care is concerned. Both units received excellent treatment. I never plugged the device in while warm or hot. I never shielded or covered the device while it was cooling. I never used the device while plugged in.

    Here's the thing. I still absolutely love the Crafty. There is no other vape like it currently in the market. It's not so much a gamble with this as it is an acceptance that your device will fail at around 50 hours and you will be without it for two to four weeks a year depending on usage. I would still recommend the Crafty though based upon its overall performance.
    I would assume that the Mighty has a slightly lower failure rate because there are two batteries but I could see the Mighty failing at around the 100-120 hour mark, possibly sooner.
  • Dave
    They have got to make a kit to fix the Crafty at home. I'm sure it's as simple as a battery swap out with a temp sensor at most.
  • Bud
    Great post Dave thanks for sharing your experience, but dammit!!! This defect nonsense is killing me, but i agree with you that what makes this really tough is the fact that it still performs the best
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