• Alex Hand
    Sorry if this is already done. I'm looking at getting the Linx Hypnos Zero. To me, health and low-temp, high-efficiency vaping and battery life are top priorities. Feel free to suggest another pen if the Hypnos is already outdated.

    I'm surrounded by shops in San Francisco that sell preloaded oil cartridges. Some of these are really good, like Shatter Tanks, and it's tempting to be able to just plug a disposable cartridge onto a quality reusable battery but I don't want to buy separate pens for oil and wax if I can help it. I was considering getting an oil pen, like the Linx Hermes 2, but then I noticed the Hypnos Zero has 510 thread like the oil pens.

    Can I just put a disposable oil cartridge on the Hypnos Zero battery and it'll work just like any oil pen? What heat should I use?
  • dontmindme
    I have the zero but havent used it yet. I opted to use a provari i had laying around and bought a ego to 510 adapter (theres seems to be better quality than most). only problem they said for using your own mod is if it can make a connection.


    This looks cool and i read its made in europe. The ceramic is replacable too so it might be more economical.
  • Alex Hand

    Man that's an expensive atomizer. Do you plan on trying a disposable liquid cartridge with your Zero?
  • miklo
    It works, just try it. I use a brand called brass knuckles. The cartridges are very high quality. They can crank them up to 8 watts. I've tried them with a kandypens Gravity battery and the different settings work nice. I like it better than the ones with the twist dial at the bottom because you know exactly what temp your at. Other than that I would just say try the different setting and find the one you like. I usually just go for the highest.
  • dontmindme
    Stuff like that is hard to find around me. I also dont like the idea of constantly reheating that much oil and changing the compounds around. Also only prefer glass or ceramic.

    That atomizer is expensive and i dont plan on buying it... just thought having multiple ceramic dishes for 10 euros would be more economical and easier to clean than the zero. Also i think europe has high standards for things they can create and sell. But i dont even know if its created there.
  • intoker
    I've tried this with the puffco plus battery, and it works great so I imagine there shouldn't be much difference for the Hypnos. I actually prefer using the oil cartridges to wax just because it's simple and always works perfect with no priming or messy reloading, but wax is considerably cheaper for me atm.
  • JMM
    I have used the galaxy and gravity batteries with a rove cartidge and it works, but anything higher than purple on the gravity started to taste smoky. Food for thought.
  • Alex Hand
    Thanks for the info everyone.
  • wishfulthinking
    The Zero does not use a standard 510 battery. It's the same contact surface, but they remove the outer threads. I wish the Zero battery had a built-in microUSB charge port, or at least a battery level meter feature accessible through the 1-button interface.
  • midas
    I've used the Zero with vape cartridges and it works great. Just start out on the lowest power level to start. It also works OK with wax.

    The one big downside is the glass mouth piece. I broke a lot of them and they aren't cheap. But if you're just using cartridges you don't have to worry about that.
  • thericford
    I have the Linx Vapor Hypnos Zero but I don't like the small battery so I tried using the Hypnos Zero atomizer with a GS Ego 2 2200 mah battery but would not make contact with the battery so I placed a 6x2mm magnet in the GS Ego to take up the space and it works but the temp is not adjustable like with the original battery but if you don't care about that you may want to try it if you don't like the short battery life of the original
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