• JoeHigashi
    I have been chronic for a good 5 years or so now. Weed is just straight up an addiction now and I easily go through 3-10 grams a day. I dont mind the addiction so much except that its cut the rest of my life short since I have become sooooooo freaking attached to my damn Arizer Q.

    I put out a few hundred bucks a couple of years ago trying out a few different portable vapes. In the end I felt most of them either didn't vape my weed 1/10th as well as my desktop unit or that they straight up burned them. Added with the tiny turdly little amounts of weed the portables held and I just gave up on them the last few years.

    Watching the Vape Critics Youtube videos it seems he is getting some massively milky hits comparable to what I get out of my desktop...so thinking maybe I was either just not drawing long enough or maybe models have improved. So are any of these portables actually a good replacement for my extreme q or am I forever now chained to being near a desktop vape? My dogs thank you for helping them gain going to the park back :)
  • JoeHigashi
    Should add I could give a squat about flavor or appearance/stealth(I live in a legal state). Just want something that eeks every little bit of goodness out of my weed not wasting any of it. Something that gives those big milky hits ;)
  • mrluther
    I have a Pax 2 and Haze V3 and love them both. Perfect for going to the park!! Happy Holidays!!
  • Hitz
    Here's the thing man. I have both a CFX (conduction mainly) and a Firefly 2 (convection). If you want ease of use (just load and enjoy) stick with conduction. If you want to really squeeze every last ounce of material out then go with a convection vape but you will typically have a smaller oven size (not bad for solo use) and will have to stop your session and stir once or twice to keep the production going.

    For me personally I thought I wouldn't mind stirring but it kinda kills the sesh for me and going forward now probably going to stay away from most convection vapes for this reason.
  • Bruce

    Hey Joe, I am with you on Arizer Extreme Q. I gave up my Volcano because I like it so much. In my opinion its going to take a really good desktop vape to replace it. Just a few thoughts on the Extreme Q First things to come to mind is the glass, convection, great customer service, can do whip style, can do balloon, acts as an Aromatizer, the glass oven easily fits most water tools, this is the best vape to use as a water tool its just very powerful, its convection at its best. The big edge I found with the Volcano is that the valve system is so good. Back to the Arizer, it does do balloons very well, The Aroma Bowl I always use. It is the best aroma vape money can buy. It makes this vape and any other vape very stealth. Just pop in some dried flowers and your house will be smelling like roses or whatever flower you choose. I think the Davinci IQ, Arizer Solo and Air come close to the output of the Extreme Q, BUT its always going to be more powerful because of true fan assist Convection, its just plain bigger and you need more to fill the oven. Its hard for a Portable vape to beat a desktop. I now use MY Q, Davinci IQ, The Arizer, The Flowermates. If I want to make the effects last for days, I got the Plenty!

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  • Bruce
    Buy a Flowermate for a hundred bucks! Its a tier one in my rankings.
  • JoeHigashi
    Ya im actually looking pretty hard at the flower mate now. I am still really worried and skeptical with how small its bowl size is that it wont get the job done, but at $80 its seriously tempting. Plus they seem to be reselling for $60-$90 on ebay so not even really out much money if I dislike it I guess. Looking at hits online it seems people get reasonably milky hits, but that bowl is just soooo freaking small.

    The Divinici is still realistically the only portable vape that my gut says may get the job done...but thats a huge expense even if it comes with a 10 year warranty......God I miss disposable income!
  • Baron23
    I'm with @Hitz. For $169-179 you can get one full boat, and I bet there is another sale coming up soon. During Black Friday, it was down to $135 or so on Planet of the Vapes.

    I have used one and it produces very nice thick vapor...for a portable. I still think if you really want to crank the milk out, go with a desktop (loving my EVO....looks like the house is on fire when vaping with it haha).

    CFX will hold .3 grams.

    By the by...are you serious? 3-10 grams a day!? Wow
  • ShowTime
    If You are looking for a unit which can give You the best result with less weed: FF2
    Economic choice: Flowermate v5.0s. Cheap/Quality: Crafty.
    I must say: the only one unit will not have problems at 90% is flowermate. The others 80%. This mean they will send You a new one, because They are both serious companies, but You have to spend more time... No way out :( flowermate need$ a lot of weed to work thi$ i$ the only one problem! FF2 can repay the initial investment if You are a daily vaper ;)
  • Baron23
    I have a FM Pro and its no where in the class with the CFX in terms of performance and efficiency.

    I have not used a Mighty but will have an opportunity to do so soon.

    Many like their FF2s very much and many feel that they were flat out ripped off. Not a vape I would recommend unless you are a bit of vape collector and have a number of other devices and just want add another interesting vape.
  • ShowTime
    FF2 & Me / Love & Hate! Saying is something for collectors is not completely wrong!
    Flowermate v5.0s is only 75€ now on amazon and is a very good choice if You're looking for something cheap.
    I've tried CFX twice but Crafty is better! Try it ;)
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