• Bud
    Fresh out the oven!

  • Al Vaper
    fire! thanks man!!
  • jnick
    as always great review and awesome intro and exit beats....
  • nickbashans
    so glad to hear that it was better than the initial review. Vapr case makes a cover for for the pax 2 it's a silicone cover. I ve been using it for about a year now. It's saved my vape on several drops
  • Bruce
    I think we need to start an awards show - How about the Vappy's. I would nominate this video for a Vappy.

    You Have Just Been Vaporized By The Vape Master.
  • Polymer
    Worth the extra $75?
  • Lopty
    Do you think I can use rosin in the PAX 3?
    And would you go for a PAX 3 or a crafty?
  • Hitz
    (Y) Good review man, now I need to get a Pax for my collection :D . I'm glad to hear the first unit was a prototype and not the final product.
  • Saeed
    I own a Mighty and Crafty do you see me liking this? I'm interested in something that doesn't smell like crazy. Both Mighty and Crafty are good but not perfect at that. I assume the Pax 3 isn't any better? Thanks for the awesome Video btw; as usual :)
  • JMM
    Excellent review Bud! As of late, I haven't been vaping flowers, but if any pax was the one to get, I think this is it. I have said adios to Grenco for good.
  • organicali
    I find that when using a full oven I have to mix the material to get everything out of it. Once the vapor quality decreases, if I empty the oven, mix up all the material (bottom near the oven lid is usually still green) and then repack, I get nice vapor again. I prefer to only use the first heat setting.

    Is this your experience too, or do you never mix your oven load?
  • tony
    I've grown very fond of my Pax 3 during the last 6 months.

    I value its battery capacity, ruggedness, oven power and ease of cleaning. I don't think there's any great difference in "vapor quality" (or taste). Hemp vapor isn't particularly tasty and aromatic, at least compared to food and essential oils. It is an oleoresin and the more volatile terpenes disappear after a few draws, so it doesn't matter too much whether it's drawn through ceramics, glass, metal or plastic. It's like arguing whether chocolate tastes better when eaten with cotton or latex gloves.

    The Pax 3 excels in ease of cleaning. I use a needle or nail scissors to scrape out the oven. Cotton swabs alone won't do because the vape residue turns into a hard plastic. I do the same with the screens, and they shine like new and last forever.

    The Pax 3 is also quite rugged, I dropped mine twice onto concrete and it still works flawlessly, including bluetooth and app access. Inadvertently I screwed up my temperature settings with the app and it took me a while to figure that out, after wondering for weeks why the weed didn't turn dark at the highest temperature setting. I use maximum temperature and the "boost" mode, comparable to smoking.

    Downsides: The battery lasts only about three sessions, a far cry from the 8-10 sessions advertised by Pax. The device gets a bit hot when vaping, but that's OK in view of its compact size. The metal finish is scratched easily even by the charger pins, which is disappointing for the price (just think how sturdy metal mobile phone bodies are).
  • Baron23
    it doesn't matter too much whether it's drawn through ceramics, glass, metal or plastic. It's like arguing whether chocolate tastes better when eaten with cotton or latex gloves.tony

    I think there are a lot of folks who may disagree with this. ;) X-)
  • YellowDog
    Oh my, yes, there will be a few disagreements on that statement.
  • Rockytdogg

  • Quincy
    I’m having a really hard time with the flavor when using the Pax 3. I use the app, and use the flavor setting. I’m new to vaping dry herb... is this just normal, or is there a dry herb vape that has a better taste? It’s not a bad chemical taste, just not enjoyable. I guess I’m just looking for a more authentic bud taste. Any suggestions?
  • shaolinmilk
    Yeah the Pax 3 is a conduction vape and it definitely does not have the best flavour. With that said, anything that is glass on glass will be a killer with flavour. The best for flavour IMO is the ELEV8R, but it's a butane vape so you may not like it. If you wanna go for a direct upgrade over the Pax 3, get the Mighty. It's still personally my favourite and it has way better tasting vapor than the Pax 3. Other portable electronic vapes with amazing flavours are the Arizer Air/Solo, apprently the MV1 (never tried it), MiniVap (A lot of people claim it's absolutely the best), and the Firefly 2 (A lot of people don't like it because you get minimal clouds and you have to pull for an eternity to get vapor).
  • Bud

    Hey you should be able to at least get enjoyable, satisfying vapor from it - not the strongest or most flavorful, but it should definitely be pretty good at least for the first half of your session. @shaolinmilk's comment is on point too :ok:

    I do have a suggestion though, my gut is telling me you might not have an ideally-loaded oven.

    First thing to check, are you grinding your herb very fine? Grind it up nice and fine with this one.

    Next, are you loading the oven full to the top and tamping it down tight? If your herb is loose in the oven or if it's not loaded full you will experience bad performance and vapor quality.

    Lemme know!
  • Quincy
    Wow, sorry for the delayed response! Thanks so much for all the advice and valuable info. I have tried to pack it correctly, but maybe I’ll try to be even more precise. I like the elev8r butane idea, however, probably not practical for my lifestyle. Would love to give it a try sometime. Also, I have noticed that the first half of the session is definitely better, so maybe that’s just as good as it gets, and I just need to lower my standards a bit.
  • ChlorophyllMan
    heya, don't feel too disappointed, I actually sent my Pax 3 back because I found it so unsatisfying. Just not for me at all, though I really wanted to love it because of its stealthy size. I happen to have the Elev8r, top top tier for flavour, but for home use only for sure!
  • Quincy
    Good to know! I couldn’t really find the same complaints with a google search, and I have a friend that loves hers, so I thought maybe it was just me. Thanks!
  • 52
    Why do I feel guilty liking this thing(the Pax, I Love the pup, Elli, :blush:). Half bowl oven lid is perfect for me. Not exactly a Flowerpot but easy as hell to use and so small I might actually vape away from home now.
  • acstorfer
    Elli may actually be too cute
  • LabPong
    Why do I feel guilty liking this thing(the Pax, I Love the pup, Elli, :blush:).52

    Eli does not look happy you took it away from him....he was mid session...... :wink:
  • 52

  • Spog
    Don’t feel guilty, it’s a great on the go portable.. are there better choices to use? Sure.. but it’s pretty affordable, extracts a lot if you stir once or twice as you bring the temp up, very small and discrete
  • 52
    One of these things is not like the others, one of these things will not get you high.
  • Hapo
    ...I just gave my Pax 3 to a good friend...

    ...it was not because I was trying to get rid of it so much as it was the only vape he could get good results from including his own horrible POS he bought @ $34 at the local shop...

    ...friends don't let friends vape plastic...almost no vapor came out...

    ...we had the Dreamwood and the DynaVap on hand but I forgot a screen for the E Nano and he didn't even want to mess with the V Rod...he could not get those to work good...

    …I packed up the Pax and just handed that to him and he was all like GTG...

    ...we passed it back and forth like a joint...it has the NewVape lid, eh...

    ...he never would have paid $200 for one but he has been a good friend so I did not hold his ignorance against him...

    ...fukin' bikers...LoL...
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