Got my mini in the mail yesterday! Thank you again to @VapeCritic for being so kind and generous to all of us with these awesome giveaways!

    I haven't used it much since I got it, but here are my thoughts so far!

    Popped some Durban poison shatter into the ceramic chamber and took a couple hits on the red setting for my initial blast off. Impressive flavor, but much like the ceramic atomizers on the gravity, it doesn't produce large clouds, and it almost feels like it's not working. Maybe it's just me, but I don't feel it as much. Didn't go up on temp as I usually chill on red/green rarely using blue.

    Next up I had to christen the quartz coil! I feel like the mini should come with this as standard equipment because it blows the ceramic one away. Added some of the same Durban shatter and took one single hit that sent me into flavor orbit. Quite possibly the best tasting vapor I have had since I started vaping. Also, you can get huge clouds with a short draw versus the ceramic which takes forever haha. I used it on the red temp setting and haven't gone up. Love it. This will be my go to.

    Overall, the mini is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Compared to the galaxy or gravity, I feel like it is very similar but it seems like it is higher quality (besides the button which rattles as stated in other reviews). The price is a bit high, and the atomizers are definitely expensive, but if you keep things tidy and clean them you can get your money's worth. I do wish they would come down though. Wishful thinking.

    Solid build (minus button rattle)
    Small / portable
    This lilac color matches my room at the moment :) hahah
    Best taste I have had with quartz coil
    Chamber is huge.
    Leak-proof (haven't noticed a difference yet but definitely gives peace of mind)
    Flexibility with pearl atomizer and other new types of attachments

    Ceramic atomizer that comes with it is underwhelming so you kind of have to spend extra on the quartz.
    Button rattle

    As of now not a ton of cons for me, besides the price point, which is a good sign. I'm going to keep using it and will update.

  • nickbashans
    Good review. How awesome was it to get this for free. I'm still on cloud 9 about mine
  • JMM
    Pretty awesome to be honest! Haha. I was going to cave in and buy one eventually so this saved me, for now! I'm gonna be enjoying it this whole weekend and see how it does. Cheers my man!
  • Bud
    thanks so much for posting your thoughts about it J!!! Great rundown and i'm really glad ur diggin it (Y) (Y)
  • JMM
    Week 2 update: I don't know if something is wrong with the atomizer or the battery, but the other day the atomizer just stopped working, i tried it 40 times haha then it worked again, then it died again. I gave up until today. Took the atomizer off, screwed it back on and didn't work. Did the same thing again 1 minute later, and it worked. Am I insane???? What is up with this thing haha.
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