• Robbie
    I have been lurking on these forums for quite some time now, and i have been meaning to contribute something useful. I have had the firefly 2 for at least 6 months now, I forget exactly (probably because I have vaped so many grams of shatter out of it). I have read countless reviews of people who are disappointed with the FF2.... I am not one of those people. I will however mention I also experienced a massive learning curve which most people deal with. I got my FF2 on early pre-order, I have no idea if that was why mine worked well and others devices didn't? Who knows. What I DO know is this... the FF2 works really really well for concentrates. I actually had an issue with my first oven lid which I contribute to herb / flower material getting underneath the seal. Firefly offered me 20% a new lid ( I was hoping they would offer a replacement under warranty) but whatever. So when i got the new lid, I decided it would be for concentrate use only, and so far so good. Now that I use my FF2 solely for concentrates I try to do the following to get the ultimate "rig style dab"

    - The oven must be loaded with a small ish rice grain sized piece of shatter
    - You have to preheat it by taking a slow steady draw until you start to see visible vapor ( oddly enough this should make the neck muscles slightly tense if done correctly)
    - Once you see vapor you start your super duper long hit. (i usually get 2 full 30 second cycles out of a rice sized piece)
    - I have found that to avoid clogging the holes in the oven you must take the shittier tasting small hits after your mega dab rig style hits ( i call these the ass hits, they still get you super baked, they just taste nowhere near as good)
    - I have also deemed it necessary to keep a VERY small sewing needle on hand for the clearing of the small holes in the bottom of the bowl
    - I have been keeping ~6 concentrate pads on rotation in a bath of rubbing alcohol (rinsing with water and air drying)

    I still occasionally use my FF2 for flower, but i use my original slightly damaged lid to do so. I will say however the flavor is incredible. I also own a linx hypnos zero, and a pax 2. The flavor is so far beyond those devices. Thats like my opinion, man. I meant to include so much more stuff in this post, but i also just ate a 500mg edible so getting a bit rambly and confused. Colorado life :)

    You guys are all so rad and helpful. I would love to hear your thoughts on my FF2 post

    PS I totally failed to mention that my right side button has slowly been losing sensitivity and has officially stopped working. I called firefly about it and it seems like they are going to take care of it for me.
  • Bruce
    What the Vape is that about ? A learning curve for a $329 plus tax and shipping Vape?

    It worked really well for me when I stood on my tippy toes and held my hands behind my back.
  • miklo
    Right! Im just trying to get high, not split an atom!
  • Robbie
    That's true. I was reminded of ultra simplicity when my Hypnos zero showed up a couple weeks ago. No tutorial needed. Just blaze lol
  • Endorious
    Thanks for sharing.

    Just to add fuel to the fire, I used my FF2 last night. Loaded flower. Turned on. Inhaled, as per usual. Long draw. Bigass cloud.

    The learning curve is overstated, both here and elsewhere. Follow the directions re: grind, packing and stirrring, and assuming your unit isn't defective, it's really not rocket science. There's technique required, that's just true of convection style vapes, PERIOD. If you don't like it, just stick with conduction.
  • Cl4ud3
    I'm sick of people saying it has some difficult technique that you need to master or the vape isn't for you. I have several convection vapes and the Firefly 2 is the most finicky and downright non user friendly out of all of them. The vape isn't well designed PERIOD, they managed to get past bad quality control by having an app so you could self tune your own unit.
    If you like the vape great for you, I'm glad you can justify the price. For me its been a complete turkey. I can get clouds from one draw, still doesn't mean its worth the price or the negatives.
  • MisterWeed
    Firefly is easy, easy, easy. And nothing is even close to it when it comes to the flavor or the on demand capabilities. I am glad that more users that love the device are speaking out finally so that it's not the same people bashing it over and over. If I got on this forum before buying the Firefly2, I would have never gotten it and would have totally missed out.
  • Cl4ud3
    And nothing is even close to it when it comes to the flavor or the on demand capabilities
    Compared to what? What other vapes have you tried similar to the Firefly 2
  • Endorious
    Fair enough but I'm NOT the one saying it has some difficult or mysterious technique. Just that you gotta draw air through it, rather than expect it to produce vapor on its own. I found it totally ready to go and usable out of the box... Not finicky or complex at all!

    I think there's just different vapes for different people/needs and I felt like chiming in 'cause there's a lot of bashers. I don't have to "justify" the price, I bought it 'cause the features match my needs and I could afford it. I wouldn't recommend it to someone to whom $300 is make or break, but honestly, I wouldn't recommend any of the Tier 1 vapes to those people. I got through college with joints and bongs, ya know?
  • Cl4ud3
    I got clouds from mine on the first go, wasn't sure what the fuss was about but then on occasions it just wouldn't work. You could try everything and it just refused to do what it did an hour earlier. Some of this is down to the grind and packing and sometimes down to the dodgy lid. What I'm trying to point out is there are loads of other convection vapes that just work with any grind and imo taste better than the FF2. They work all the time every time and if something is off its a fault rather than it being "oh you haven't mastered the technique". $330 is a hell of a lot to splash out on something that is so finicky when other vapes do the same thing for less.
    Maybe the quality control or manufacturing has got better because there were a lot of people disappointed with the vape who got it around the same time. Firefly even stated themselves a lot of units that went back needed power tuning 5% to me that's bad qc.
  • Endorious
    That's fair, my man. I bought mine recently. I see people having VERY similar issues with the new IQs and I can't help but think these small companies don't have their supply chains /QC nailed down.

    What are your preferred convection vapes, btw? I have an open mind, always down to try the competition...
  • Cl4ud3
    Milaana hands down over the FF2. CFV isn't far off the FF2, if only the battery was replaceable.

    I guess part of it will be the mouthpiece, I still taste the plastic on the FF2 compared to an all glass stem or vape. I even prefer the MFLB taste to the FF2 and again it's all due to that mouthpiece.
  • Baron23
    Fair enough but I'm NOT the one saying it has some difficult or mysterious technique. Just that you gotta draw air through it, rather than expect it to produce vapor on its own. I found it totally ready to go and usable out of the box... Not finicky or complex at all!

    I think there's just different vapes for different people/needs and I felt like chiming in 'cause there's a lot of bashers

    Has it occurred to you that perhaps...just perhaps....not all units are working the same and that you are fortunate to have one that does? That not all people, with the same approach, have gotten the same results?

    As far as:
    Just that you gotta draw air through it, rather than expect it to produce vapor on its own. — Endorious

    That's pretty patronizing, particularly when lecturing people you don't really even know. Now, I do personally KNOW some very experienced vaperists and their experiences fall on both sides of this divide. Do I need to repeat that? Everybody is just one data point and there are enough data points to say that there is a sizable set of people for whom their FF2 works great and there is a sizable set of people for whom their FF2 does NOT. And for the ones that do not, when they seek help and guidance they basically get told they are bashers or idiots who don't know how to inhale.

    I'm with @Cl4ud3 this, MisterWeed; what convection vapes are you familiar with to support your statement that:
    And nothing is even close to it when it comes to the flavorMisterWeed

    I have used Enano, Volcano, Grasshopper, and Cloud EVO. All pure convection and all providing outstanding flavor (with the exception perhaps of the Volcano) and what technique is required doesn't seem to stump...well, anybody (well, the Volcano has no real technique but others do). If you can use a completely manual log vape, you ought to be able to use any portable IMO

    Now you can justify yourself by calling one set of these people "bashers", but I reject that pejorative personal insult entirely. Its just people doing exactly like you (well, to a point); they are just sharing their experience with the vape.

    Ok, flame me if you must, but this is my honest reaction after reading a few of these posts.

  • jnick
    GET EM BARON!!! Where have you been? also props on "pejorative". i thought you might chime in...... you always have the "peoples" back... my thoughts exactly, just because you have had success with the FF2 does not mean everyone has. I am truly glad people have had success with it, as i like to see everyone vaped!! Misterweed you patronize me and my usage by saying "easy easy easy". Like i said glad you had success but please dont pour salt in my wound as i have been lanced by an FF2....
  • Robbie
    So I'm gonna play devils advocate here a little.. because I did complain, as many have, that there's a little bit of a learning curve with the FF2. And it is a pain in the ass sometimes, no doubt. But as far as overall giant concentrate hits go... it's like nothing I've tried... and I'm no guru like bud but I get stoned a lot and I've tried a few different devices in my day. And to clarify.. ive hit quartz coil pens that produce large dense clouds like that but they are so harsh and so lacking in flavor... ( in comparison ) I would say the linx Hypnos Zero on GREEN mode is almost as good in flavor, but nowhere near as dense / voluminous. I should probably start forming paragraphs cuz I'm like Robert Plant ... RAMBLE ON :)

    It's almost like a chart where you can only have 2 out of 3... small size , large hits, great taste
  • Cl4ud3
    Can't fault it on concentrates it just works every time there. If only it was like that with flower.
  • Endorious
    Hey, I think fast typing/lack of inflection in written form made me seem more patronizing than I intended to be (which was NOT VERY, I swear)... I've gone out of my way in previous posts to mention that there are faulty units out there and that it's not all about technique and people being idiots that causes bad experiences with the FF2. I don't believe that. I think people got bunk FF2s, and I think the company did a shit job, especially early on, of remedying users' issues... Hence the backlash, which is legit.

    I'm only trying to offer an alternative view-- that I dig the FF2 a lot. Totally fair if you don't. I just don't like being told I'm "justifying" my purchase because I like the dang thing. And I don't find my (luckily!) functioning unit hard to use, so I don't want people curious about the vape to think that all FF2s are some impossible riddle to solve...

    I will say it again to be clear, IT'S A ROLL OF THE DICE to buy the FF2, based on what I've read online. The new loaner program is an awesome opportunity for anyone curious. Early adoption is always a risk, YMMV, and I got love for everyone on this forum, sorry if I sounded like a dick.
  • Baron23
    Peace between us, brother. You are right...internet posts, emails, and the like are the cause of a GREAT deal of misunderstanding and confusion. No body language, no context, etc.

    So, let me then apologize if I jumped on you too quickly...but I really am a defensive a-hole! LOL :-! :-!

    Personally, I'm completely happy...even joyful...when I hear a good report on the FF2. If you go back a way in this forum, you will see where I awaited its release impatiently as it seemed to fit my use case perfectly. So, I'm happy for others for whom this vape fits and who have gotten good results. I would wish this for everybody and would wish FF great success as a company. But likewise, I feel great deal of sympathy for people who have had the opposite experience and, particularly when newly released, got pounded for any hint of negativity about this device.

    I also think the loaner program is a great deal and a smart move by FF.

    I am a defensive person (no...my name is not Trump! haha) but part of it is from a longish history of people struggling with this vape and having almost all conversations with any negatives in it slammed by a group of FF2 defenders. Sort of like MisterWeed above calling people bashers when they are only struggling with a $330 purchase that doesn't work for them. I will certainly do my best to let go of that old attitude of defensiveness and go back to hoping that everybody who buys one is as happy as you.

    By the by, that was MisterWeed to whom I addressed the word "justify" and it was in response to his statement about 'bashers'.

  • Endorious
    Aw, I do love a happy ending!

    All good m'man. Happy vaping!
  • Green
    This is an interesting review, thanks for sharing. I am not too impressed by the Mighty's concentrate effectiveness. Luckily for flower its flawless.
  • phunphan
    I am fairly noobish when it comes to vaping. I have the elevape smart, but then I decided I needed something else. I bought the firefly2 second hand (got a good deal). I received it today. Prior to its arrival I have watched and read everything I could find on this thing.
    So, I have it I charged it. I packed it up. Took a hit. Perfict! Wonderful flavor great cloud. I am in love! Works great for me and I am the learner.
    Now to find a place to sell the elevape. (would be cheap)
  • Jen
    I also really enjoy my FF2. Works as advertised. I did just get it a few weeks ago, so maybe by now the bugs are worked out. But I love mine so much that it just makes me sad for the ones who have one and hate it.
  • Baron23
    @phunphan and @Jen - so glad your FF2 is meeting your expectations and working well for you! (Y) (Y)
  • Hitz
    You and other members that have been enjoying their device have inspired me to dig mine out of the sock drawer and box it up to send back to Firefly to make it right (it's easy bitch about something when you don't give the opportunity to correct an issue). Sent them an email today requesting the shipping labels they were going to email me back in May when I first received my device and could not get it to work. I pulled up the email and it said it they were going to keep my case open and shipping labels held so I should be getting a working device here in the next few weeks I would assume. I can't wait to join everyone else enjoying their device.
  • silat
    I hope you get satisfaction.
  • Robbie
    ive been in the same boat.. ive been using mine with one button for a while now.. I really oughta send it back in.
  • Bruce
    The FF2 must be the only vape that the defects are less than 5%. Maybe Samsung should hire them to make the Note 7 :}.
  • Baron23
    The FF2 must be the only vape that the defects are less than 5%Bruce

    Just curious, @Bruce, how do you know that? What is your failure/defect rate data source?
  • RizVapeman
    I'm sure there must be faulty units out there. I received my FF2 end of May (pre-ordered bases on Bud's recommendation).

    Here are my observations after 6 months of almost daily usage:

    1) The flavor was outstanding right from the first draw
    2) Lid design doesn't provides a perfect seal. I endup using 15mm (0.625") pipe steel screens to control the smaller particles of herb flying down the vapor path
    3) Battery life is barely ok. Having two batteries is minimum.
    4) They should include the external charger with the release
    5) Stirring is an issues. This vape works best with extremely coarse grind or just breaking down the nug with fingers (big chunks)
    6) This vape isn't meant for heavy vapers or someone who just trying to convert to vaping from smoking. Also not the best unit for sharing with friends.

    Personally I love the firefly for the following reasons:
    1) Flavor, flavor, flavor
    2) On demand toking (best vape to use while driving, walking, hiking etc)
    3) It keeps the smell to a minimum.

    For group sessions with friends and weekend heavy sessions solo, I prefer mighty.
  • Baron23
    thanks for weighing in. I'm glad you are another satisfied owner and I appreciate your frank assessment of who this vape might suit (your point #6).

    Cheers and happy holidays.
  • Endorious

    I haven't had any battery life issues with mine yet, and I haven't had to modify my unit to get a good seal...

    Other than that, I agree with you 100%. The FF2 does require stirring and I don't think it's the best choice for heavy daily users or groups. But it's great for on-demand soloing, and you're correct that the smell is negligible. (I often leave half-spent herb in mine for days and it's undetectable. Which was NOT the case with my G Pro Elite.)

    The efficiency is also impressive. I take 2-5 rips and I'm good to go... Which means I get three sessions from each .1 gm-sized bowl... If you do the math, that's pretty crazy-- like 50 cents a session, herb-wise.

    I don't always get even, dark brown ABV (which would require lots of stirring) but truthfully, I don't really care. It's still crazy efficient and I prefer flavor to eking every last drop out of my herb. (Another thing to consider if you're on the fence...)

    In the end, I think it's all about user needs and for some folks, the FF2 is a brilliant option. I'm still hunting for a great conduction unit to pass around with friends, but it's become a much lower priority for the time being...
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